Managing Your Inventory

  • Set Up Inventory Tracking

    In this post, I’ll show you how to set up inventory tracking on Shopify. Setting up inventory tracking for products is one of the priority works that you must do before you are able to view or adjust a product’s inventory levels.

  • Adjust Inventory Levels

    In the previous post, I have told you the way to set up inventory tracking on Shopify. Because of the inventory tracking function, you can prevent the customers from buying products which have been sold out, and you can also be reminded to purchase more products for your store when it runs out of stock.

  • View Product's Inventory History

    If you enable Shopify to track a product’s inventory, you can view the adjustments history of that product’s stock list. With the product has variants, you can only view the inventory history for each variant in turn.

  • Hide Out-of-Stock Products from Collections

    In this article, you will be shown how to hide Out of Stock products from your collections on Shopify. In fact, you can manually do this on the Collections page of Shopify and use the inventory management app to help you do this.

  • Hide Out-of-Stock Products in Default Catalog Collection

    Each store in Shopify has a catalog page at a URL link, like for example, which lists all the goods in your store. Your products will be arranged in the alphabetic order by default, however, you can change its order to reach your satisfaction. You can also adjust the catalog not to show the items which are out of stock automatically. If you are curious about this process, follow this writing to know how to hide out-of-stock products in your default Catalog collection on Shopify.