Filter by Tag on Shopify - A Step-By-Step Guide

Chien Nguyen
Chien Nguyen November 19, 2018


Filtering your products by tag will help you narrow down the product satisfied your search in the case you have a long product list. There are some pages that you can add filters to like Products, Transfers, Orders, Draft orders, Customers, and Blog posts.

The below is my instructional writing on the topic how to filter by tag on Shopify. I think this writing will be a great help to you and hope that you will take the time to read it carefully.

How to filter by tag

Step 1: Go to a relevant page

After you got to the relevant page, click on the Filter drop-bar menu to apply a filter to the page.

Go to a relevant page

Step 2: Select Tagged with option

In the box named Select an option, choose the option Tagged with to continue.

select Tagged with option

Step 3: Enter the name tag

Enter the name tag into the box below the previous box. The tag name must be the one you want to use as a filter.

Enter the name tag

Step 4: Add filter

Click Add filter to apply the filer to the current page.


In conclusion, the above is my writing on the topic how to filter by tag on Shopify. I hope you enjoyed my writing and will apply it to your store. If you like this post, there’s a good chance you will also like another post we have on searching by tag.

Chien Nguyen
Chien Nguyen
Shopify Expert. My name is Chien, I am a Shopify expert and also a customer supporter with over 4 years of experience. I had done no less than 400 custom work projects in Shopify like building a store from scratch, adding custom features, installing apps, optimizing speed and SEO, etc

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