Selling Services Or Digital Products

  • Create Transfer

    A transfer is to record the incoming inventory when you’ve got a confirmation from your supplier. It would be useful for you to manage your inventory. Hence, you’d better learn how to create a transfer on Shopify. Here are some simple steps that you totally handle this.

  • Receive Inventory

    After your suppliers sent the products you’ve asked for, they’d love to get confirmations from you. Also, they need to know whether the quality and quantity of the products meet your requirement. This writing guides you to receive inventory on Shopify so that you can handle it easily as soon as you receive everything you’ve expected.

  • Disable Shipping for Digital Product

    A digital product is an item such as software, music, image, ebook and so on, etc so that customers can get it directly by downloading. You don’t have to ship it in real life. Hence, it’s so important for you to know how to disable shipping for a digital product on Shopify. This post will help you to do effectively.