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How to Disable Multiple Discounts on Shopify

Last updated: May 01, 2024
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Offering discounts are known as one of the most important marketing strategies on Shopify. In order to create a variety of active discounts, you can get those unexpired discounts disabled temporarily with just a bulk action. Disabling discounts are necessary when you have just finished your promotion plan and want to try on running another marketing strategy. In case your customers get a disabled discount code, they will be notified by an error saying that the store cannot fi out any valid discount which matches the code they enter. Hence, in this writing, you will be shown how to disable multiple discounts on Shopify.

Step 1: Go to Discounts

After successfully logging in, you can start your work by going to Discounts at your Shopify admin.

how to disable multiple discounts

Step 2: Tick the unexpired discounts

Next, in this step, you can choose and tick your unexpired discounts you are trying to disable.

how to disable multiple discounts

Step 3: Choose Actions > Disable discounts

Then, it is time for you to choose Actions and then Disable discounts.

how to disable multiple discounts

Step 4: Select Disable to confirm

To confirm your choice, you can select Disable.

how to disable multiple discounts

Step 5: Check those disabled discounts

You can check those disabled discounts again.


With the above instruction on how to disable multiple discounts on Shopify, we hope that you can perform these steps easily. You can help us spread this article if you find it helpful. In case you have any problem in implementing those steps, you can let us know. For more posts like this, check out our tutorials on promoting marketing.

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