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How to Integrate Paypal checkout with BigCommerce?

Last updated: June 01, 2024
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With a view to supporting sellers and shoppers in the checkout process, BigCommerce has offered them multiple ways to foot the bill. And one of them is exploiting PayPal.

As be known, PayPal has been used widely by people around the world for decades. By using PayPal to make the payment, users have a variety of advantages. So, what are they? And, how to integrate PayPal with your BigCommerce store?

All will be tackled in this post!

What is Paypal?

PayPal logo

Paypal is a service for online payment that gives people the ability to pay for their products via a secure internet account. You can use it on any device, whether it is desktop or mobile phones. Moreover, Paypal has dedicated apps on both IOS and Android.

This online financial service enables you to add your bank account, credit card, or debit card’s information to your account. When using Paypal, they will be displayed to you and what you have to do is to select one of them. More than that, users are allowed to set their favourite method of payment as default so this method will be chosen automatically in the payment process. Of course, if you don’t like, you can switch to other accounts.

With Paypal, you can easily foot the bill for dinner or clothes in the restaurants or the store in your area, or even petrol can be paid by Paypal. Furthermore, this app introduces to you a list of vendors that accept Paypal payments surrounding you, so you can easily know which one is suitable for you to purchase merchandise there.

More than that, Paypal can be used to receive money online, so you can use the money you get via Paypal to pay for products or services. The balance left will be sent to your assigned cards or bank account.

Otherwise, it is possible to send this amount of money to one of your cards or bank accounts available on Paypal. You have to pay some fees when receiving money through Paypal but don’t worry, it is just a tiny amount and it is not applied for all actions.

In general, there is no fee for you when paying the bill on a personal basis. It is also free to transfer money to your friends or family via Paypal, of course, it is when the currency is not converted. So it can be said that Paypal only gets fees with certain actions like selling on eBay, etc.

Benefits of using Paypal

Allow using around the world

Global usage of Paypal

Global usage is regarded as one of the primary elements to create the success of Paypal, making it stand out in the market and beat its competitors.

Paypal can be used in 202 countries, which means that you can make the payment in almost all the world places. There are 56 currencies for users to withdraw from, and the number of currencies for holding balances is up to 25. Additionally, you are allowed to receive money from over 100 money units.

Hence, purchasing a Paypal account is convenient since you no longer need to bring or convert money before going overseas. Especially in the world depending much on the Internet, Paypal has demonstrated its role in worldwide business.

Offer cheap fee

The cost of using Paypal is cheap since it requires no money for the annual membership fees. More than that, it is free when purchasing online by Paypal, so customers can freely buy the products they want without worrying about the extra fee for using services. Yet, it will cost a little amount of money when sellers receive money from their customers.

However, compared to other competitors, using Paypal is much cheaper.

Offer discounted prices

Discounted codes for Paypal users

Besides the free policy for an annual membership, Paypal helps its users to buy products at lower prices at some retailers. By accessing the site, you can see a list of retailers that sell goods with lower prices when paying by Paypal and its latest discounts. There are multiple big brands in this list, which can be named HP, Nike, etc.

To be able to get the discount, what you have to do is just to copy the promotion code and paste it to the site when paying with Paypal.

Use easily on mobile phones

As mentioned above, both IOS and Android users can find and download Paypal on their App Store or CH Play. Besides, users don’t have to go online to use the system, which is impossible in many other online financial services. From their phones, users can transfer and shop online with ease.

Paypal will ask for the PIN, so only when filling the PIN do people use Paypal whenever paying the bill. Therefore, even when you lose your phone, people are unable to use your Paypal account. Another way to transfer money is to bump phones with the one you want to send money to when they are out and about.

Offer various options for payments

Users can pay the bill in plenty of ways via Paypal. By adding cards or bank account details to your Paypal, you can select any method you like. What’s more, this platform empowers you to set the priority of cards and bank accounts. Thus, when you transfer money or pay for any products, the money will be withdrawn according to the order you have already set. This allows you to know exactly what happens with your money on each card.

Provide a highly safe service

PayPal is a secure financial service

Security is considered the first criteria when people do with their money online, and security is also what Paypal is proud of. When paying by Paypal, none of the customers’ financial information is released. Even the merchants also have no ideas about it, so people can rest assured to do shopping online.

Equipped with the leading system for preventing fraud, Paypal offers their customers one of the best systems for protecting their financial data. When using Paypal in the checkout process, users must fill in their credit card and bank account information only once. In the next transaction, they will never have to reveal any information about their finances.

How to integrate Paypal checkout with BigCommerce?

With these benefits, Paypal can support BigCommerce users a lot, especially in the checkout process. Hence, merchants are advised to integrate Paypal with their BigCommerce store.

These 8 steps below will instruct you how to do that.

Step 1: Open Store Setup

Access bigcommerce.com and click on log in in the top right corner of the creen. Then, you will see the admin panel which is placed on the left side of the website. It is the one that you have to work with to integrate Paypal.

You will be in a section named Store Setup; click on it in the admin panel.

Open Store Setup

Step 2: Click on Payments

In the Store Setup, you will look for Payments which is placed below Currencies, select it.

Step 3: Choose Online Payment Methods

There are many currencies available for you, but you should only choose the one most convenient for your business. This will directly affect the payment methods that BigCommerce offers you.

In Payments, you will see three blocks which are Offline Payment Methods, Online Payment Methods, and Digital Methods.

Click on Online Payment Methods

Choose Online Payment Methods

Step 4: Connect with Paypal

In Online Payment Methods, you will see a list of options, scroll down and find the one named Paypal.

Select the Set up button next to it to set up Paypal.

Select set up Paypal

After that, choose the button Connect with Paypal to grant the permission to complete the setup.

If you already have a Paypal account, log in to continue the integrating process. Otherwise, create a new account on Paypal. In case your existing Paypal account has past transactions, you have to change your starting order number to prevent problems in the future.

Connect with PayPal

Step 5: verify the checkout integration

You have to complete these three parts, which are Display Name, Paypal Email Address, and Transaction Type. The Display Name will decide the name that will appear in front of your customers. Then, you should verify your email that is registered on Paypal. Finally, the Transaction Type provides users with two choices: sales and authorise only. Select the one you like.

Step 6: Save

When everything is completed, you will be navigated to your Paypal setting tabs in BigCommerce. Now, select the Save button and you finish integrating Paypal with BigCommerce.

Important notes when integrating Paypal with BigCommerce

Some notes when integrating Paypal with BigCommerce

It is easy as a pie to integrate Paypal with BigCommerce but there are still several notes that you need to remember.

The first one is that your store must use Optimized One-Page Checkout.

The next one is that your store must be one of the supported countries for Paypal. Not all countries are supported by Paypal. In fact, there are two countries where people are unable to integrate Paypal with BigCommerce, which are India and Israel.

If you have intention of using hosted credit or debit card fields directly on the checkout page, your country must be included in the table following, since only these countries support this feature.

United States Denmark Malta
Australia Estonia Netherlands
United Kingdom Finland Norway
France Greece Poland
Italy Hungary Portugal
Spain Latvia Romania
Belgium Liechtenstein Slovakia
Bulgaria Lithuania Slovenia
Cyprus Luxembourg Sweden
Czech Republic    

Final thoughts

In conclusion, Paypal is a useful tool for online payment, so any merchant should integrate their store with this online financial service. We hope that all of the BigCommerce store owners can successfully integrate their BigCommerce store with this powerful platform from the guide above.

If you have any questions or problems in the process of integration, feel free to share with use by the comment box below.

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