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22 Best Dropshipping Suppliers in the USA

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As you might not know, the bug world of dropshipping is regarded as one of the easiest ways to help you sell your items online. The huge difference between the standard retail model and dropshipping is that online merchants do not need to stock inventory in the dropshipping. Instead, online merchants can buy inventory from the third-party, known as dropshipping wholesalers or manufacturers to get your orders fulfilled.

Dropshipping is a very useful supply chain strategy where the retailer can order goods from or a wholesaler or a manufacturer who is able to deliver the items directly to the retailer’s clients. The retailer’s main mission is gathering all of the shipping details from their customer and locating accurate product details that are used to forward to different manufacturers.

In this article, you will be shown 22 Best Dropshipping Suppliers in the USA.

What are dropshipping suppliers?

Before going further, dropshipping is widely defined as a retail fulfillment method where your store does not have to keep your items it is selling in stock. Instead, as your store sells an item using the dropshipping models, you can buy products from a third-party and get them shipped directly to the customers. Hence, it is not necessary for online sellers to directly manage products.

People who work at home, fail to spend money on inventory, but still wish to sell items online can use a registered and qualified wholesaler that dropshipping is among the best low-cost solutions. Dropshipping seems to work very effectively; however, you had better be careful with several things.

For example, you are unable to sell any item you want and sometimes you have to be ready to compete with your drop shippers. As you have a product drop-shipped, it means you are both purchasing and selling at the same time. As a result, your wholesale price is for only one product when it is shipped.

Take note that wholesalers often offer discounts to any retailers as they buy in large quantities. This means your wholesale price for a single product can become higher than a competitor who buys in bulk from wholesalers that they can sell much cheaper than you can and in some situations, they can be deeply cheaper than your wholesale price.

Dropshipping is loaded with many benefits. As mentioned early, you do not need to purchase or store your own inventory and the startup cost is much lower. With drop-shipping, you are allowed to add or change your item offerings with ease. On the other hand, you have to acknowledge that not all wholesalers accept dropshipping. Besides, your wholesale cost only depends on a single item and you have to guarantee to spend much time researching to choose the right items to sell.

Then, how can you do drop-shipping work?

You should have the ability to pick up the right products to sell as well as the proper kinds of items to drop-ship. However, sometimes, you are unable to ensure that since you can think this product is good to sell and you can jump in and start selling it. You also need to find items that can be drop-shipped so that you can compete in the nowadays online market. Before starting selling products, you are highly recommended to do research a bit which is believed to be the most vital part for you to appear as a professional Shopify drop-shipper.

The benefit of using dropshipping suppliers from the USA

As you can see, there remain lots of product suppliers, along with manufacturers in the USA and many of them often provide dropshipping services. Most dropshipping suppliers push ideas of purchasing cheap items in Asia, then sell them in Western markets at the significant mark-ups.

Here are some benefits of using American dropshipping suppliers for your online business.

Shipping benefits

We all know how critical shipping is as you buy something online and shipping is also one of the major downsides of Chinese drop shippers. It can take you several days or even longer for online clients to receive their products. This can easily make customers feel unsatisfied and unlikely to purchase from you again. Hence, if you work with the US drop shippers, they can guarantee you:

Fast Shipping for US customers

Shipping particularly can last for 3 days in the US. Hence, in case buyers buy something from your online store, they can get delivered the next day. Remember that a satisfied client is your important marketing tool since it can result in repeated business and freely advertising your store.

A trustworthy tracking system

In fact, online customers nowadays are looking forward to tracking as well as tracing their packages in the US. Some US courier firms such as DHL, UPS, and FedEx can offer their customers a reliable and comprehensive tracking system that you can confidently share with your own customers.

A variety of shipping options

US courier services provide its customers with a variety of shipping options like the delivery of next-day, second-day or third-day. In some situations, they even offer a same-day shipment service. Basically, you also have to take note that the quick the delivery is, the higher the price is. But, they at least give them options to the customers to choose from, which counts on how urgently the customers need to receive their package.

Product benefits

There is the fact that American dropshipping suppliers tend to be expensive than Asian suppliers. The matter is entirely understandable due to the labor cost, rent, material, and many things more that contribute to the high item cost. However, those additional costs will surely go with product benefits that will enable you to charge the customers with higher pricing. More importantly, with customers who are aware of fair trade, followed by quality, they are more likely to be happy to pay for those prices. In addition to shipping benefits, there are several product benefits of the US dropshipping services:

Higher quality

The US suppliers or manufacturers gain their reputation for their own quality products. There is no doubt that if your product sources are from Taiwan, China or Vietnam, you might not have the same quality items. It means that people are likely to compare and pay for quality. You can even charge more for quality. Selling items from China is usually a race to the bottom in the field of price competition.

“American-made” stamp of Approval

Remember that with US dropshipping suppliers, you can get “American-made” stamps on your own products if your products are truly made in America. This is known as the seal of approval for lots of customers. It is also a powerful selling point, along with the marketing tool to set you apart from other sellers on Amazon or eBay. Then, people are contented with as they are willing to pay more for American-made items.

High retail prices

As far as you know, you can get by charging higher prices for American-made items. This will negate the attraction of using Chinese suppliers. While you are paying more for items made in America, you can confidently pass those costs into the customers so that your own profit margins can remain the same and higher than Asia-made items.

Extra benefits

Enhancing customer satisfaction

You might know that you are able to build up your loyal customer base by applying US dropshipping suppliers. Let’s just think of those benefits above. Fast deliver, many shipping options, “America-made” stamps on products, high-quality products all are contributing factors of satisfied customers that make them more likely to come back to your store again.

Making sales with ease

Since there are fewer people who are taking American-made route in eCommerce, most sellers currently come from Chinese suppliers. As you possess a point of difference as well as can bear your products’ quality, it will become more sales to make if you have good marketing. There is also a reason why more people want to buy Levi’s jeans, known as a cheaper brand. The story of American-made items that Levi’s customers tell themselves is more powerful than an item itself.

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22 Best dropshipping suppliers in the USA

1. Salehoo

Salehoo is known as one of the most widely used dropshipping suppliers in the USA. Its powerful feature is the supply of the big list of inventory. The option is made from millions of items that are inserted into its directory. Hence, whatever you are looking for, Salehoo can guarantee that it has things you need in the inventory list.

One more thing is the process of browsing through the inventory is extremely simple. In order to search items you wish, all you need to do is to type the related keyword in the search toolbar. Another advantage you can find about the app is the list of verified suppliers.

salehoo dropshipping suppliers

2. Alidropship

Like Salehoo, Alidropship is among the top best dropshipping suppliers in the USA. This supplier provides its users with a Wordpress plugin as well as take advantage of AliExpress to help them generate the store. Each item which is listed on AliExpress can be browsed and inserted into your own eCommerce store. Alidropship also gives the fast process of installation, which means you can get started using in seconds after installation. The searching process is becoming immediate and every item can be added to the cart. Additionally, the plugin helps you ensure that all of the new products are updated automatically on the list. You do not need to calculate the price since Alidropship’s calculation tool is very good at performing this task for you.

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Alidropship dropshipping suppliers in the USA

3. Doba

Currently, Doba is among the top dropshipping suppliers in the USA. The company provides you with a collection of over 2 million items in its own directory. Besides, Doba gives you a very good interface with a full list of over 200 suppliers. Thanks to Doba, you are allowed to add many products at the same time to help you save your time. It is powerful for you to manage your inventory yourself via notifications; hence, in case the inventory is out of products, you will be notified first. Furthermore, you can take advantage of its supporting system through phone, email, and chat options.

Doba is also an active source for any supplier of new items to get them added to their own catalog. Due to this, fresh items are often available. As a result, you can have access to diverse products from automotive, apparel to books. Suppliers, along with merchants are very well connected. And thanks to the help of the amazing Custom Data Export tool, it assists retailers in marketing their merchandise.

You should remember that prices always rely on the plan you are opting for. It ranges from $29 to $249 monthly. Furthermore, Doba is one of the powerful dropship platforms. You will get full access to items from many suppliers. With proactive inventory alerts; followed by the custom data exports, you will have to make sure of effective operations in your own online store.

Doba dropshipping suppliers in the USA

4. Wholesale 2B

Wholesale 2B is one company that empowers you with the advanced shipping procedure. It also gives you a good facility where your own order list can be generated that uses your own admin dashboard. In order to dropship, you might not need to log into your site. This is known as one of the most amazing features to prove that it can save lots of your time. Products can be added directly to your list of order and you will soon get notified by the site owners. In addition, there are lots of users who feel the communication process with the supporting team can somehow become complicated because you are not able to talk directly to them. Take note that you need to generate your supporting ticket, then send it in the request of you.

Wholesale 2B dropshipping suppliers in the USA
Wholesale 2B

5. Sunrise wholesale

Sunrise Wholesale is one of the most interesting selections for thousands of people who are expecting to aid you in integrating existing shopping online platforms. Moreover, you are allowed to put more items from other sites such as eBay or Amazon. The site also lets its users add photos from there and use it as a promotion directly. You can apply this to make sales on eBay. This eBay account can be integrated on your site and used for the offer of promotion. This brings you the convenience to have a better idea of the current market trend.

Sunrise wholesale dropshipping suppliers in the USA
Sunrise wholesale

6. National dropshippers

National dropshippers is a company offering immediate solutions to any drop shippers. The shipment usually takes one day or two days. It is useful to help you manage a good product list. You are able to browse through a variety of product categories, then making your best option. National drop shippers also provide you with the best backend features to drop shippers. Other things like descriptions, images, and products are exported with ease.

National dropshippers dropshipping suppliers in the USA
National dropshippers

7. Oberlo

As you might not know, Oberlo is a US drop-shipper that can ship to your own customers even if the goods are out of stock. When you make sales, manufacturers can ship out items directly to customers’ houses. Hence, you do not have to be worried about the packaging, storage, and delivery. Some main product categories include electronics, toys, fashion, and beauty. One of Oberlo’s surprising features consists of access to a free starter plan for a long time. Monthly prices range from $29.90-$79.90 that relies on the destination and origin of your products.

Despite Oberlo’s advantages, it is available on Shopify only and it is English. Also, Oberlo does not support standalone sites and you only trade with AliExPress and Oberlo suppliers.

Oberlo dropshipping suppliers in the USA

8. Chinabrands

Chinabrands is known as one of the leading dropshipping as well as wholesale distributor platforms in China. They can offer global services to customers in over 200 countries and at the same time, they confer so many benefits for your store:

Chinabrands dropshipping suppliers in the USA
  • Low price

As you know, there are lots of items that are made in China and they are sold at lower prices since the cost is lower than other platforms. You can have high-quality products at an affordable wholesale price.

  • Full catalogs

Chinabrands offer you full catalogs, consisting of bags, shoes, home decor, cosmetics, clothing, consumer electronics, 3C products and many more. There exist over 500,000+ SKU that you are able to choose. And new trendy products are daily updated.

  • Quality

All suppliers given by Chinabrands have to review. Chinabrands possesses a professional team in order to check products’ quality. Hence, it can be guaranteed.

  • Stable inventory

All stocks of products you are checking on Chinabrands are also available. You do not need to worry since the system will remind you as stock is not enough.

  • Automation

Suppliers at Chinabrands are able to provide you with fully automated order fulfillment services to ensure you can spend less time on process and pay attention to customer satisfaction.

  • Overseas shared warehouse

Chinabrands is packed with more than 40 warehouses in about 12 countries. That means you can have no worries about your goods transported for too long. It only takes up to 2 days, then customers receive the goods. Additionally, they can work with leading shipping companies like DHL and EMS.

9. Dropship Direct

Another US drop-ship supplier is Dropship Direct with over 100,000 SKUs. Before using, you have to make sure that your store is usually running as you want to use Dropship Direct services. Additionally, they help you with value-adding services, including marketplace data feed service (SAAS) and inventory storage, which allows sellers to push their own items to a series of online sales channels. Keep in mind that with Dropship Direct, the main products they do trading are health, beauty, and sports.

Basically, this US-based drop shipper is very active to import as well as export merchandise in Australia, Canada, and Europe only. There are several services you will get accessed like wholesale inventory, 3PL fulfillment, B2B eCommerce, and marketplace product data.

10. Pet Stores USA

Pet Stores USAis known as a division of the UTM Distributing company. They specialize in the pet industry just as its name suggests with more than 40 years of experience. With Pet Stores US, you can find out top brands, along with top pet merchandise in their categories of more than 2500 useful products. Some renowned brands are Eyenimal, Petsafe, Bergan, and many more. Pet Stores can support the shipment of these products directly to their clients with short lead times.

It is important to notice that this American drop-shipper is a wholesaler; therefore, it only works with its registered retailers. As a result, it is unlikely for you to buy their products at retail. This leading supplier of drop-ship services in the pet industry can guarantee that all of their orders will be shipped in only 24 hours.

Pet Stores USA
Pet Stores USA

11. MOY Fashion

MOY Fashion is an online marketplace in which buyers can buy trendy fashion for women in the wholesale. This dropshipping supplier, along with the manufacturer can help retailers deliver the clothes to the customer directly. There are some common styles consist of palazzos, cardigans, leggings, dresses, and leggings.

The dropship program with MOY Fashion provides you with two options. It is free as you get your site updated. On the other hand, in case you choose ‘Harley’, the automation robot, it will cost you $6 per month. One of the most interesting benefits of using MOY Fashion is the clear information they are displaying on their website about each dropshipping process. They ship the products to your clients with your company information on the postage and package. They will have the policy of a 7-day goods return and there will also be a guarantee of inventory in stock.

12. Sammy Dresses

For those who might not notice, Sammy Dresses is considered as one of the leading online wholesalers in the field of trendy fashions for men and women. Bags, shoes, and accessories are available. Dresses are the most common here. Besides, World-class shipping services are provided by FedEx, UPS, and DHL. Each of them has professional warehouse staff who do packaging for their products before it is delivered to your customers.

If a reseller wants to participate in the drop shipping program with Sammy Dresses, he or she has to become a member first by getting himself or herself registered into their account. They will enjoy competitive VIP prices for the merchandise. Furthermore, you will be assured of delivery worldwide with your own company’s information on the packaging.

13. Koehler Home Decor

Koehler Home Decor is known as a US-based drop shipping company. It supplies a variety of furniture items. Multiple classifications are available, ranging from gifts, garden décor, and lanterns that are the most popular. Also, merchandise discounts will become available and there remain no minimum orders.

Dropshipping services with Koehler Home Decor are self-service and they are placed online. Should you be an eligible reseller with this company, you might need to ensure available information on your sales tax permit copy. As using this service, the most important part is to make sure that the billing information is yours in the billing field; not your recipient’s’. As you can see, further information can be easily downloaded from the site KoehlerHomeDecor.com.

Koehler Home Decor dropshipping suppliers in the USA
Koehler Home Decor

14. Worldwide brands

Worldwide brands are known as a US-based drop shipper database. Worldwide brands are not only wholesale suppliers but also service providers. This company specializes in locating many authentic wholesale suppliers. Moreover, Worldwide brands can ensure those suppliers are ready to sell the merchandise to online retailers. After this, they can insert their supplier into their searchable database so they can be located.

This American drop-ship service supplier also helps you locate the most effective supplier. Like other American drop-ship service providers, the price will depend on the product shipped and the location of the clients.

Worldwide brands dropshipping suppliers in the USA
Worldwide brands

15. eBay

eBay is widely regarded as a famous American eCommerce platform that provides potential online sellers with its endless lists of items. Not only is an eCommerce site, but eBay also is a good dropship provider. Any person with a seller’s account can possess the capability of the dropship.

However, you should remember that there are certain conditions that need to be fulfilled whenever you tend to use these services. First, the retailer has to give a guarantee of delivery in 30 days of the end of the listing. At the same time, shipping risk will be transferred to them when they do not have direct contact with the online merchandise.

eBay dropshipping suppliers in the USA

16. Sparkleinpink

Interestingly, Sparkle in Pink designs its clothing. This company can ensure you the original as well as unique designs. They are concentrating on baby girls’ clothing. Should you are an online store owner and feel interested in buying baby clothing, sparkleinpink.com is one of the best online stores. When you finish creating an account and successfully registering as a member, it is much easier to possess the merchandise drop-shipped to your own customers.

All you need to do is to click ‘Dropship my order’ next to your shopping cart. And you have to make sure to fill in your customer’s details, consisting of the physical address. It is necessary to exclude their email address also so that they can keep the original manufacturer’s name discrete. Additionally, you need to pay an additional amount since this is an additional service. Prices for this service will be from $2.49 for each order. Also, Sparkle is among the ideal clothing drop shippers in the USA.

Sparkleinpink dropshipping suppliers in the USA

17. Footwear US

Footwear US is an American drop shipper that can help solve problems in footwear. It is a promising dropship supplier for many new ventures who do not have enough ability to buy and stock items in both their physical and online stores. At Footwear US, drop-ship services are solely available for any quantities which are less than their standard order minimum of $200. It means that you will buy products in tiny quantities at a time as and as it is needed.

Basically, this will help reduce the risk to both sides. You will see that is no minimum quantity here. You are able to have access to their entire catalog of merchandise. Footwear US drop shipper will employ ‘Blind Drop Ship’’, hence their identity will remain confidential to protect your business.

18. Buy2Bee

Buy2Bee is a US dropship supplier. They are supplying clothing and accessories for both men and women. Take note that using this online drop-ship supplier is an advantage for online startups and established ventures.

You will have the chance to access this service, then expanding your product catalog without buying stock. When you place orders under the dropship service, it will be directly delivered to your customer.

Buy2Bee dropshipping suppliers in the USA

19. Jet

As you are selling on Jet.com, your order fulfillment will be much efficient. Jet is an American drop shipper that allows retailers to split orders automatically to multiple suppliers’ products. Your main task is to get those products imported and to assign suppliers.

All of those above operations will be managed by ‘Ordoro’. In addition to enabling drop shipping services, the app can help you connect all of your ow inventory management, multi-channel businesses, and business analytics. Pricing of those assorted services, consisting of drop shipping is around $299 monthly.

Jet dropshipping suppliers in the USA

20. Roma Costume Inc

Roma Costume Inc continues to become another US-based drop shipping company. In fact, they are the leader of the production of Halloween costumes and sexy apparel. They sell their products in wholesale very often. Along with an international reputation of high-quality, this US drop shipper company is known as a reliable supplier.

Hence, if a reseller wants to gain access to its dropship service, you might need to get your online store connected with Roma’s fulfillment platform. They now have a worldwide presence to ship to any location. Regarding orders, they are always processed and shipped in 24 hours. A fee of an additional $5 each order is charged for its own service.

Roma Costume Inc dropshipping suppliers in the USA
Roma Costume Inc

21. iFun City

iFunCity is another US-based dropshipper which has been serving clients in more than 60 countries since 2007. The supplier gives a blind dropshipping program, along with free audience support. They also provide a variety of items from fashion accessories to different in-demand electronics as well as video games. The company can sell branded and non-branded items. You can browse through the inventory, then opt for products you want to sell with ease. They can give you items data feed updated daily.

22. Teledynamics

Located in Austin, Texas, Teledynamics is known as a wholesale consumer electronics supplier for more than 80 product lines, including NEC, Plantronics, Polycom, Panasonic, AT&T, SBC, Sony, Motorola, Siemens, with many others. They are packed with no minimum order requirements. Additionally, they also provide a blind drop shipping service with no additional cost.

This company also proposes net terms to many companies with high-standing credit history, and COD options, and credit card. They also give data feed as well as an online catalog, along with order access as you become a dealer. Take note that a reseller identification is requested.

Teledynamics dropshipping suppliers in the USA

How to find the best dropshipping suppliers for your business

To help you find the best dropshipping suppliers for your own business, here are a few useful steps that you can take consideration:

Research your industry’s distribution channel

Right after you make a final decision on items you want to sell, it is time you researched which dropshipping suppliers you are fond of and how it can work best for your store. You need to select if you want to go with an overseas supplier or domestic one that depends on a number of suppliers in your selected product niche. As you choose suppliers, you will have to dive deeply into raw material sources service potential, and delivery times.

Maintain a good relationship with your dropshipping suppliers

Let’s talk to your dropshipping suppliers that are suitable for your needs and begin a conversation with them. Contacting them can let you ask questions about their provided services. They can give you contact information from their current clients so that you can get the first working experience with suppliers before giving them the opportunities to work with you.

Maintaining good relations with your own dropshipping suppliers from the very beginning to help them have trust from you. This will get every question you wish to know to answer quickly and solve raising disputes instantly. After all, let’s keep in mind that you and they are on the same team.

Order samples from dropshipping suppliers

As you finish choosing your list of the top two or three suppliers to stick to your business, you can consider ordering samples from them. Order samples aim to check their quality of packaging, delivery times, services, and other questions you can have so that you can feel confident in your choice. This will play an important role in choosing suppliers since it enables you to experience how the customers will witness your store’s performance.

Order from competition

Should there be any of your competitors using the same dropshipping suppliers you tend to contact soon, it is ideal to find out how suppliers pack their items and offer services, such as custom labeling. If your competitor uses another supplier, you had better order from them in order to get a better idea of service levels you might need to offer customers to rank in with competitions.

Find the right dropshipping supplier

As you select your own given suppliers, many things can look good when you look at their reviews and items they are offering. However, right after you bury your head in business, they might not be suitable for their audience. This can result from the raw materials they are using, the way they are doing business, and how they are solving returns. You have to make sure to contact and speak with suppliers to get to know more how they are doing their business now before working officially with them. Even though you can select not to go with suppliers after rising issues, your brand might suffer from damage and your brand could be harmed.

Avoid bad dropshipping suppliers

Generally speaking, it is extremely hard to know which kind of dropshipping suppliers to choose; however, you can see which dropshipping suppliers need to be avoided by looking at some signs. In addition to bad comments and reviews, cheap products in large quantity or negative feedback, there are added contributing factors that can help you recognize bad-quality dropshipping suppliers.

  • If dropshipping suppliers keep insisting you on on-going or monthly fees to continue doing business with them, this might be the indicator of bad drop-shipping suppliers. On-going costs mean a supplier is part of a directory that is opposed to a supplier.

  • Take note that it is normal to possess pre-order fees to help increase that depends on the size and the complexity of the order or decrease with the bulk order. Also, the research will aid you in highlighting suppliers who can charge higher than normal fees and definitely you want to stay away from them.

  • Minimum order size is another thing you had better bear in mind in selecting a dropship supplier. A supplier will be willing to charge the minimum order expenses and make orders to fulfill most of the time. This means if the minimum order size of a supplier is 200, you have to pay for 200 units in advance; however, suppliers will get orders fulfilled when they come from your own online store. Drop-shopping suppliers who refuse to do that need to be avoided because they properly suit drop-shipping wholesale.

Bonus tips

In order to help you find the most suitable dropshipping suppliers, we have some more tips you can refer to.

Searching for dropshipping wholesalers on Google

You can get started the preliminary search with several Google search terms. When you become deeper into your search, you will get specific about the items you are looking for.

Let’s begin with the word “wholesale” or “distributor”, then keywords from your niche or product. After that, you can try to search for names, brand names, or model numbers. You can look through each result as well as check the “wholesale account” link or email addresses as well as phone numbers to get further detailed information.

For urgent services or rare cases, the information is hard to find or is not available, you can do WHOIS searches to grab the site’s contact information.

eBay wholesale lots

If you fail, then there are a few retailers and small wholesalers who will check huge quantities of your items on eBay. As eBay focuses on targeting retail consumers, the wholesale options are often suitable for each volume retailers.

If you are just a beginner, eBay can be a very first useful eCommerce platform to start with.

Check Major B2B marketplaces

You can start with Alibaba which is known as one of the largest of all the B2B marketplace of manufacturers, wholesale distributors, and importers. Another B2B marketplace consists of Global Sources (USA), EC21 (Korea), Buyer Zone (USA), Busy Trade (Hong Kong), and EC Plaza (Korea).

Building relationship with industry insiders

In fact, other retailers are not fond of sharing supplier information with their competitors, so it might take some networking to find out the possible wholesale suppliers for your online business.

You can start to build up relationships with industry insiders. Eventually, you will be one of those insiders. What about participating in online forums, building your LinkedIn profile and connections, subscribing to industry newsletters, or generally developing your professional network?


As you can see, the article on 22+ Best Dropshipping Suppliers in the USA has shown you a very good list of drop-shipping suppliers based in America. Those dropshipping companies have proven that it is advantageous to rethink them as your next business strategy and become your potential partner.

With drop shipping suppliers in the USA, you will receive the convenience, time-saving and efficiency. This supply chain strategy is extremely convenient for startups as well as established ventures. Eventually, you will apply to start selling. It means that you can get to stock zero inventory. At the same time, the risk of keeping stock to obsolescence is much significantly reduced.

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