How To Find Instagram Influencers? Is It Worth Your Effort?

Updated: October 19, 2020


How To Find Instagram Influencers? Is It Worth Your Effort?

Imagine that you are looking for recommendations, so who do you count on? Most of the time, you might go to ask someone you know, follow online, or in-person. Because they have factors, in common, which are: honest, authentic, share the same value with us, and, the most important, you believe them from your heart.

Let’s take one step further, it is the effect of word-of-mouth. This is the strong desire of any marketing strategy to achieve. In this way, the products sound less fake and more trustworthy since someone who used it before and sound like sharing personal experiences. As there is a significant amount of social media users and that number keeps rising up, this is a wonderful land for marketers to promote their products. Instagram influencers, for example, is one way to go.

However, every plan should be considered, and this article will walk you through and help you find out how to find Instagram influencers and is it worth your effort.

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What are social media influencers?

Social media influencer
Social media influencer

If you have ever been on social media, you will get who influencers are and what they do. They are massive individual, not their physical size but the followers they have on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and the rest ranging from the hundred-thousands and more. And the followers are loyal, attentive, and they listen. So, when an influencer posts a new phase to introduce a product, the fans might take it as a good recommendation.

It is not a new playground; the word-of-mouth recommendations have been around since a previous person was talking about the new thing called “hot”. Influencers duplicate the action like that; they provide personal recommendations in the digital age.

They are often familiar faces in a specific field or share information around a core topic. The best influencers are the one which attracts people with their interesting stories and the trendsetter.

Since the mentioned benefits from the Instagram influencers toward your business and the sales, you might think of making a new marketing strategy. Still, you don’t know how to find Instagram influencers. We need to move to the next part, and we will see what you want, and it will help you answer the question.

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Why should you find Instagram influencers?

Instagram influencers are such extra weapons that strengthen your social media marketing power. This section will analyze why these people have these people before finding out how to find Instagram influencers. In the digital market share, organic traffic seems to have a downturn on Instagram or other social media, and the advertising costs remarkably expensive. There exists a new way to promote using influencer partnerships to meet your marketing goals.

The outstanding element that makes this type of promoting gain better reach than branded posts and advertisements is the message delivered in a native way and less invasive.

After all, the bond between Instagram influencers and their followers is more likely friends than a seller and customers. That means the post to promote the product of a brand comes across like a reliable recommendation from a trustworthy friend, even with the paid partnership feature.

What to consider when finding influencers?

Now, let us help you answer the question how to find Instagram influencers, the first thing to consider is the firm plan to get ready before signing the contract, the plan can be contributed and fixed for a while but it should be the answers to 2 sub-questions: “Does the person you want to collaborate with fit your brand?” and “Do he/she has a good engagement rate?”

1. The brand fit

You should make a list of influencers whom you think will work the best with your company. This first step is an unconscious process. If you can not define your brand representation, you may better see the future scenario when everything is processed once you know your insight.

Neil said, “In terms of vetting when we did influencer marketing with Shore Projects, the first thing we said was, “Does the influencer we’re going to work with seem like someone we would want to be a customer, and would they use or wear our stuff?”.

For any company, the convergence of your brand and an influencer’s content will be different. Still, Neil provided a simple mental model to help you think about the selection process.

“Influencers are, at their best, like magazine publishers. You will have a sense of voice and sound, what the magazine stands for, and what the magazine is writing about if you picked up a magazine. And with magazine publishing, that’s how you’d like to associate that magazine with your brand. For all influencers, use the same method.”

It would help if you got a consistent and robust understanding of who the influencer is, what subjects they produce content on, and their general style based on their Instagram feeds and their posts before find out how to find Instagram influencers. You can then review their interaction rates whether those variables fit your brand and your goods well.

2. Engagement rate

It’s time to sniff out if they have the culture they’re offering until you’ve met someone that appears to be a strong match for your brand.

It all comes down to rates of interaction. Although instruments such as Whalar will help you decide whether an influencer has the involvement you can predict on their tweets, you can also work it out based on public knowledge on their Instagram accounts.

By taking a brief peek, you can figure this stuff out. Look at the comment, look at the average number of likes on-message. To get the average, take the last 4 to 10 posts, add up all the likes, divide them by the number of posts, and then divide that by the total followers.

That’ll send you what we call the rate of engagement,’ Neil advises. That’s a decent mark of engagement as long as the engagement rate is anywhere from 2-3% or up. People with smaller audiences may have engagement rates of 8, 9, 10 percent, which is very high.

Since Instagram is not only about the likes, you should also have a look at the feedback on the stories of an influencer and see what sort of interactions they have with the audience. If the comments sound genuine and not just a string of single-word words, it’s a positive indication that they actually are.

However, they are no more than just the prep. Before working with an Instagram influencer, you need to read the next section to collaborate with them effectively. We will give some specific steps to help you answer, “How to find Instagram influencers?”

How to find Instagram influencers for your online business?

Step 1: Do your research

It’s dangerous to head out on an influencer strategy blind, but don’t go boldly where other brands have gone without knowing from the best before. Do your research and look at what makes influencer campaigns from other brands so popular. Tell yourself, as well:

  • What works for what brand type?
  • What kind of material are they posting?
  • How are the different goods presented?
  • What kind of content does the best contribution get?

This step requires you further to research the information on the influencers’ profile and analyze the data than just consideration. It would be best to have a clear script; it will help you better react whenever an unexpected issue happens.

Research about your competitor is not something unnecessary or useless. Once you know the values that they have and the solution of Instagram influencers, you will be able to make an outstanding move or make something better to attract more followers.

Step 2: Reach the influencers

A short side note: you may find it helpful to build an influencer persona before setting off on your quest. You will separate the main attributes that your perfect influencer would possess, just as you can build a consumer identity. That’s who they are? Whose niche is filled by them? What kind of material are they posting? Looking at these attributes will help you develop a profile of the perfect influencer.

You might find these people on influencer forum or group online, or foe easier you can consult Google with the simple spell: “top (the field) Instagram accounts to follow.”

Your optimal solution will have ideals that equate approximately to those of your brand. Some of the same priorities, the same desires, they may share. When you pick the person who matches the standard, it will help determine what type of individual you want to spearhead your Instagram campaign.

Let’s assume that you want an influencer to build an identity. You need to ask yourself some questions here:

  • How old have they been?
  • Are they women or men?
  • What’s their history in education?
  • Apart from Instagram, what other social platforms do they use?
  • What are they doing for recreation?
  • What publications or pages do they read on a daily basis?
  • Does a particular sub-niche depend on them?
  • Would it be likely that their followers will engage with your product?

The development of an influencer identity offers a general roadmap about who you want to look about. And it doesn’t just have to be one either. Your organic smoothie might blend perfectly into the Instagram feed of a beauty blogger, but it would work just as well as that of a fashion influencer. Think truly about your brand, your brand, and your target audience. All these things will build an impression of your ideal influencer(s) in some way.

Step 3: Measure the results

Perhaps most significantly, make sure you track the results of your marketing campaign for influencers. Be sure to carefully watch how each post performs and ensure that the relationship is working and generating the kind of interaction you intend.

Track connection clicks, unique engagements, tweets, uplift, traffic, and sales-there are many metrics that you can control on the dashboard and analytics software of your online store. Before you start the campaign, have all the monitoring set up so that you can evaluate the data when it comes in.

You can work with your influencer to determine what type of content works best by tracking the sponsored post’s reaction. In exchange, this will help guide any potential campaigns you make, streamline your marketing plan, and create a clearer vision of how your influencer’s material performs.

Best examples of Instagram influencers for you to learn

Blackpink’s Lalisa Manoban vs Celine

Celine and Lisa
Celine and Lisa

Blackpink - Kpop sensation hits everyone with their performance at Coachella 2019. One of their members, Lisa attracts everyone because of her charming and elegant charisma. And the CEO of Celine-one of the most luxury fashion brand in the world contacted her, and becoming their global ambassador.

Everything about them, along with the growing global popularity of the group, made people notice. Consequently, it is not shocking that each of BLACKPINK has large social media followers. She currently sits on Instagram with almost 40 million followers, just for Lisa alone. The K-pop singer who is most followed on Instagram, and she’s not even Korean.

The latest released items of Celine wore by Lisa make the crowd go wild; it creates a good vibe for Celine among the fan community and even with the brand consumers who have no idea about Lisa before. As a result, the relationship between them seems to be close-knit.

Ela Velden and Julie Sariñana vs H&M

Jule and H&M
Jule and H&M

To highlight their fall 2017 line, the major luxury giant H&M has collaborated with model Ela Velden and luxury blogger Julie Sariñana (aka Truly Jules). The apparel giant was enormously revealed by beautiful shots of Velden and Sariñana modeling their garments and gained a whopping 31 percent follow-up development (and counting!)

The special combination of on-point elegance and inspiring ethos of Julie Sariñana tuned into H&M’s target demographic, and their goods worked smoothly into her daily content on IG.

Selena Gomez vs Puma

The ‘year of the woman’ was hailed in 2018 when more and more women found their identities and joined the fight for gender equality.

For many years, one company that has promoted women in its star and influencer-driven promotions is sportswear giants Puma. Their current initiative # DoYou aims to “champion diversity and the imperative need to question inequalities, norms and rules” and “to live your way of life.”

Selena and Puma
Selena and Puma

Over the years, a number of strong women, including model and campaign spokesperson Cara Delevingne, have endorsed their campaign. #DoYou persisted in 2018, concentrating this time on six female athletes showing that women should make their own rules.

At the end of 2018, in the shape of the newly retired Victoria’s Secret Angel, Adriana Lima, the company named a brand new ambassador.

Puma sure doesn’t scrimp when it comes to paying for the best of the best they showed back in 2017 when they went right to the top of hiring Selena Gomez as their spokesperson, the most followed female star on Instagram (144 million followers).

The partnership, worth some $30 million, only changed in 2018 when Selena launched her ‘Solid Girl’ collection for Puma in November. Inspired by legacies left by women, the collection, dubbed SG X Puma, consists of contemporary items to make them feel secure.

Selena said while speaking about the collaboration: “Power is what I aspire to possess every day.” I wanted to create a collection that would make women feel beautiful, strong and empowered. I love every piece I’ve created and I hope it has encouraged others to find their powerful inner girl.

James Charles vs Morphe Cosmetics

Not only celebrities with a huge number of followers will be able to be Instagram influencers for a big brand. The influencers can be someone online who share the same value with the brand as in the definition mentioned above. In this case, it collaborates with a famous beauty guru and one of the biggest cosmetic brands.

When it comes to the world of influencers, the multinational beauty company, Morphe, is surely no newbie. Over the years, their products have been thrown under the microscope and some of the top beauty names on YouTube have been tried and tested.

James and Morphe
James and Morphe

Having become a name associated for its vivid eyeshadow shades, the most adventurous of beauty bloggers are drawn to Morphe. In mid-2018, for a 34-make-up brush range as well as a vivid palette, the company revealed they will join forces with the multinational feeling that is James Charles.

12,642,263 YouTube viewers and 12.5 m Instagram followers have been collected by the 19-year-old beauty influencer. His palettes were released in November, promising a massive audience for Morphe to tap into, and in as little as 10 minutes the entire stock had sold out, something that reinforced the sheer strength of this partnership.

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In conclusion, if you are looking for a native and effective way to promote your brand’s reputation, Instagram influencers are not a bad idea. How to find Instagram influencers is not a hard question but you should take time to understand your customer insight to have the best solution because the final purpose is to attract as many followers as possible. We hope that this article will provide you with useful information and knowledge.

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