Searching / Filtering Your Product List

  • Search Product

    As you already know, you can view all the products of your shops in a list form in the All products section. One more thing, the number of products which you can add into your Shopify store is nearly unlimited. Because of this, you may face difficulty when you want to search for a specific product.

  • Filter Product List

    Filtering your products list enables you to pick up the special product you need easily in the case you have a large number of goods in your shop.

  • Sort Product List

    This is the guideline of how to sort your product list on Shopify. As the owner of a Shopify store, there may come a time when you have a long product list and it must be very troublesome looking for the goods that are low in stock, the type of products and their providers. Just like filtering your list, it’s a good thing to do in order to manage your products better.

  • Arrange Products in Shopify

    Running a Shopify store requires that you may have to deal with many tasks, and one of them is arranging products in Shopify. It occurs when you have already created the Shopify collections in the shop, so arranging and adjusting them is the next important step so that the user can browse and have access to your collections.

  • Spy one Shopify Stores

    You need to follow — and be inspired by — the most popular and fast-growing stores if you run an eCommerce business. Knowing your competitors is an essential element to your long-term success. Therefore, as a Shopify store owner, it is a vital thing to spy one Shopify stores.

  • Sort products in Shopify

    Online shoppers today always want to go shopping with the best convenient ways. They do not want to waste their time searching their items on the millions of products. Therefore, filterable and sortable options will make them feel more satisfied. Thanks to the product sorting functionality, customers can now look for their expected products depending on colors, sizes or styles, etc. It is easier and faster for them to order a product; therefore, online merchants can boost their sales effectively.