Liquid Camelcase: How to Convert String to CamelCase in Shopify

Different from snake case which are used underscores with lowercase letters, Camelcase or camel caps is one of the best choices for the Shopify store owners to make multi-word descriptive in domain names more legible and attractive. This kind of language is known as the practice of writing phrases in multiple fields in daily life from the chemical formula, trademarks, etc.

In computer science, Camelcase has played an important role in multi-word identifiers and abbreviated names since the 1970s. For example, the middle of the word of the phrase is capitalized such as iPhone and eBay. Moreover, it also includes capital words in the first letter or other positions without intervening spaces or punctuation in the settings. The alternative references such as capitalization, medial capitals, etc. Another cases such as used by Microsoft which only use Camelcase for lower camel case while Pascal just use upper case.

Although this case has just a single concept, it was used in many languages. This Camelcase language is also popularly used in variable names in computer programmes. However, depending on the user’s purposes, they will want to capitalize on the different letter or not. Therefore, the store owners can use two main functionalities in Shopify are upper or downcase the Camelcase. The additional tools will make the Shopify stores more flexible and useful for the online shop managers.

Because of its importance in these cases, it is necessary for the Shopify store owners to learn how to convert a string into Camelcase. For instance, the online traders will need to use Camelcase for the names variables, arrays or elements. From this guiding article Liquid Camelcase: How to Convert String to CamelCase in Shopify, we hope that the online merchants can transfer their strings into Camelcase easily. Besides, through this article, we also want to provide the online sellers basic knowledge about the kind of important language in Shopify.

How to Convert String to CamelCase in Shopify

Step 1: Input

To converts a string into CamelCase, you simply run the command here:

{{ 'coming-soon' | camelcase }}

Step 2: Output

After running the command at step 1, you can get the following result:



This above article Liquid Camelcase: How to Convert String to CamelCase in Shopify provides the online sellers the basic knowledge about Camelcase which resembles a camel’s back. Moreover, the online sellers also easily transfer their Shopify online shops default words into Camelcase by the simple process from our guides. sellers to display beautiful and attractive footer. Besides, online merchants can read more about online stores topics such as:

If the Shopify store owners want to discover more about the liquidity in Shopify, there are some recommendations such as:

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