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How to Post Youtube Video on Facebook with PC & Mobile?

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By Sam Nguyen

CEO Avada Commerce

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There are occasions when you deadly want to share a Youtube video for your Facebook friends to watch together. It may be a cute puppy video that will immediately make people go soft or a super useful and interesting life hack video. Whatever type of video it is, Youtube makes it easy for you to share a video across many social networking sites, including Facebook. In this tutorial, I will show you three common ways to post a Youtube video on Facebook.

Post a Youtube video on Facebook from computer

There are two ways that you can share a Youtube video on Facebook using your computer: by using the “Share” feature and by copying and pasting the video’s URL. The first few steps are the same in both ways.

Post a Youtube video on Facebook from computer
Post a Youtube video on Facebook from computer

Step 1: Both start with opening your favorite web browser and go to https://www.youtube.com. There’s no need to sign in to your Youtube account unless it requires you to verify your age before watching.

Step 2: Click on the Youtube search bar at the top of your screen and type in your search query.

Step 3: Locate the video you want to share and click on its title or thumbnail to open it.

From the next step, things start getting a little different.

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Posting by using the “Share” feature

Step 4: Find the “Share” button under the video player window, to the right of the Youtube view count. Click on it and a pop-up window will appear.

Step 5: Here on the pop-up window, you can see a few options of platforms to share the video into. Select Facebook. If you want to change the video’s start time, check the box at the bottom and type in a timestamp.

Step 6: You will be directed to a new tab to either login to your Facebook account or change your sharing settings if you have already signed into Facebook on your desktop.

You can freely select the video post destination, change the audience of your post, or add a caption in the text box.

Step 7: Once you’ve finished, click “Post to Facebook” at the bottom of the page.

Posting by copying and pasting the video’s URL

Step 4: With the video open, you can alternatively use your cursor to select the video link at the search bar, right-click and copy it.

Or, on the pop-up window when you click on the “Share” button, you will see the video’s URL under the sharing options. Click “Copy”.

Step 5: After copying the link, open another tab on your browser and go to https://www.facebook.com/. From your News Feed, start creating a new post.

Step 6: In the post box, right-click and paste the video link. If you don’t want to have video link previews on your post, you can totally delete it. Type in a caption for your post and change the post settings if you wish.

Step 7: When you are done, click “post” to share it.

Post a Youtube video on Facebook from mobile devices

To share to Facebook on mobile, whether it’s an IOS or Android device, make sure you have the Facebook app. You can also post the video in two ways: using the Youtube app and using Youtube mobile website.

Post a Youtube video on Facebook from mobile devices
Post a Youtube video on Facebook from mobile devices

Posting by using Youtube app

Step 1: Launch the Youtube app and tap the magnifying glass icon at the top right corner of the app. Type in your search query, then tap “Search” (for iOS device) or the magnifying glass icon (for Android device) on your keyboard.

Step 2: Now that the video you want to share has shown up in the search results, you can choose between two options:

  • Tap the More options menu (the three vertical dots menu) beside the video title and tap on “Share”
  • Tap on the video title or thumbnail to play it. Then, tap on the “Share” icon located under the video screen.

Both ways will lead you to a pop-up window where you can select the Facebook option. Here, you will understand why having the Facebook app on your phone is important. You must install the Facebook mobile app for it to appear in the sharing options.

If you haven’t logged in to your Facebook account or are sharing Youtube videos to Facebook for the first time, you may need to allow YouTube permission to post to Facebook and sign in to Facebook.

Step 3: Here, you can also change your share settings and comment on the video if you want. Finally, tap “Post” to share your video’s link to Facebook.

Posting by using Youtube mobile website

Step 1: For this method, open your preferred web browsing app on your mobile device. Then go to Youtube mobile site: https://www.youtube.com.

Step 2: Search for the video you want to post to Facebook and play it. Then, tap the address bar at the top of your browser to select the video URL and choose “Copy”.

Step 3: Return to your home screen and open your Facebook app. Start creating a new Facebook post.

Step 4: Tap in a space in the post box to reveal a pop-up menu and tap “Paste”. Add some thought to your video, change the post’s destination or the audience of your post and tap “Post” to share it with your friends.

Post a Youtube video on Facebook by uploading video

Post a Youtube video on Facebook by uploading video
Post a Youtube video on Facebook by uploading video

Before 2019, you could embed a Youtube video for playing inside your Facebook feed. But Facebook disabled the feature so instead; you will have to download the said video from your Youtube account and post it on Facebook.

But I have to remind you that you should only use this method if you own the copyright to the original video or if you get permission from the rights owner. Getting a copyright strike may be the last thing you want on the platform.

Step 1: The first few steps are the same as the two previous methods. Open Youtube on your web browser and search for the video you want using the Youtube search bar.

Step 2: If your browser has a built-in Youtube download tool or plugin, skip to step 4 and use the tool to download the video. If not, copy the video address either by clicking on the address bar or by clicking on the share button below the video player window.

Step 3: Using a third-party website or app to download the video. You can search “Youtube download site/app” on the browser’s search bar and get plenty of them in the search result pages.

Choose the one that you find reliable and straightforward to navigate and use. They often require the video link you’ve just copied to download it.

Step 4: Once you’ve downloaded the video, open a new tab and go to https://www.facebook.com/

Step 5: At the section where you create a new post, click “Photo/Video”. This will lead you to a File Explorer (Windows) or Finder (Mac) window where you get access to your computer’s local files.

Step 6: Find the downloaded video and double click to upload it to your Facebook post.

Step 7: Add a caption to your post or change your sharing settings. Here is where you can keep the basic etiquette and give the video owner credit if you reupload other people’s videos.

Step 8: Click “Post” to finish the uploading process. It may take a few minutes, depending on your video size, for it to process and appear on your timeline.

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Final thoughts

By the time you reach here, you may have already found your most suitable method to upload Youtube videos to Facebook. I hope this tutorial is straightforward enough for you to follow and hope you have a great time sharing useful content with your Facebook friends. Good luck!