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How to Schedule a Post on Facebook for Maximum Effect?

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Content leader Updated: September 01, 2023


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This article is a detailed tutorial about how to Schedule a Post on Facebook for maximum effect?.

If you are in business, or you are entering the business field, social networking is an extremely potential market that you cannot ignore, especially Facebook. Because of the fact that many young people have become rich thanks to Facebook, of course, they must have a methodical and smart strategy.

Currently, Facebook has supported automatic post scheduling. However, many people find this new feature not effective, the amount of access is not as desired.

Therefore, in today’s article, I will share with you a way to schedule the posting on Facebook to improve the efficiency and spread of the post. Thank this, your Facebook page can increase customer access and always grow the most stable way. Even when you’re traveling or busy on a job, your posts are still being published on a regular basis.

Why you should schedule Facebook posts?

Schedule Facebook posts
Schedule Facebook posts

Scheduling Facebook posts gives you a lot of benefits. Here are three main benefits that I want to tell you.

First of all, if you are a salesperson, of course, you will need to post a lot of posts to advertise your products and introduce them to customers. Instead of writing one post at a time, you can take advantage of scheduling the post to create a series of posts and schedule the post. This saves you a lot of time. Secondly, preparing the posts will allow you to carefully review the content of the article to provide the most appropriate content for your followers. There are many sellers on Facebook or wondering why their interactions are so few. Certainly when asking that question, considering post time is essential. Because we all know that, if you post at a time when many people are online, your interaction will be higher. The post timer will help you choose the most reasonable time. The third benefit, therefore, is that you can participate and connect with more people.

Scheduling Facebook posts will be the antidote to gloomy Facebook pages and almost no featured posts or activities. For social media marketers who struggle to keep up with the posting schedule, this is also an effective solution. Therefore, in this article, AVADA introduces you to schedule Facebook posts ahead of time to help you feel easier and control a large number of interactions of your page.

To do this, you can do it in two ways. Remember, however, that you cannot schedule a post to a personal account but must be a Facebook for Business Page. Here are two ways you can follow:

  • Natively: You will use Facebook’s own post schedule.

  • Third-party scheduler: You will take advantage of a social media posting and management tool like Hootsuite.

Let move to the next section to learn how to do it step by step.

How to schedule a post on Facebook?

As mentioned above, you can schedule your Facebook posts in two ways. Here are the details of each way. Furthermore, with natively, Mageplaza prepares transparent instructions on the desktop or iPhone / Ipad for your convenience.

On desktop

Step 1: Move the cursor to the small arrow

Make sure that you’ve logged in your Facebook account. Now, you are forwarded to your news feed. Start sharing photos, links, or write status as usual. Then, instead of clicking Share now, move the cursor to the small arrow which is below News Feed and next to Share now.

Step 2: Go to Schedule

Next, a drop-down menu will appear with a few options. Tap on Schedule.

Tap on the Share now button to open the drop-down menu
Tap on the Share now button to open the drop-down menu

Step 3: Choose a specific time and date

In this step, you will see a pop-up calendar. It allows you to select a specific time and date for the post to appear.

Choose a specific time and date
Choose a specific time and date

Step 4: Select Schedule

After you have set the time and date, ensure to select Schedule. Look at the following image. It’s an example of how your post will look like after you have scheduled it. Note that the Later option means that your post won’t go up immediately. It signals that your post has been successfully scheduled. Therefore, let hit the Schedule Post button to complete.

Select Schedule
Select Schedule

After you have scheduled your post, you should be able to see a Scheduled Post on the main page, otherwise, refresh your page to make sure you see it. Tap on See post if you want to see more details.

Hit the See post button to view all the scheduled posts
Hit the See post button to view all the scheduled posts

You can view the scheduled posts in the same place. Therefore, you can easily monitor and control them. If you want to change or delete a post, it is also super easy for you to do.

On iPhone/iPad

If you’re using your smartphone to work, don’t worry that you have to turn it off and turn on the desktop to schedule posts. You can do it with your mobile easily using Facebook Pages Manager. Here are specific instructions for iPhone / Ipad for you to follow.

Step 1: Select Publish

First of all, open the Facebook app and click the Publish button as marked in the following picture.

Select Publish
Select Publish

Step 2: Click Continue

Here, you can write your status as you want. You can also add any links and media. Afterward, click the Continue button to go ahead.

Step 3: Hit When will this be published?

In this step, make sure to hit the When will this be published? to start scheduling your post.

Click When will this be published?
Click When will this be published?

Step 4: Select Schedule Later

Next, you need to select Schedule Later to schedule your post. Notice that the field must have the blue checkmark on the field. A scroll-through menu allows you to select a specific date and time for the post to go out.

Select a specific date and time for the post to go out
Select a specific date and time for the post to go out

Step 5: Hit Schedule

Finally, after clicking Done, the next screen will return to the same way, just like the previous screen of the date and time menu. However, unlike on the desktop, Schedule Later will be replaced with When will this be published? '. Basically, these two are the same. To finish, tap on Schedule` right away.

Once you’re done, your article will be published at the specific date and time you have chosen. Remember that when you schedule something on the Facebook Page application, it is also displayed on the desktop in the list of scheduled posts. Therefore, you can easily keep track of everything in one place.

Using third-party service

Another way for you to have more options to schedule your Facebook posts is to use third-party programs and services. Here, Mageplaza will take the example of using Hootsuite.

Step 1: Select the exact page for the post

The first thing you need to do is connect your social channels to the service. Then you just need to create a new post as usual. Remember, you need to select the exact page under the Post to section in order for the post to be published where you want it.

Step 2: Click Schedule for Later

In this step, you need to select Schedule for Later after completing your status and add any links or media.

Click Schedule for Later
Click Schedule for Later

Step 3: Tap on Schedule

Here, a calendar option will appear. It allows you to select specific dates and times for posts to be published online. After you’ve selected the appropriate time, tap on Schedule. That post will appear in the Planner tap on corresponding times that it is published.

Select specific dates and times for posts to be published online
Select specific dates and times for posts to be published online

In case you want to unschedule a post, you can do it by saving it as a draft. That post will be kept for later. To change the time and date of a scheduled post, you just need to change your content calendar a bit. These are extremely useful tools. They are like a powerful assistant that makes it easy to keep track of your content during busy times.

Some tips on scheduling posts on Facebook

Tip 1: Not all can be scheduled

Images, videos, links, and status updates are things you can schedule. Although Mageplaza finds it sometimes a bit buggy to schedule a video. Also, Youtube video links can be scheduled. They will be linked as usual in your posts.

However, you cannot schedule everything. Some other types of posts, such as events, offers, questions, photo albums, and milestones, cannot be scheduled.

Tip 2: You can backdate your posts

This is a feature that allows you to schedule your posts in the past. To be more clear, you can write an article so that it shows up in the past time. Many people use this backdating feature to fill out their Timeline a bit. However, it’s highly recommended that you should have an important post instead if you have an important event you want to post in the past.

The interesting thing about Backdating is that your post will be uploaded to everyone’s newsfeed immediately and displayed in the appropriate location on your timeline.

An example of backdating
An example of backdating

Tip 3: Posts which are scheduled won’t be automatically tweeted

Have you linked your Twitter account to the Facebook page by setting up www.Facebook.com/Twitter? If so, surely everything you post on Facebook is tweeted. However, note that your scheduled posts will not be posted to Twitter automatically like other regular posts.

Therefore, if you take advantage of your Facebook page to supplement your tweets and move to more scheduled posts, you will need another tool to schedule your tweets.

Tip 4: Scheduled posts are not identified or “punished” in Facebook

People may know you are posting through another tool when you use a third-party service like BufferApp or HootSuite. However, Facebook posts are scheduled to be seamless.

Using third-party service to post to Facebook saves you more time. However, posts using other tools that may be considered by Facebook to display less in new feeds. Sometime, Facebook may collapse those posts. In preparing this tutorial, AVADA believes that third parties are working well on Facebook. However, how Facebook changes is something we all know.

Tip 5: Scheduled posts can come to your Profile

This feature can be great for people who are using their profile to talk about business as it allows them to schedule a Facebook post on their Profile.


To sum up, this tutorial has provided you two different and effective ways to schedule a post on Facebook. This tutorial along with the steps and illustrations will help you easily follow and implement it successfully.

One thing you need to remember is that scheduling your posts will not be the most important factor for people to pay attention to your posts or see big changes. You still need to prepare interesting content to attract followers. Scheduling Facebook posts is a convenient feature for you to set the time online for your post to go live to increase engagement. In particular, it helps you free up part of your time by preparing multiple posts at once and aggregating them on social media, giving you more time to focus on your business.

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