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20+ Best Shopify Product Reviews Apps from hundreds of the Product Reviews reviews in the market (Shopify Apps Store, Shopify Apps) as derived from Avada Commerce Ranking which is using Avada Commerce scores, rating reviews, search results, social metrics. The bellow reviews were picked manually by Avada Commerce experts, if your app about Product Reviews does not include in the list, feel free to contact us. The best Product Reviews app collection is ranked and result in July 2020, the price from $0. You find free, paid Product Reviews apps or alternatives to Product Reviews also. The Top 50+ Shopify Free Apps for Every Store.

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20 Best Product Reviews Apps for Shopify

Ali Reviews ‑ Product Reviews by Fireapps - premium apps for ecommerce.

Shopify Product Reviews Apps by Fireapps - premium apps for ecommerce.

Ali Reviews - Product Reviews, which is provided by the FireApps - Premium Apps For E-commerce team, is an exceptional assistant tool for all Shopify e-commerce store administrators to drop shipping by importing feedbacks from AliExpress, Photo & Site reviews. With Ali Reviews - Product Reviews, you are allowed to simply import original AliExpress reviews into your Shopify store to get more customers attracted, build strong social proof and of course, get more sales. By that way, you can practically raise your traffic by showing ratings in various search results and Google Ads. Also, without any coding required, the review widget will be immediately added to your store site. Only by inserting the URL of the item you want to get feedbacks can you get Ali Reviews done the rest. On top of that, you can actively ask the buyers to leave their feedbacks with images and select what standard required to display the reviews such as all-star, five-star, so others. Do not worry about the SEO because Ali Reviews will take charge of it for you with In-line SEO Support, Review page, and so much more. Enjoy more benefits from Ali Reviews now with the provided free plan of this application!

Highlight features

  • Get reviews from AliExpress to your store or write review manually
  • Post buyers reviews on your website
  • Showcase ratings in search results and Google Ads
  • Allow users to customize review widget
  • Provide advanced filtering and blacklisting options

Price: Start from $0/month

Rating: 1390 - 4.5 / 5

Yotpo Reviews, Photos, and Q&A by Yotpo

Shopify Product Reviews Apps by Yotpo

Yotpo Reviews, Photos, and Q&A, which is provided by the Yotpo team, is an outstanding assistant tool for all Shopify e-commerce store administrators to boost conversion rates by collecting and showing product reviews, photo reviews, site reviews, and Q&A. With Yotpo Reviews, Photos, and Q&A, you are enabled to build trust, drive traffic, and gradually increase conversion. This application supports you to share the best content of customer on social channels automatically in order to help the buyers make better business decisions after reading the previous feedbacks from customers. Additionally, The free plan of Yotpo features Review Request Emails, which allows you to gather reviews with a single frictionless request, Advanced Moderation & Commenting, which enables you to choose what to establish, set it to be public or private, and way more. Only with several clicks can you simply and quickly get Yotpo Reviews, Photos, and Q&A installed! Get it today.

Highlight features

  • Get product, site, photo reviews with Review Widget
  • Display customer’s reviews on site
  • Show your store’s ratings in search results and Google ads
  • Share the best content from users in social channels
  • Help in the decision-making process from the reviews

Price: Free to install. External Charges may apply.

Rating: 1250 - 4.5 / 5

Product Reviews by Shopify

Shopify Product Reviews Apps by Shopify

Product Reviews, which is provided by the Shopify team, is an important tool for all Shopify e-commerce administrators to increase sales and make your available reviews a better look. With Product Reviews, you are served with the simplest way to share your customers’ experiences. In details, you are able to add a customer review feature to any of your items, which can result in a perfect engagement with your customers, and also, visitors. Together with that, it can lead to a huge increase in your store sales. Do not be worried about the look it provides because it will be entire theme-friendly and match your store’s design in an automatic way. Furthermore, without coding requirement, you can easily customize all of the layout options, tests, and of course, colors. On top of that, Product Reviews enables you to import and export your reviews as a spreadsheet with the CSV Import and Export feature. No more hesitation, let’s get the app now to make your store site extend sales more productively than ever!

Highlight features

  • Gradually boost sales by displaying reviews from verified purchasers
  • Make store site's SEO healthy by adding reviews scores to Google search results
  • Customizable design to match any themes of your store
  • Easy to edit and make changes to texts, colors, and many more without coding needed
  • Feature CSV Export & Import

Price: Free

Rating: 1044 - 4.5 / 5

Loox Reviews ‑ Photo Reviews by Loox

Shopify Product Reviews Apps by Loox

Loox ‑ Photo Reviews, which is produced and published by Loox, is a must-have tool that helps to increase conversions, drive more traffic from customer’s reviews shared to social media and integratie those reviews data for SEO. By using this wonderful application, users can collect reviews automatically, as requests for photo reviews are sent to buyers in exchange for discount coupons. You can also customize your timing, review form, font, size, color, … which are suitable for your own store. Besides, Loox ‑ Photo Reviews helps to show all the reviews in one place and share them on social media. Therefore, you can gain more customer’s trust, boost your sales and drive more traffic for your online store. On top of that, this application offers translation into many languages such as English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish and Dutch to provide more information to buyers from all over the world. With all tremendous benefits Loox ‑ Photo Reviews offers, get it soon to boost your conversions easily!

Highlight features

  • Automatically request photo reviews from customers
  • Customize timing, review form questions, widget colors, font, size, position,...
  • Allow users to add a public response to published reviews
  • Provide translation in many languages
  • Share photo reviews on social media to inspire fans

Price: From $9.99/month. 14-day free trial.

Rating: 959 - 4.9 / 5 Product Reviews by

Shopify Product Reviews Apps by Product Reviews, which is created by team, is a helpful tool for every e-commerce store administrator to increase the store’s sales, organic traffic and buyer engagement by leveraging user-generated content. With, buyers are reminded to review directly in forms of text and picture in exchange for coupons. In addition, buyers’ reviews of your store will be shown places such as Google Search (rich snippets), Google Shopping, Facebook, Twitter and more, which helps in gaining more customer trust and attention from people who are in demands. Also, users of this application are able to install the review widgets to look exactly how they want, how they need. On top of all benefits it has, the customer service of is amazing, and the price of is affordable: forever-free or fixed-price plan for $15 per month. Install the application now to get your sales boosted as soon as possible with Product Reviews!

Highlight features

  • Provide in-email review form for buyers
  • Synchronize product review groups or shop
  • Install widgets which use your shop design
  • Display your review on Google Search, Facebook, Twitter,...
  • Provide most advanced plan for free on the market

Price: Start from $0/month

Rating: 550 - 4.9 / 5

Kudobuzz Testimonials & Review by Kudobuzz

Shopify Product Reviews Apps by Kudobuzz

Kudobuzz Testimonials & Review, which is created and published by Kudobuzz team, is a great tool for all e-commerce store administrators in order to collect and display customer reviews on your website with four different, clean, customizable widgets. With Kudobuzz Testimonials & Review, emails are sent to customers for their reviews to avoid missing out on any potential review. Also, users will Have access to four fully customizable widgets to display your reviews, each widget adds a special touch to the page where it is displayed. On top of that, after enabling Google Rich Snippets on this app, reviews and star rating are shown on Google search engine results, which take a great part in increasing sales, customer engagement, boosting your brand reputation and SEO. Along with great customer service from Kudobuzz, Kudobuzz Testimonials & Review is a must-have application for all store owners to save your time, earn customer trust, and boost your sales. Explore more benefits it offered by installing Kudobuzz Testimonials & Review with just a few clicks!

Highlight features

  • Send emails to remind your customers to give reviews
  • Display existing reviews and testimonials from your social media sites
  • Show off review count and rating in Google search engine results
  • Automatically share your 5-star reviews on Facebook page
  • Offer high-quality services through every step

Price: Free plan available. Additional charges may apply.

Rating: 279 - 4.8 / 5

Opinew Product Reviews by Opinew

Shopify Product Reviews Apps by Opinew

Opinew Product Reviews, which is provided by the Opinew team, is an important tool for all Shopify e-commerce administrators to boost sales and motivate customers to make more purchases by importing many products reviews and photo reviews to your Shopify store. With Opinew Product Reviews, you are enabled to gather product reviews from your customers and import them from the other sales channels such as AliExpress, Amazon, and eBay. Please do not be worried that this application will affect your page load speeds because there will not be any request on a page open. Moreover, whatever page you are on, all of the available features will be fully provided, such as: Text & Photo Reviews & Post Purchase Review Request Emails, Customizable Plugin Design and Emails, Star Ratings, Questions and Answers, Coupons to Boost Review Numbers, Search Engine Optimization, Verified Purchase Reviews, and way more. Also, there are various languages supported, like Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, French, Korean, and many others. You are supplied with a free trial of 7 days, email us anytime if there is any question or need for help!

Highlight features

  • Gather and import real reviews from previous buyers from Amazon, eBay, and AliExpress
  • No any effects on page loading speed for your site
  • Verify the purchasers and their reviews
  • Provide premade customizable plugin design and emails
  • Support a ton of languages

Price: From $7/month. 7-day free trial.

Rating: 63 - 5.0 / 5

EasyDisqus ‑ DISQUS comments by Nexusmedia

Shopify Product Reviews Apps by Nexusmedia

DISQUS is one of the world most favorite discussion platform. This platform drives real engagement and traffic on websites, which can help you connect millions of global users to your page. But DISQUS universal code does not always work well with Shopify which could lead to some issues such as missed comments on product pages, or loose comments when changing the blog post title. It is where EasyDisqus comes in. This app will help solve that issues and create code which is customized to work with Shopify properly. With this app, you can also move your existed blog comments to DISQUS if you want to. Another noticeable feature is that this app is designed to be easy for both commenters and readers, so the platform is designed to be clutter-free, which helps keep people’s eyes focused on the discussion itself. Install now to experience these features in 7 days for free.

Highlight features

  • Create Real-time discussions
  • SEO optimized
  • Easy setup
  • Move existed comments to DISQUS easily
  • Clutter-free platform

Price: $4/month. 7-day free trial.

Rating: 34 - 4.2 / 5

HelpfulCrowd by Helpfulcrowd

Shopify Product Reviews Apps by Helpfulcrowd

Do you want to capture customers’ trust? Do you want to look at the progress of your store’s sales? All solutions stay in one app that is HelpfulCrowd Review. HelpfulCrowd Review will help your online stores to take advantage of the development of modern technology to stay firmly in the e-commerce area. First, the app allows buyers to give their feedback as well as post their questions relating to your products. Besides, admins are able to create an FB product review tab. Second, HelpfulCrowd increase SEO results on Google. Reviews will push SEO rich snippets and displays reviews in Google. Moreover, reviewers would receive incentives when they comment such thank-you emails or coupons. finally, the app provides auto-translation to uses around the world, so that future buyers can read reviews easier. HelpfulCrowd offers four types of packages: helpful (free), handful ($ 3.99 per month), boxful ($9.99 per month) and bucketful ($24.99 per month).

Highlight features

  • Boost sales via reviews and Q&A
  • Increase SEO results on Google
  • Show product reviews on Google
  • Create incentives for clients leaving their comments
  • Provide auto-translation tool

Price: Free plan available. 30-day free trial.

Rating: 32 - 4.9 / 5

MyReviewfy ‑ Product Reviews by Reviewfy

Shopify Product Reviews Apps by Reviewfy

MyReviewfy - Product Reviews, which is provided by the Reviewfy team, is an important tool for all Shopify e-commerce administrators to establish greater trust by showing different reviews such as product reviews, photo reviews from customers. With MyReviewfy - Product Reviews, you are allowed to display the customers’ reviews with images in 3 individual beautiful and responsive layouts and then, extend your sales by sharing those reviews on many social media channels. Conveniently, the customers are able to immediately write product reviews quickly right in the email. which can help you let sales rise in a huge amount. On top of that, you can make your SEO more friendly by showing your product feedback and ratings in google search results with a code snippet. Moreover, you are allowed to view and change all those product reviews at one place with various options such as Star Ratings, Status, and Creation Date. There are multiple languages are supported, like English, German, French, Italian, and way more. Not only upload words, but your customers can also upload their photos of the item. All things considered, MyReviewfy is a very useful tool for you and your customers, install this application now!

Highlight features

  • Provide 3 types of layout to display reviews and ratings
  • Send request of product photo reviews from customers through automatic emails
  • Available to support multiple languages anytime
  • Notify administrators through emails when a review is made
  • Allow sharing reviews on various social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more

Price: $2.99/month. 7-day free trial.

Rating: 19 - 4.8 / 5

Editorify by Importify

Shopify Product Reviews Apps by Importify

Reviews Importer ‑ Editorify by importify is a Shopify app that helps you gain customers’ trust and boost sales by showing them trustworthy user reviews and explainer videos. You could import product reviews from big e-commerce platforms such as Aliexpress, Amazon, Etsy, Alibaba, Taobao and more, as well as high-quality photo reviews. You could also import explainer videos from Youtube or Vimeo to increase your product awareness. The app is designed to be as simple to use as possible with its user-friendly interface.

Highlight features

  • Import product reviews from big e-commerce platforms
  • Import photo reviews
  • Import explainer videos to increase product awareness
  • Integrate with Importify, Dropified, Oberlo, Zonify and Expressfy dashboard
  • User-friendly interface

Price: $9.95/month. 1-day free trial.

Rating: 18 - 4.8 / 5

Product Reviews By Appsonrent by Appsonrent

Shopify Product Reviews Apps by Appsonrent

Product Reviews By Appsonrent, which is provided by the Appsorent team, is an important tool for all Shopify e-commerce administrators to increase sales, your customers’ trust in your store, and also their loyalty. With Product Review By Appsorent, you are enabled to offer your customers a convenient way to connect with you, and on top of that, to switch your target audiences to loyal customers. In details, this application allows you to add a Customer Review Feature to your items in a very well-integrated manner. As a consequence, it supports the engagement between you and the customers, which can easily extend your sales. Product Reviews offers you an effective way to quickly and easily review content without having any impacts on the speed of your site. Additionally, you are able to export your reviews, email collections, and items into CSV files. Please note that all of the feedback will be shown in a friendly format. If needed, please feel free to manually create more reviews to products, which can help you increase sales. Moreover, this extension can check the order history of each reviewer and assign “verified” in an automatic way. Save your time in your daily business life now with Products Reviews By Appsonrent!

Highlight features

  • Display many product reviews from previous purchasers
  • Show real photo reviews from customers
  • Gain more trust from visitors - potential customers
  • Provide user-friendly display and compatible with any devices
  • Use mailchimp, database to collect more emails

Price: $7.99/month. 7-day free trial.

Rating: 17 - 5.0 / 5

Master Product Reviews by Hulk code, inc.

Shopify Product Reviews Apps by Hulk code, inc.

Master Product Reviews, which is provided by the Hulk Code Inc. team, is an exceptional assistant tool for all Shopify e-commerce store administrators to enhance SEO, incentivize more purchases by importing Photo reviews, Site reviews, Products reviews, and feedbacks. With Master Product Reviews, you are able to build the trust of customers and make greater in size of conversion rate by displaying a ton of positive feedback from the previous buyers. In details, you can import and add unlimitedly reviews in bulk without any charges, publish unlimited reviews and ratings for each product. Also, you are enabled to gather and ask your customers to upload images of the product as a part of their reviews. Note that the built-in SEO Structured Data can let you be more visible in Search Engines and certain that your Review Counts will appear in Search Engine. On top of that, there are 3 built-in layouts which are entirely provided by HulkApps to help you display reviews in various ways such as List Layout, Traditional View, Carousel, and Grid.Help your page get more traffics now with Master Product Reviews!

Highlight features

  • Allow an unlimited number of reviews and rating to be added and published
  • Automatically resize any uploaded images
  • Filter the reviews with 5 custom fields provided
  • Provide auto-rotation for all images for a comfortable experience
  • Count the reviews and display the number in search engines

Price: Free

Rating: 9 - 4.6 / 5

Easy Google Customer Reviews by Union works apps

Shopify Product Reviews Apps by Union works apps

Easy Google Customer Reviews designed by Union Works Apps is an app which allows you to add Google customer reviews to your website. This app has several useful features that can be helpful for you. Firstly, when a customer purchases your Shopify store, it will present a pop-up option which will ask if your customer would want to receive an email from Google requesting feedback about their experience with your store on the Order Status page. If the customer opts-in, they would receive an email from Google once their order is estimated to have arrived. After that, the reviews will then be collected and applied to your seller ratings which will appear on AdWord, Google Shopping, and other optional badges that can be displayed on your site. Consequently, it would help you gain trust from your customers. Another noticeable feature is that you will not need to have any coding skill to install and use this app. Install now to gain a 7-day free trial experience these great features.

Highlight features

  • Collect Google customer reviews
  • Gain customer trust
  • Run in all Shopify plans
  • Easy to set up
  • Great customer service

Price: $2/month. 7-day free trial.

Rating: 7 - 5.0 / 5

Checkout Comments by

Shopify Product Reviews Apps by

Checkout Comments is an app which is created by to help you collect the feedback of product from your customers at checkout. Understanding buyers is one of the most important factors which affect the success of every business. After your customers purchase a product, this app will provide them with an input field next to each product to enter their comments and then it will collect and analyze these comments. You can find new product ideas, improve your current products, create a better marketing campaign, and perfect your product descriptions and store content to meet their needs base on these comments. Besides, you can easily install and customize your pages. For example, you can customize your checkout question asked after purchase, or disable auto publish to curate checkout comments manually, you can even localize all text to fit your store’s language and tone. Install now and experience all these features for free.

Highlight features

  • Collect comments
  • Analyze the checkout comments
  • Increase the conversion rate
  • Easy setting and customize
  • It’s free

Price: Free

Rating: 7 - 4.7 / 5

Heyoya Voice Reviews by Heyoya systems ltd.

Shopify Product Reviews Apps by Heyoya systems ltd.

Heyoya Voice Reviews, which is created by Heyoya Systems LTD. team, is an amazing tool for all e-commerce store administrators to bring your customers’ opinions to life by turning electronic interaction into a true conversation. With the unlimited number of voice reviews, you can show all the comments your buyers are saying about your products. You won’t have to worry about how to manage all the text and voice reviews with Heyoya Voice Reviews, this application allows its user to manage all of the reviews in different forms in only one place. Also, you can choose to approve, flag the reviews or filter them by date and more. On top of that, you can choose to change the widget to display according to your branding so as to maintain your product’s look and feel. Along with an excellent service, Heyoya Voice Reviews is undoubtedly an amazing value adding and beautifully designed app enabling my clients to leave direct and live voice comments. Get your own Heyoya app for free now!

Highlight features

  • Provide unlimited number of voice reviews displayed on site
  • Control emails text and voice reviews in just one place
  • Allow users to approve, flag or filter the comments
  • Customize widgets which use your shop design
  • Provide users with a 5-star customer service

Price: Free

Rating: 3 - 5.0 / 5

Google Reviews by Omega

Shopify Product Reviews Apps by Omega

Google Reviews by Omega, which is produced and published by Omega, is a wonderful assistant for every store owner to integrate Google business reviews right into your own store. You won’t have to worry about how to increase user confidence, traffic, and sales, as Google reviews are shown on your website with multiple useful features of this application. Google Reviews allows its users to choose the view mode: grid, list, and slide view to anywhere in your website. In addition, with the “read more” link included in the app, long reviews will be trimmed to provide a comfortable experience for your users. On top of that, to make it easy for customers to view your positive reviews of the product, Google Reviews enables you to embed your reviews directly on your store with little effort. Along with a 5-star customer service from Omega, Google Reviews by Omega is undoubtedly an easy and fast way to integrate Google business and a must-have tool for your store. Get your own Google Reviews now by installing with just a few clicks!

Highlight features

  • Display Google reviews on on your store
  • Display user's name and profile picture along with the review
  • Cut out long the reviews for your users’ comfortability
  • Provide minimum rating filter
  • Add your reviews directly on your store

Price: $4.99/month. 14-day free trial.

Rating: 2 - 5.0 / 5

Customer Feedback Surveys by Onjection labs

Shopify Product Reviews Apps by Onjection labs

Customer Feedback Pro by Onjection Labs is an app which can help you collect actionable insights and encourage repeat purchase. This app has some great features. Firstly, this app allows you to measure customer satisfaction through their feedback. It provides customers a user-friendly form which can be quickly filled up in minimum time to help you find out what customers think about your website and products, what they like and don’t like. Consequently, base on this information you can determine whether the customer will have a repeat purchase. Besides, the automated emails would ask your customers whether they would recommend your store to their friends or family on a scale of 0 to 10 so you can see if they spread positive words about your products. Lastly, you can easily customize your thank you page, which would incentivize the promoters as well as to encourage repeated purchase. Install now and try out this app for free.

Highlight features

  • Collect customer feedback
  • Customizable email templates
  • Measure customer loyalty
  • Encourage repeat purchase
  • Free plan available

Price: From $9/month

Rating: 1 - 5.0 / 5

Product Reviews by Omega

Shopify Product Reviews Apps by Omega

Product Reviews by Omega, which is provided by the Omega team, is an important tool for all Shopify e-commerce administrators to make the store site be more attractive to visitors and raise conversion rates by importing feedback from Amazon, AliExpress, and many more. With Product Reviews by Omega, you are allowed to help your customers quickly find and choose the right product meanwhile saving a lot of time. To get your reviews imported from any online marketplaces, Amazon or AliExpress, you only need to add the URL of any product. Furthermore, you are able to filter by images or by the reviews’ ratings, and then, display the average rating of every product and show a list of reviews on a product details page. As an administrator, you can also edit the status of reviews by setting the mode to publish/unpublish or even remove any reviews. Feel free to ask for help from us at any time, get the app installed today!

Highlight features

  • Import reviews from channels of marketplace: Amazon, AliExpress
  • Provide premade multiple fast and beautiful layouts
  • Import product feedback from CSV file
  • Send email alert of new reviews to easily keep track
  • Send an email notification to customers when their review is submitted

Price: $6.99/month. 14-day free trial.

Rating: - 0.0 / 5

Facebook Comments by Architechpro oü

Shopify Product Reviews Apps by Architechpro oü

Facebook Comments is an app which is designed by Architechpro OÜ to add Facebook discussions to your products and blogs. Firstly, this app was built on the Facebook platform which is widely used by people all over the world and no registration or logging in is required before adding a comment. When using this app, every product in your store will have its own set of reviews and comments from real people which can have a positive effect on the sales conversion of your store. Besides, it also offers various customization options such as enable or disable comments, change their display mode, customize color, font or size of the comments. One of the most amazing features is that by using built-in algorithms, the reputation of your products will not be affected by negative comments of spammers. Install now to gain 14-day free trial to experience these amazing features.

Highlight features

  • Built on the world most popular and reliable platform
  • Easy review products and blogs
  • Protect your reputation from spammers
  • Customize design
  • Improve sales conversion

Price: $3.99/month. 14-day free trial.

Rating: - 0.0 / 5

How ranks Shopify Product Reviews apps list

These above 20 Product Reviews apps for Shopify are ranked based on the following criterias:

  • The ratings on Shopify App store
  • The app’s rank on search engines
  • The prices and features
  • The app provider’s reputation
  • Social media metrics such as Facebook, Twitter and Google +
  • Reviews and assessment by

Top 20 Shopify Product Reviews Apps

Special thanks to all vendors which contributed the best 20 Shopify Product Reviews apps. We honestly recommend you to give every app above a try if possible. We create Shopify apps review series with the aim of helping Shopify online stores find the best Product Reviews for their website. All of the information on the review (including features, description, prices, and links) is collected from the vendor’s website or their own published page/ selling channels.

The list of the 20 best Shopify Product Reviews apps is kept up-to-date on a regular basis by our team. Please feel free to reach us out if you have any questions related to this app review.

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