Liquid escape: How to Escape a String in Shopify

Considered as a unit of Shopify theme, Liquid template files such as assets, config, layout, locales, sections and snippets are so essential for the Shopify store’s content. Although Liquid is an open source, this project on GitHub is so useful to display dynamic content and build up product’s pages. In addition, the themes provide the assistant tools for multiple purposes, for example, the collection.liquid for a multiple of products, or the product.liquid for a single item and settings_schema.json for good-looking appearance in Shopify stores.

Including the huge amount of data, Liquid allows the Shopify store owners to customize their shop management easily. Besides, with the combination of these features tags, objects, and filters, Liquid can boost the sales effectively. By Filters type, the store owners enable modifying the output of those numbers, strings, variables, and objects within tag {{ }} and denoted by |. Therefore, this is known as the backbone of Shopify shops.

With String filters, it allows the online merchants to manipulate outputs and variables in multiple data. Moreover, the String also allows the Shopify store owners to prefix with their letters such as r or R which is called raw strings applies the different rules for using the backslash \ as an escape character. In computer language, we knew that Escape characters plays a part of the syntax. It will be very important in many programming languages, data formats or communication protocols. In addition, by replacing characters with escape sequences, String in JavaScript could be used in a URL.

The JavaEscape has two functions of escape sequences. One of them which is special data so it is not easy to directly replaced by any alphabet will be used to encode a syntactic entity. While another is character quoting which is used to represent characters and cannot be typed in the current context. To have more detail and example about Liquid escape: How to Escape a String in Shopify the Shopify store owners can read this following article.

Liquid escape: How to Escape a String in Shopify

Step 1: Input

After logging into the Shopify app, online merchants come to admin’s dashboard. The Shopify store owners should copy this below codes and paste it:


{{ "Have you read 'James & the Giant Peach'?" | escape }}

Step 2: Output


Have you read ' James & the Giant Peach'?

There is another instance for the case Liquid escape in Shopify


{{ "Tetsuro Takara" | escape }}


Tetsuro Takara


In conclusion, the escape character is neither a particular case of device nor vice versa. However, it is always important for Shopify online sellers when using JavaScript or building any store’s website. With the main steps in this article Liquid escape: How to Escape a String in Shopify, we hope that online merchants could have more knowledge and better understanding of this field. Moreover, they enable discovering more about online stores topics and liquidity in those below articles such as:

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