How to Create Collection for Products that need Tax Override on Shopify

Michael Shopify Expert
Michael Updated: November 07, 2021


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In this post, we’re going to discuss about creating collections for products that need a tax override. Even though most taxes are automatically calculated on Shopify, store owners could have full control over how much tax is charged for a certain product by overriding tax rates. This can also be done to specify the special tax rates for particular shipping destinations or for tax-exempt customers.

If you want to set a particular product to be exempt from sales tax, you need to first group those products in a collection. This article would show you how to create a collection for products that need a tax override on Shopify.

How to set a product to be exempt from sales tax on Shopify

Step 1: Visit Products, then go to Collections

After logging in your Shopify admin, click the Products session, and then continue clicking the Collections field.

create collection products need tax override Shopify

Step 2: Click the Create collection button, and enter its title

In Collections, click the Create collection button. A new window will appear, where you are required to type in the title and description (if necessary) of the collection you just created.

create collection products need tax override Shopify

Step 3: (Optional) Click Manage {(#click-manage}

If you find the need to hide your collection from any of your store’s sales channels, then in the Sales channels section on the right, click Manage.

A pop-up window will appear. Check/uncheck the checkbox next to the name of a sales channel to make the collection visible or not to this sales channel.

create collection products need tax override Shopify

Step 4: Click Save

When you are done, click the Save button


Those are the few steps it takes to create collections for products that need a tax override on Shopify. I hope you find it of great help.

About Author: Michael
Hello, I'm Micheal. I'm a Shopify Expert who specialized in developing the user interface, layout, and other components for e-commerce websites. I have many years of experience with the Shopify platform and have worked with thousands of store owners.
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