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How to integrate Braintree with BigCommerce store?

Last updated: June 01, 2024
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Are you seeking a suitable, time-saving at an affordable price payment gateway to connect with your BigCommerce online store? Today’s article is the answer!

Talking about BigCommerce Braintree integration, there are reasons explaining its dynamic characteristics and why e-tailers use them that much. We will respectively solve all your questions about it, including an informational section about Braintree and BigCommerce Braintree integration’s advantages and disadvantages. The main point would be a tutorial guiding you through how to integrate Braintree with your BigCommerce store.

If you are interested in this topic, keep reading to find out more!

An introduction to Braintree

BigCommerce Braintree

Braintree has been very familiar with eCommerce retailers, especially those who are connecting their online stores with a diversity of payment gateways. It is a payment processing tool that can aid your application or website, saving you a ton amount of time and money. The most outstanding thing when it comes to Braintree is that it has evolved to the point that conventional gateways and banks no longer have much impact, which allows them to source anything from a single vendor.

BigCommerce Braintree integration is designed for every type of company ranging from small, medium-sized to super large organizations. Whenever they are looking for some help for payment processing through mobile phone applications and websites, Braintree is the perfect solution. If you are opening a business on BigCommerce, using BigCommerce Braintree integration would even be more effective.

Up to the present, Braintree is providing its services to more than 40 different countries across the globe with up to 130 currencies supported. If you are thinking of globalizing your online brand, why don’t you come to Braintree? They will get you all covered in a blink of an eye.

Additionally, as you are looking for an integration tool for payments on BigCommerce, every gateway from PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Venmo to Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express - so if you are handing a number of customers with a multiple of preferred payment methods, no need to worry anymore!

At BigCommerce Braintree integration, users will be offered a plethora of spectacular features such as drop-in UI, encryption, fraud detection, and protection, payout within a 2-day span, effortlessly billing repetition and the list goes on.

Benefits of Braintree Integration with BigCommerce

Braintree Integration with BigCommerce offers various benefits for users:

Enhanced Transaction Security

Integrating Braintree with BigCommerce provides an added layer of protection through its advanced security features. 

With secure data storage, fraud detection, and 3D Secure authentication, merchants and customers benefit from heightened security measures, mitigating potential risks associated with online transactions.

Simplified Integration Process

Braintree's integration with BigCommerce offers a hassle-free setup, requiring minimal technical expertise. 

Thanks to its user-friendly API and developer tools, businesses can seamlessly incorporate the payment gateway into their eCommerce platform without disrupting the existing user experience or website design.

payment processor

The simplified process due to the integration between BigCommerce and Braintree

Expanded Global Reach

By leveraging Braintree's presence in over 45 countries and support for multiple currencies, merchants can effortlessly expand their business footprint on a global scale. 

This expansive reach enables businesses to cater to diverse customer demographics and streamline payment processing across international borders, facilitating smoother transactions and fostering growth opportunities.

Optimized Checkout Experience

The integration of Braintree with BigCommerce enhances the checkout process, particularly for mobile users. 

With Braintree's mobile-optimized checkout flows, customers can complete transactions swiftly and securely from their smartphones, resulting in improved conversion rates, heightened customer satisfaction, and increased revenue for merchants.

BigCommerce Braintree integration features

BigCommerce Braintree features

Helping you broaden your knowledge about what BigCommerce Braintree integration will provide you and how they can enhance your store’s performance. PayPal (which is the mother company of Braintree) and BigComemrce have worked together to get tailored prices for qualifying merchants. In a survey conducted by comScore in 2018, online businesses that used Braintree integration had gained 46% more conversions than those didn’t.

No more beating around the bush, below are some of the most significant tool brought by BigCommerce Braintree integration:

  • Secured system: PayPal comes with advanced feature,s including fraud and secure authentication, and the capability to send payments prior to card capture, for use on Braintree.
  • PayPal credit: an application that enables your customers to pay the full amount of money immediately instead of paying a friction monthly.

PayPal Credit

  • PayPal One Touch: this is an exclusive tool of PayPal and Braintree. Your customers would never have to leave the site to complete their transactions. If they come back to your store after the first time, there is even no need to fill in the payment details any more if they enable the appearance of PayPal One Touch. One way or another, they both help the process so much easier for your clients.

PayPal One Touch

  • Saved credit card details: If you are one of the users for Plus and higher BigCommerce pricing plans</b>, PayPal will automatically store credit card or paying account details so that your customers can quickly checkout the next time they visit your website.
  • Various currencies provided: Even though your store is receiving orders from the other side of the globe, BigCommerce Braintree integration can handle it all. It will help you reduce the number of currency conversion problems with your customers as they have the ability to pay in their own currency.
  • Digital wallets: The popularity of digital wallets such as Apple Pay, Visa Checkout or Google Pay seems to increase significantly. And do not let the lack of connecting to this type of wallet makes you lose your customers. BigCommerce Braintree integration will definitely help you with this. You can keep track of your customer information without requiring them to submit the form for payment details.
  • Automated buttons: You will automatically incorporate other forms of payment while you have the Venmo payment setting turned on. With Page Builder, smart buttons will adjust how your PayPal buttons look on the shopping cart and fast cart sections.

Set up your BigCommerce Braintree integration (Updated)

1. Sign Up and Get the Braintree information

Sign Up fo Braintree

Creating a Braintree account is the first step towards integrating secure payment processing into your BigCommerce store.

  • Begin the process by visiting the official Braintree website. Look for the "Sign Up" or "Get Started" button, usually prominently displayed on the homepage.
Sign up for Braintree website
Sign up for Braintree website
  • Click on the sign-up link and complete the registration form with accurate details. This typically includes your business name, contact information, address, and banking details.
  • Once you've completed the registration form, review the terms of service and privacy policy, then submit your application.
  • Upon successful submission, you will receive a confirmation email with further instructions.

Get the Braintree information 

  • After completing the signup process and confirming your account via email, log in to your Braintree account using the credentials you provided during registration.
  • You will be redirected to your Braintree Control Panel, where you can access various settings and configurations for your account.
  • Navigate to the "Settings" menu and select the "API" option.
  • Locate and click on the "API Keys" subsection in the API settings section.

Here, you will find a list of integration credentials necessary for linking Braintree with your BigCommerce store, including:

  • Merchant ID: A unique identifier assigned to your Braintree account.
  • Private API Key: Used for secure communication between Braintree and your BigCommerce platform.
  • Public API Key: An identifier for client-side interactions, facilitating seamless integration with your storefront.
  • Additional Information: Explore other relevant details in the API keys section, such as tokenization keys and webhook configurations, which may be essential for optimizing your integration setup.
Sign up for Braintree website
The information you’ll get from Braintree

Now, it is the major part of the article that you all have been waiting for: the tutorials. After getting to know basic information about BigCommerce Braintree integration, setting up is the next step in the process. We will provide you with detailed instructions with every feature that BigCommerce Braintree provides for its users. Let’s get started!

2. Integrating BigCommerce and Braintree

The initial thing to do is collect your Braintree account details for further purposes. Please go to your Braintree Control Panel, where you will find Settings > API. There you will see there is a small section called “API keys”, this is where all of your information is stored, including Merchant ID, Public and Private key, along with Merchant Account ID.

Within your details are ready, there are only a few clicks ahead. At the Control Panel of your BigCommerce store, click on “Store Setup”

BigCommerce Store Setup

Then, go to the “Payments” panel.

Payment settings

If you scroll down a little bit, there is a button named “Online Payment Methods”, choose it and here how your screen will look like:

BigCommerce Payment methods

Next to the logo of Braintree, click on “Set up” to move on to the next step. In the new tab showing up on your devices, they will require you to fill in the blank fields and that is when your Braintree account details will be used. Just paste them into the boxes and adjust any of the additional fields like 3D Secure, Google Pay, Stored Payment methods and so on based on your preferences.

The last step is to ** “Save”** your work and prepares to come up with the next one!

3. BigCommerce Braintree payment methods

Below the form filling section in the BigCommerce Braintree integrating process, you will be offered to change several settings of this BigCommerce payment gateway containing:

  • Displaying Braintree or Store’s credit card name
  • Visa Checkout
  • PayPal Banners
  • PayPal Credit
  • PayPal Checkout
  • Authorize and capture settings

But please note that you should check these features out carefully before customizing them.

4. Setting up multi currency features

As we have introduced this unique technique represented by BigCommerce Braintree multiple of times in the previous sections, this is how you can enable the “Multi Currency” aspect of the payment method:

If you are available on your BigCommerce front page, go to Store Setup>Currencies:

Currency Settings

At the bottom of the page, you can view a button called “Add new currency”:

Adding currencies

Then choose a currency that you want to add, click on “Next”:

Then choose a currency that you want to add, click on next

Here, everything, including the conversion rate, has already been set up as default, but you can make changes whenever you like; a cool thing about this is you can pick nations that you think will use them as their main currency.

On the other hand, you wish to add new currency for BigCommerce from the Braintree website; then you will need to adopt a different merchant account ID every time you add a new one. Only then you have the chance to create and adjust your new currency in BigCommerce. It is recommended to use the first way of setting up BigCommerce Braintree’s multi-currency.

5. Setting up Braintree Account Updater

This is one of the optional features powered by Braintree; it specializes in updating payment account details such as account numbers, expiration dates, or closed accounts automatically. The most outstanding merits of it are that it keeps billing records up to date and minimizes the problems of past due dates resulting in non-subscribers encounters.

Following these steps can reassure you to synchronize your card information with BigCommerce business using Account Updater in the shortest possible time.

First of all, at the Store Setup > Payments that we have checked before, click on the “Braintree settings” tab and scroll down until you see the “Stored Credit Cards”. Then, turn on the toggle under the written line “Enable stored credit cards with Braintree”.

There you will see a section named “Braintree Account Updater” automatically appear for you to personalize notification settings:

Braintree Account Updater

There is a URL link that has been pre-filled in the first box called “Notification URL”, copy it and go back to your Braintree Control Panel from Gear icon > API > Webhooks > Create new Webhook > Destination URL where you can paste into the URL link.

Tick on the checkbox “Account Updater Daily Report” and select the “Create Webhook” button right under it.

At your Gear icon > API > Keys > API keys, Braintree will provide both the Public Key and Private Key, copy and paste into the current Braintree settings page of BigCommerce.

Private and Public key

“Save” you changes and it’s all set, you have successfully installed the BigCommerce Braintree Account Updater!

5. Making use of Fraud Protection

Another additional application of BigCommerce Braintree integration, PayPal powered by Braintree has attracted e-tailers’ attention thanks to their high-maintenance security system called Fraud Protection. Conversely, they might require you a few more steps than the other two functions to make full use of it.

In your Braintree Dashboard, if you go to Settings > Processing, you will get to know with these two types of settings:

Double transaction checking system

So when you consumers order anything from your online store and pay money for it, however, if this setting is turned on they will decline any transaction if it was done using the same payment form, order ID less than an X amount of seconds after the first order. You can set the X here on the basis of your preference. Usually it will be running from 3600 seconds (6 minutes) to an hour.

Online merchants can use this setting to prevent repeat transactions in case your customers reset, refresh the tab, or do something else that could lead to a duplicate transaction.

Card Verification - Retry All Failed $0

Card Verification

Failed $0 authorizations would be retry as long as necessary. Any time a disabled credit card answer is attempted, the authorization would be retried only for the following processor operations:

  • 2015: Transaction Not Allowed
  • 2019: Invalid Transaction
  • 2023: Processor Does Not Support This Feature
  • 2027: Set Up Error - Amount
  • 2048: Invalid Amount

At Settings > Fraud Management, you can adjust these processing and fraud detection tools:


The Address Verification System, also known as the AVS, specifies whether addresses and signatures are refused or not depending on several requirements listed in the image. For instance, if you find out your customer’s postal address and issuing bank does not match up with each other, the transaction will be disabled inevitably.

AVS Rules


These are laws accepting purchases only when the cardholder has given the right CVV.

CVV Rules

Risk Threshold

Your Risk Threshold setting guidelines will alert you to transactions or turn them off when they are above a certain level of significance. They exist to prevent online merchants from being bilked at the card table.

BigCommerce Braintree risk threshold

Final thought

BigCommerce Braintree integration’s numerous and diversified tools have helped their customers reach their sales reports’ peak performance. Gaining a deep understanding of its benefits and drawbacks will help you know what you should do and not during the setting-up process.

We hope that this article will clear your doubts relating to connecting your BigCommerce online business with the Braintree payment method.


Yes, Braintree ensures the utmost security for processing payments. It employs sophisticated fraud prevention tools, robust data encryption methods, and 3D Secure authentication protocols.
After signing up for a Braintree account and obtaining the necessary integration credentials, merchants can seamlessly integrate Braintree into their BigCommerce store within a few minutes.
Yes, Braintree offers comprehensive support for multi-currency transactions, catering to the global nature of modern e-commerce. With compatibility for over 100 currencies, Braintree empowers merchants to conduct transactions in various international markets without the complexities of currency conversion.
While BigCommerce does not impose extra charges for integrating Braintree as a payment gateway, it's essential to consider the transaction fees Braintree applies for payment processing. These fees are determined based on factors such as the transaction amount, currency, and geographic location.
Yes, Braintree offers robust support for recurring payments, making it an excellent choice for businesses with subscription-based models or recurring billing needs.

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