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Register a Google Maps API Key: A Step-By-Step Guide

Last updated: July 01, 2024
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Interestingly, you can insert a map section into the theme to help show the place of your online business. There are many free themes on Shopify including a map section you can entirely add to the home page. Regarding the map display, you might have to register a Google Maps API key and then add them to the map section settings from the theme editor. In this writing, you will be introduced some simple and easy steps on how to register a Google Maps API key.

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How to register the Google Maps API key

Step 1: Go to Google Maps Platform page

You need to visit the Google Maps Platform page

Step 2: Select Get started

Select Get started to keep going.

how to register a google maps api key

Step 3: Choose Places

You can choose Places of the product to have the APIs which are required to help work with your free themes Map section.

how to register a google maps api key

Step 4: Press Continue {#press-continue}.

Press Continue.

This Select a project step requires you to link a name to the use of Google’s APIs. You can make a new name or choose an existing name.

Step 6: Click Next

After that, you can click Next.

how to register a google maps api key

Step 7: Make a billing account with Google Maps Platform

At this step, you might need to make a bill account with Google Maps Platform. The bill account is a must from the new Google Maps Platform. You can search for further information at Google Maps Platform billing documentation and pricing.

how to register a google maps api key

Step 8: Copy the new Google Maps API key to the clipboard

When you can enable the Google Maps Platform, you can copy the API key to the clipboard.


As you can see, those above steps on how to register a Google Maps API key is not too complicated for you to follow. Registering a Google Maps API key is a convenient way to help your customers and visitors know where the location of your store is. I hope you enjoy this post, and if you want more, check out our Shopify tutorials.

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