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How to Resend an Email About an Order to a Customer on Shopify

Last updated: November 01, 2023
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When you are in contact with your customer, sometimes, you will have to face some problems while communicating. For example, there is a technical problem and the email is not sent or the customers cannot find your email. In order to solve this problem, you can simply resend the email to your customers.

Here is an instructional writing on how to resend an email about an order to a customer. This writing will help you a lot so please take your time to read and follow my instruction step by step.

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Step 1: Go to Orders

Firstly, you must sign in your Shopify account and get to the admin screen. Then, look at the left side of the computer screen, you will see the Orders button under the Home button, click on the button to continue.

How to resend an email about an order to a customer

Step 2: Choose an Order

After the first step, you will be taken to the All orders page by the Shopify system. From this page, you need to choose the order from the client you want to resend the email about their order.

How to resend an email about an order to a customer

Step 3: Click Resend email

When you get to the Order details page, you can see there are a lot of different sections inside it. However, for our need, you should scroll down to find the Timeline section. After you have found the Timeline, click on the Resend email button which is below the email address you need to resend.

Click Resend email

Step 4: Confirmation

A new dialog about the update will show up and ask you if you want to resend the email or not. To send the email, click Send and to cancel sending the email, choose Cancel.



To sum up, the above is a writing on how to resend an email about an order to a customer on Shopify. I hope this writing would help you with your problem and also hope you have a great time reading and applying my instruction. For further information, check out our posts on managing orders.

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