How to Integrate Apple Pay with BigCommerce?

Updated: March 01, 2023


Approximately 70% of all shopping carts are abandoned, with difficult checkouts being a main culprit. Integrating Apple Pay with BigCommerce simplifies the checkout process, improves security, and reduces cart abandonment for both mobile and desktop consumers.

BigCommerce businesses can now easily enable Apple Pay on their websites, allowing their iPhone, iPad, and Mac clients to pay with a single touch utilizing Apple’s TouchID fingerprint technology. In this article, we are going to give you a step-by-step guide on how to integrate Apple Pay into your BigCommerce store.

What is Apple Pay

Apple Pay’s simplicity appeals to customers, increasing conversion rates and new user adoption. Apple Pay will be displayed in the order details for orders purchased using Apple Pay.

By lowering obstacles to checkout, Apple Pay contributes significantly to this rise in mobile commerce conversion and revenue. According to a Forrester survey from the first quarter of 2016, mobile traffic accounted for 44% of store visits but just 33% of online sales. Apple Pay has a lot of potential in terms of reducing cart abandonment.

In particular, Apple Pay eliminates the need for customers to manually input or re-enter payment information on small screens. Instead, customers may utilize Apple Pay and use Apple’s TouchID fingerprint technology to authenticate their identity.

Apple Pay employs a device-specific number and a unique transaction code when you make a purchase. As a result, your card number is never saved on your device or our computers, and when you pay, Apple never shares your card info with retailers.

Requirements for connecting with Apple Pay

Please read the store and shopper criteria if you’re interested in setting up Apple Pay. You can proceed with the setup steps below once you’ve validated that you fulfill all of these prerequisites.

First order of business, Apple Pay transactions are conducted through a credit card payment gateway compatible with Apple Pay. Note: Apple Pay will only work if your payment gateway is in live or production mode. Payment gateways in test mode do not operate with Apple Pay.

The store must be in a nation that accepts Apple Pay on the Web. Check out the list of gateways below to check whether countries are compatible:

Other conditions for the store:

Another note: Currently, Authorize.Net, Stripe, or PayPal by Braintree are required for your BigCommerce store. You’ll also need to be in a supported nation and use a BAMS, TSYS, WorldPay, Fiserv, or Elavon-approved payment processor.

  • SHA-2 encryption is required for stores that use a dedicated SSL certificate. This criterion is automatically met by stores that use the BigCommerce shared SSL.

  • reCAPTCHA cannot be activated during the checkout process.

Accepting Apple Pay on your BigCommerce shop is simple if you fulfill all of the technical criteria and the criteria mentioned in the acceptable usage rules.

How to integrate Apple Pay with BigCommerce

Apple Pay integration is now a “one-click” proposition on BigCommerce. All you have to do is go to your BigCommerce store’s payments dashboard’s digital wallets area and click the “set up” button under Apple Pay. It’s not quite one click, but it doesn’t get much easier than that!

Step 1: Go to Payments under Store Setup.

Navigate the Payments page

Step 2: Go to the Digital Wallets section and open the drop-down menu.

Click on the Digital Wallets option

Step 3: Select Setup.

You’ll be redirected to the Apple Pay setup page. Ensure your store complies with the integration’s requirements, which may be found in the “How to get started” section.

Step 4: To enable Apple Pay, click Save.

Accept Apple's Terms of Service and you're done

After that, you’ll be prompted to accept Apple’s Terms of Service. Once you’ve accepted it, Apple Pay will be available at your store.

A preview of what the Apple Pay button will look like

Your shop will display a black version of the Apple Pay button by default. You can edit the button’s style elements if you want to. See Styling the Apple Pay Button if you want to change the button’s width, height, or background color.

To activate Apple Pay, you must disable reCAPTCHA in your checkout. Uncheck Bot Protection in Advanced Settings Checkout to disable reCAPTCHA. Also, for the convenience of the customer, Apple Pay skips any built-in retail checkout. The Apple Pay button will display immediately on the cart page if you’re using a theme with built-in support for Apple Pay.

For retailers with sitewide HTTPS enabled, it will also display in the quick-cart. If your theme doesn’t have built-in support for Apple Pay, go to Styling the Apple Pay Button to learn how to add it.

Common issues and problems when integrating Apple Pay

Uncompleted Payment

Your payment services provider (PSP), also known as a merchant service provider (MSP), must support Apple Pay transactions in order to activate Apple Pay on your BigCommerce store. BigCommerce is unable to confirm whether PSP or MSP you use with your selected payment gateway. Therefore the Apple Pay button will be activated regardless of support. If you’re using an unsupported PSP/MSP, Apple Pay payments will fail with the error “Payment Not Complete” on your BigCommerce store.

Unavailable currency

Unfortunately, Apple Pay is only available in a few countries. Unless your store is located in those countries, you won’t be able to set up Apple Pay for your BigCommerce store.

Apple Pay button not visible

Have you looked to see whether your payment service provider accepts Apple Pay transactions yet? That would be my first suggestion for you to look into. If you’ve double-checked that they do, in fact, accept Apple Pay, you should contact BigCommerce’s technical support team to report the problem. According to Braintree, the situation has been resolved. If you’re still having issues, they recommend turning off Apple Pay and turning it back on.

How to accept Discover card when customers check out with Apple Pay

When you use PayPal powered by Braintree, Discover is turned on by default. Re-enable Apple Pay by turning it off and on if you don’t see Discover as an option during Apple Pay checkout. For further information, see Apple Pay Setup.

Check out error “invalid shipping”

This is frequently caused by the needed custom fields on the checkout page, which Apple Pay intentionally skips. While compulsory custom fields on the checkout page are not compatible with Apple Pay, optional fields may be applied on the checkout.


Thousands of businesses will benefit from increased conversion rates. They will be able to provide their consumers with the best-in-class shopping experience by integrating Apple Pay into their BigCommerce stores. Customers demand world-class on-site checkout experiences as mid-market firms continue to grow their companies and promote their target audiences. BigCommerce will make it possible for all growing firms on its platform to give their consumers innovative, trusted technologies that eliminate friction.

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