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Top 20+ Best Parallax Themes for Shopify in 2024 in 2024

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By Sam Nguyen

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Shopify offers many features for easy online store setup, but their theme selection is limited. To enhance your store’s appearance, you can purchase unique third-party Shopify themes with parallax effects. Parallax, a technique where the background moves slower than the foreground, creates a 3D scrolling effect, adding originality and enhancing the user experience. We’ve handpicked the top Parallax Themes for Shopify to help you choose the best for your store.

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What is Shopify Parallax Theme?

Shopify Parallax Theme is a beautiful Shopify theme that features a long-format home page with unparalleled flexibility and control. Speaking about the parallax effect, it is a popular technique that is used in the web design to bring users the unique browsing experience while they are on a specific site.

While using the Shopify parallax themes for your collection, it will enable you to insert that same effect to your Shopify store website. In addition to that, the Parallax theme can feature up to 6 featured images on your home page when you apply this technique on it so that you can make your products its own dynamic presentation as well.

Why You Should Choose Parallax Shopify Theme

  • Elegant Showcase of Product As the Parallax Shopify Theme is literally a long-form homepage, which can provide various spaces for elegant, eye-catching storytelling elements and places to showcase your products. This theme utilizes multiple amazing full-width photographs of your products to make the page possible to draw with the relatable imagery for users.

Also, thanks to the Shopify theme’s built-in and namesake parallax image features, the homepage on this theme can give users an ever-changing shift in perspective at the moment they scroll down the page. As a result, they can get more engaged with your brand after having pleasing viewing experience with the elegant showcase.

  • Clear, Easy to Read Text Block What is more, the Parallax Shopify theme enables users to integrate clear, the easy ability to read text blocks accented with circular photographs that clearly explain its products and company. This theme also includes some layout options like the product grids, social media feeds and the option to pull content from other areas of your Shopify site. In addition to that, it also creates a wide range of clear typographic and photo layouts on your site, which will help you explain your brand’s story itself.
  • Clear Visual Layout The Parallax Shopify Theme is designed to incorporate a stunningly produced product intro video, and also a line of featured products for the smart introduction toward the bottom of the page. It is totally a clever strategy for your brand to level up its conversions by catching the shoppers’ attention to becoming fully engaged with your site.

Best Parallax Shopify Themes

1. Aspen - Parallax Shopify Theme

Aspen - Parallax Shopify Theme is a theme designed to strengthen your brand’s style by its incredible parallax scrolling effect. This is a significant Parallax theme that brings the flexibility to viewers by controlling your website along with a long-format home page and distinctive scrolling style. As a result, you will be able to tell your story with the most beautiful detail. Also, creating an impact with full-width images, slideshows and video have never been that easy. You are also capable of taking advantage of the additional homepage section options including customer testimonials, logo list, featured promotions and image gallery as well.

Aspen - Parallax Shopify Theme

2. Vienna - Parallax Shopify Theme

Vienna - Parallax Shopify Theme is also another different style, but the same features as Aspen and Madrid theme. About its features, you will absolutely get the amazing Parallax effect to create an animated depth effect as you scroll down the page. Also, there are the multi-level menu and promotional banner provided to help you enhance your website’s look and so many more features.

Vienna - Parallax Shopify Theme

3. Los Angeles - Parallax Shopify Theme

Los Angeles - Parallax Shopify Theme is the fourth style in the list of the Parallax Shopify Theme. With the same features as the three previous versions and a design that is suitable for fashion and elegance, I believe that this theme will not let you down.

Los Angeles - Parallax Shopify Theme

4. Citrus - One Page Shopify Theme

Citrus - One Page Shopify Theme is absolutely a one-page parallax Shopify Theme, which is stunningly designed to match well with stores of any kind including fashion, clothing, watches, jewels, digital gadgets, furniture and so on. Besides the amazing animations and parallax effect, this theme has been beautifully created with the hard-coded HTML 5 and CSS3, which helps your store flexibly adjust in smartphones, tablets, desktops and many other devices. You can also find separate theme for single product selling and manageable stylish slider section on this theme, which can help your customizing job easier.

best parallax theme for shopify: Citrus

5. Madrid - Parallax Shopify Theme

Madrid - Parallax Shopify Theme is another style with the same qualities like Aspen. This is an absolutely stunning theme designed exclusively for Shopify, with the long-format home page with unparalleled flexibility and control. You will be given the gift to make use of over 15 unique homepage sections to tell the story for your products with your very own beautiful details. For some businesses with large inventories, they can even showcase several collections and products on their home page without any troubles.

Madrid - Parallax Shopify Theme

6. Ella - Responsive Shopify Template

Ella - Responsive Shopify Template is absolutely an all-in-one Shopify theme with a collection of layouts and styles, which enables you to create different structures and meet your very own specific requirements. With Ella, you can apply a well-designed, responsive, and eye-catching template for your store. What is more, its design focuses on putting your products in the spotlight to help increase your sales by putting many stunning banners and product blocks on more than 15 Homepage layouts, 7 stunning Shopping pages and 9+ Product pages. In addition to that, you will get the incredible UI/UX and Mobile Optimized layout provided so that your visitors will have a smooth experience on their mobile devices. About updating, Ella is keeping updated regularly updates to bring users the best features and layouts in order to get the most modern and professional for your eCommerce website store.

best parallax theme for shopify: Ella

7. High Fashion Responsive Theme - Parallax

High Fashion Responsive Theme - Parallax is a truly high fashion theme for fashion, clothing or accessories store with the Parallax effects. More specifically, this theme has its previous content built to suit well to listing products in the fashion, accessories, watches, and jewelry categories. It has the overall design of High Fashion, with the style that would work well with your brand and the products you sell.

High Fashion Responsive Theme - Parallax

Plus, the responsive feature is one of this theme’s strengths, which helps customers to make sure that they can purchase on whatever device they’re using to access the website. All the eCommerce features of this theme including the Product slideshows, Fly to cart, and Quick-shop features are also well-included. That’s not all, you will also be able to configure the background and color for header, content, footer and some other modules easily, which means you can easily personalize your Shopify store and make lots of changes to its appearance on this theme through the settings and options.

8. Parallax Shopify Theme - Wood Furniture Decoration

Parallax Shopify Theme - Wood Furniture Decoration is a Shopify Parallax theme made for selling interior design, furniture store, sofa salon, interior & exterior design. With the parallax scrolling effects, you will get these smooth features while using this theme. About customization, it enables you to form your background and color for header, content, footer with ease. Also, with the internationalizing features, store owners can utilize the Shopify Language Editor to translate their storefront content into another language. What is more, there are sections included for featured products, lookbook slider, and a drop-down menu. It also enables you to insert via the wish list functions and color swatches on product pages as well.

 Parallax Shopify Theme - Wood Furniture Decoration

9. Bazien - Shopify Retina Theme

Bazien - Shopify Retina Theme is a premium Shopify parallax theme with the advanced customize theme panel. It is created to feature 6 different pre-made homepage designs for making fashion and apparel stores. This theme is suitable for any kind of store, also give you the flexibility in customizing your design with 4 different header styles, a stylish mega-menu, and change typography with Google Fonts. There are some unlimited color options and 3 different shop page layouts provided on this theme as well.

best parallax theme for shopify: Bazien

10. Woodmart - Responsive Shopify Template

Woodmart - Responsive Shopify Template is not only a Shopify theme, but a powerful package created to contain all elements needed for your Shopify store. All the required tools and necessary features are needed on this theme to help you create your own super-fast responsive website, together with amazing UI and UX experience. There are more than 10 niche demos and layouts and styles available for you to create your own modern Shopify store. At the same time, you will be able to utilize the Content Management System to obtain full control for the entire website. As a consequence, you will be able to change the navigation, site content, images, products, collections and so many more.

best parallax theme for shopify: Woodmart

11. Parallax Shopify Theme - Fashion Planet

Parallax Shopify Theme - Fashion Planet is a minimal, classy and modern theme with the responsive & fully customizable features, which is perfect for stores of all kind including from fashion, clothing, watches, jewels to digital gadgets, furniture and so on. But it is mainly created for stores that sell rich and luxurious products. Being written with smooth and modern HTML5 + CSS3, this theme is confident in bringing your website a great look on mobile devices, tablets, and computers.

Parallax Shopify Theme - Fashion Planet

12. Lush - Multipurpose Shopify

Lush - Multipurpose Shopify is absolutely an exclusive parallax theme for your Shopify store. It is considered to be the finest eCommerce platform for launching your products online. The design is suitable for some kind of products including handbags, backpacks, messenger bags, and leather bags or apparel like tees, trousers, kurtas, sweatshirts and tracksuits. Apart from that, this theme is also included the Responsive Slider, Product Carousel, Blog Carousel and Ajax Add to Cart functions to be added to your store. Also, don’t worry about the responsive feature, as this one has been designed to present your website beautifully across all the modern devices including laptops, tablets, smartphones, and of course, desktop computers.

best parallax theme for shopify: Lush

13. Seiko - Shopify Theme

Seiko - Shopify Theme is a well-designed theme on Shopify, which is created with 08 Home pages and 6 headers in stunning design to bring you to a modern look for your store. What is more, you can have your collection page with all options, the Multilayout Megamenu, Multilayout Megamenu and many more. From IOS, Android, Windows on your phones, desktops or tablets, this theme will handle it well to bring you the most stunning responsive look.

best parallax theme for shopify: Seiko

14. Banita - Shopify Theme

Banita - Shopify Theme is considered to be the best optimized theme for Shopify as the creator of this theme considered clearly on both the design and the marketing aspect. It is also a multi-concept theme that can serve all kinds of eCommerce projects well. Its design is strong, and full of youthful elements. As a result, your shop will get the attention of your young customers when you apply one of these theme layouts for your store’s website.

best parallax theme for shopify: Banita

15. Logancee – Responsive Ecommerce Shopify Template

Logancee – Responsive Ecommerce Shopify Template is totally a great combination of a clean, modern, minimalist design. At the same time, it still provides users plenty of powerful features. Its template is responsive, which is also suitable for any web developer to customize and make their own site become outstanding. There are many different types of headers, multiple style & layout available for you to choose from. What is more, if you are a newbie, then don’t worry because everything is available for you to help you complete your websites like the landing page, sale promotion, sales product, and many more.

best parallax theme for shopify: Banita

16. eMarket - Responsive & Multipurpose Sectioned Drag & Drop Bootstrap 4 Shopify Theme

eMarket - Responsive & Multipurpose Sectioned Drag & Drop Bootstrap 4 Shopify Theme is a truly modern Shopify theme, which is designed to bring the beautiful and featured rich presence online to meet every requirements from most eCommerce websites and all kinds of shopping sites. With this theme, you will be able to build your own online store with different styles, at the same time, able to choose from up to 5 different layouts. Even more, it is designed with the powerful and intuitive control panel including powerful Drag & Drop layout builder, Product Image Size Settings, Custom Tabs (Horizontal & Vertical) in Product Page, etc. Also, eMarket offers a wide range of advantages features to enable you to control your online store and customize your site as well. With eMarket, I believe that you will make your online store look more attractive and impressive to visitors.

best parallax theme for shopify: eMarket

17. FORTE - Responsive Shopify Template

FORTE - Responsive Shopify Template is a theme designed for any kind of business including Women Clothing Store, Luxury Jewelry & Accessories Store, Luxury Bags Store, Shoes Store… and many more. It is classic and elegant with two main color options, which are Black and White, in order to attract your customers’ attention the best and keep them stay at your online store for the longest time possible. Just like other responsive Shopify templates, this theme has the Responsive Web Design to be compatible with most devices, from Desktop, iPhone, iPad, to Smartphone Android, Tablet Android and many more. Not only that, it also enables you to customize your stores easily with high feasibility and flexibility. Also, many extra values are added to make your store more inviting and eye-catching as well.

best parallax theme for shopify: FORTE

18. Ap Gentshop - Shopify Responsive Theme

Ap Gentshop - Shopify Responsive Theme is a modern and responsive Shopify theme, which is powered with the Ap Framework - one of the best framework on Shopify. As this theme is fully responsive, it also provides you with Twitter Bootstrap 3 and supports both CSS3 and HTML5 to help you create your web pages with semantic accuracy. With unlimited style variation provided, this theme is confident in bringing its creative and professional design for any fashion product for websites such as Fashion store, Clothing shop, Shoes Store, Bags Shop and so on. There are also some built-in functionalities available like the Powerful Admin Panel on Ap Gentshop, which enables you to control most parts of the theme like: the Megamenu, Layout, Theme skin, Google Fonts, Shopify shortcode many more.

best parallax theme for shopify: Ap Gentshop

19. Woodstock - Fast Performance 100/100, Multipurpose Shopify Sections Theme with Visual Banner Builder

Woodstock - Fast Performance 100/100, Multipurpose Shopify Sections Theme with Visual Banner Builder is suitable for any kind of shops including from fashion, cloth, to electronics, furniture, accessories, watches and many more. What is more, this theme is absolutely a modern and fully responsive Shopify one with the fast loading speed, the full SEO support, which can increase your sales effectively with thousands of special features. Also, with the Shopify section, which is personalized and optimized performance theme and the Mobile-friendly feature, this theme is confident in helping you successfully built your store on Shopify.

best parallax theme for shopify: Woodstock

20. Diva - Minimal and Modern Shopify Theme

Diva - Minimal and Modern Shopify Theme is absolutely a minimalist Shopify theme with a parallax design. There are various pre-made homepage layouts for making clothing, beauty, and fashion related online stores provided on this theme. From the beginning, it will help you to create a new store quickly by the drag & drop sections and many stunning designs to make your new store become outstanding from the crowd. Also, with the flexible design, this theme can help you easily customize your store with more than 400 different options, 7 different header styles, a mega-menu, Google fonts, and so many more.

best parallax theme for shopify: Diva


That’s a wrap! I have just presented you with a collection of Top 20 Best Parallax Themes for Your Shopify Store to help you choose one for your Shopify store.

Did you enjoy this article and find some helpful information for you? I really hope that you did. If there is still something wrong with this matter, please let us know, we are really willing to help you fix it through.

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