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Newspaper advertising Definition, Types, Examples, and More

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By Sam Nguyen

CEO Avada Commerce

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The most common challenge when you are launching a business would be how to best reach your customers. Many businesses are using multiple methods of advertising to achieve it. However, with the continuous movement of marketing and advertising, it is problematic to optimize the benefits of these methods. Despite the issues mentioned, newspaper advertising seems to be a channel that is worthwhile to invest in. This article will bring you through the definition, types, example, and more factors of newspaper advertising. As a result, you will be able to find out which is the best way to make your business more popular and profitable.

What is newspaper advertising?

A newspaper ads is print ads that are periodical publications, and it has long been a potent way to promote a business. With this depending on how many subscribers or readers the publications have, it is a potential investment for an entrepreneur. It is reported that there are 34% of consumers trust print advertisements Stacy Zolnikov, January 15, 2020. You can easily see the chance from this statistic to promote sales by using newspaper advertising. Moreover, the goal of your advertising is adjustable since you just need to pick the publishers having the number of readers you target to.

A housewife is reading newspaper advertising
People have reading newspaper habit in the morning and it is a good chance to promote products

On the other hand, segmentation could be a factor that makes a good promoting strategy. Once you determine the audiences’ needs, wants, and demands, it is more possible to reach the buyers and sell the products. For example, if you are selling sports equipment, the newspaper you choose to put the advertisement on must be sports news. Furthermore, with the ratio of ¾ American adults with income higher than $100k reading newspaper each week Stacy Zolnikov, January 15, 2020, it would be a wonderful land for a brand to improve sales.

When advertising in a newspaper, entrepreneurs will need to pay attention to many things, especially the appearance of the ads, and it is the time for visual-aid to express its power. In this case, you need to work with designers and come up with an attractive piece of advertisement since it will appear in the publications and you don’t want it to look less outstanding than other boring stuff.

Working with newspapers should be trouble-free, as their experiences and reputation, they probably help you as much as they can.

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Types of newspaper advertising

Display Ads

Display ads
Display advertising can appear anywhere

Display Ads or, in other words, box ads, this is probably the dominant kind of newspaper advertising. They are a one-eighth size of a page to a page box appearing randomly at any page or part of the newspaper. Commonly, display Ads contain daily stuff like cosmetics, goods, and electronic devices.


Insert ads
Insert ads can be a good way to draw people attention

Direct mail is a smart marketing tactic; however, the cost to pull the trigger might be a concern for the business. Here the insert ad, which is a full-page ad added into the newspaper and can be removed to be a single page, might be the optimum alternative. With this type of ad, you can easily attract readers with the good design of the ads.

Classified Ads

Classified Ads
People who keen on sports can find ads for sports equipment

With this type of advertisement, the audiences will be able to find what they are looking for by reading the right ads in its category. For example, you are looking for a pet you can easily reach by searching in the Pets for sale. This type of advertisement can appear in both print and digital versions.


Coupons trigger a physical visit from customers

By attaching the coupons to the newspaper, you can draw new customers or loyalty buyers to your online or physical store. This type of newspaper advertising has long been an effective way to increase sales. Giving customers the feeling of having a good deal, they might purchase more than normally. Moreover, this can measure the outcome of your marketing campaign since customers need to redeem coupons to receive the offer.

Newspapers Advertising Costs

There are hundreds of factors that contribute to the price of your piece of ads. However, there are some main factors that we think you need to consider to choose a good one for your budget.

Perhaps the most prominent factor is the size of the ad itself, by means the larger the ad is the more expensive it cost. You need to choose and balance between an affordable size and a striking piece of advertising.

Along with the size is the place you want to put your ads in. The spotlight of a newspaper is the place that gets attention the most. As a result, the cost of newspaper advertising will be noticeably expensive if it is placed in the middle and first page, or you can have a good deal to advertise your product by choosing the bottom or other pages.

Other factors that contribute to the cost of advertising will be whether you want your ad color or not and which material you want.

Last but not least is the newspaper you want to put your ad in. You will have to pay more if you want the ad to appear in a big reputable newspaper since it has a large number of readers. Furthermore, daily newspapers will typically have a higher price than weekly or monthly counterparts.

Balance appearing time and money when using newspaper advertising
You should balance the appearing time of the ad and the budget

The most possible way to reduce the price of newspaper advertising is to sign a contract for annually or monthly. This is because putting one ad for a long time will cost more than put several of them in a few weeks.

If you can optimize the cost, you will have a successful ad and gain more profit. This must be the way you create a strategy and work with your team to come up with a wise choice.

Advantages of newspaper advertising

A flexible medium and unlimited creativity

Newspaper advertising is quite flexible since from a tiny piece of paper to a page, a print publication, or anywhere on an online article can contain ads. With a good plan, you can see the sales continually improving.

Creativity when making newspaper advertising
Creativity makes you special

In October 2017, News Corp Australia used scented stock on its daily state-based metro titles to launch its latest promotional campaign. More than 800 000 newspapers from six mastheads have been infused with the scent of buttered popcorn to launch the family movie collection promotion, and are expected to reach more than 3.5 million readers. Read morehere.

Such a unique idea which illustrates that there is no limitation to be creative and it would be a superior movement to have more public attention.

Newspapers help the brand to stay top of mind

Man reads newspaper advertising
People will choose a brand that they are familiar with

It is no doubt that your brand will stay on top of mind when using newspaper advertising. Since the newspaper is periodical and you can recall your product in buyers’ minds by the density of appearance. Brand recognition might help your business gain more profit whenever customers want to purchase, and they will think about your product. Take the iPad as a useful example of the importance of brand recognition; this item from Apple will immediately pop up in everyone’s mind when they want to buy a tablet.

Newspaper advertisement is affordable

Thinking to invest in newspaper advertising
Newspaper advertisement is reasonable and worth to invest

Newspaper advertising can be adjusted to satisfy whatever level of budget. Compared to other mediums, print advertisements or digital display advertisements cost less per thousand readers. Besides, advertisers won’t be charged any additional cost because they will work directly with the publishers.

Newspapers reach the target market easier

Target your customers

Newspaper ads can approach specific customer groups, which is difficult to reach through other means of media. This can help the advertisers target more narrowed, niche audiences even who live in specific geographic areas. You can achieve the goal and gain it from an extremely wide range from local or weekly publications to special editions.

3 Tips for effective newspaper advertising

Tips for effective advertising

Be careful when choosing a newspaper

Advertising in daily and reputable newspapers can cost a lot of money. You need to balance the budget and spend it effectively. Moreover, the reach of your ads should be reasonable to decrease the price and it would draw more attention. For example, it is much better to promote and give coupons before a grand opening among the local community because people more likely to read and come to your physical store to have the offer.

A related newspaper is also important because it helps to target better and reach the right customers due to their needs, interests, or age.

Be aware of your competition

Perhaps your competitors would spend on newspaper advertising, too. This might harm your marketing campaign because it distracts people’s attention. You should invest and research more about the market’s interest to gain more attention and avoid “mind share.”

Be outstanding

And last but not least, your ads must be outstanding from others. It would be best to enhance it by working with the design team to have a good appearance first. Then an appropriate length and content will need to follow some basic pointers. A heading with an eye-catching phrase will attract attention, and it also should contain such call-to-action words like “Buy it now, or you will regret.” Even newspaper advertising is flexible in length, but the information shouldn’t be too abundant; try to put more images and only have main information.

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Final thoughts

You have gone through all the definitions, types, and more problems involving when using newspaper advertising. We hope that this article will help you to find out a good strategy and imply your current plan.

Sam Nguyen is the CEO and founder of Avada Commerce, an e-commerce solution provider headquartered in Singapore. He is an expert on the Shopify e-commerce platform for online stores and retail point-of-sale systems. Sam loves talking about e-commerce and he aims to help over a million online businesses grow and thrive.