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10+ Best Confirmation Email Templates to Help You Get More Sales

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By Sam Nguyen

CEO Avada Commerce

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When attempting to give your consumers a better experience, confirmation email models are necessary. We review different examples of such emails in this article and give some template ideas that you can tailor to your needs.

You have grown accustomed to receiving input almost instantly anytime you message an organization online. Imagine making a payment or a hotel room booking and not receiving an email in return. That would really get you nervous, wouldn’t you?

You’re going to start worrying if there was a purchasing issue or worse, that you were scammed!

It all comes down to one significant point-it is crucial to react immediately. You get to have instant guidance on the next phase of their trip from the moment a client approaches you or makes an online order.

We use confirmation emails for this reason. Let’s take a look at this article and see what these emails are and how they can help you keep your customer base confident and committed to increasing sales. Moreover, we will also provide you with 10+ best confirmation email templates.

What is a confirmation email?


Confirmation email is a sort of transactional email addressed to a recipient after a certain condition has been triggered. This email can be sent to confirm that a customer has put an order, subscribed to a newsletter, reserved flights, subscribed to a webinar at an online store.

Or, in short, to say, confirmation emails are a step to verify and to inform your customers. It will increase the professionalism of your store. There are a lot of confirmation email templates you can use, but you need to see in a specific case you must use the right one so your email will not be spam.

Types of confirmation email

  • The order confirmation is an email sent to clients after they have made an order on the website of a business organization. A business informs that the order is approved and is being processed with this email. This confirmation email template can include the bill or the customer’s purchase information to avoid scams.
order confirmation email example
Confirmation email example from Spotify
  • The confirmation of registration is an email sent to users after they have finished the registration process on a corporation’s website. Often, these messages are referred to as welcome letters.
registration email from Foreo
Registration confirmation email from Foreo
  • The Subscription confirmation is an email sent to subscribers after they go through the subscription process for the newsletter. Often known as welcome letters, these messages are also used to walk users via double opt-in.
Subcription confirmation from Netflix
Subcription confirmation from Netflix
  • The booking confirmation is an email received after they book something online to customers. This may include tickets for flights, hotel rooms, restaurant tables, package packages for travel, etc. There are more booking confirmation email templates might allow customers to add more information.
Booking confirmaiton email
Booking confirmaiton email

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How to write a confirmation email in the right way?

It is easy for you to find confirmation email templates online in the age of the Internet. For your validation email messages, you may be imaginative, but here are two things to include in your email format that are not negotiable: confirm demands from your customers (booking, registration, subscription, order, etc.) and giving clients the right goals.

It should, at a minimum, provide the following details

  • The name(s) of the items purchased by them.
  • The quantity(s) of the goods purchased by them.
  • The photo(s) of the merchandise that they purchased.
  • A number, reference, or ID for the order.
  • A billing description.
  • Payment data they have sent.
  • The address for delivery.
  • The method of shipping.
  • Estimated date of arrival.

Several bonus bits of data are

  • Data on shipment monitoring.
  • In case they have any concerns or issues, contact information.

At the end of the day, the purpose of a verification email is to show the clients or customers their next move, explain what will happen next, and remind them that this message is being sent. Confirmation emails provide clients with a sense of post-purchase reassurance. To make the most of your emails for confirmation, there are some tips for you to optimize the email:

  • Personalize clients with your emails
  • Recommend to up-sell and cross-sell similar goods.
  • Promote referrals from clients
  • Give a refund on the next transaction

Email validation is not a single email since it may be boring if you keep sending everyone the same email every time; here is a list of potential emails to give validation to your new customers:

  • First email: Give an order approval email right after the payment by the client.
  • Second email: Send an email with shipping details.
  • Third email: Exchange details about using the product if necessary (SaaS businesses may be onboarding the email).
  • Fourth: Give the customer a follow-up email and ask for a check. It can also be used to call for input from customers.

However, too much information in an email will not make the customer’s experience better; it only makes them feel overwhelmed. For a specific purpose, we may need a clear and brief one. In the next part, we will provide you ten best confirmation email templates to help your business gain more revenue.

10 best confirmation email templates that increase sales

As mentioned above, we have 4 main types of verification email, so we would like to provide you 10 confirmation email templates and you can use it whenever your purpose is among these types.

The order confirmation email

Payment confirmation

A fine instance of a branded receipt. A valuable addition to a simple receipt is the designed CTA and ties. Short, easy copy, expressing thanks, and offering only enough detail as a letter of payment confirmation.

Payment confirmation
Payment confirmation

Delivery details

Harry’s is using this email as a reminder of shipping details for the order. Engaging, funny consumer education, with an initial e-mail copy reflecting their brand.

Shipping information
Shipping information

Customer feedback

A meaningful thank you will make the client happy about the fact that your organization is considering their input. This note of appreciation expresses respect to those who have written to your help desk, and it is also an assurance that their input has been well received.

Sustomer feedback email
customer feedback email

The subscription confirmation email

Thank you for subscribing email

You will speak volumes about your brand by appreciating your new subscribers. And their preview text at the top of the email, “Thanks for subscribing,” sets the right basis for the launch of the partnership between the subscriber and BuzzFeed when it comes to the BuzzFeed subscription confirmation email. This subscription confirmation notice also acts as a double opt-in confirmation email, featuring a big transparent button to guarantee that actual email users are included in their email list. Not kittens

Thank you for subscribing email
Thank you for subscribing email

Double opt-in confirmation email

With double opt-in validation addresses, since each email in your list has a double validation, you can get a higher quality mailing list. To eliminate the possibility of keeping poor email addresses in your servers, this may be beneficial. Double opt-in is effective in stopping bots, but also because spelling errors could be created by users.

Double opt-in confirmation email
Double opt-in confirmation email

Registration confirmation emails templates

Sign-up confirmation email

An example of what you can do without the need for lengthy copies and photos is the following registration confirmation text. There is no need to add a number of items, it may be helpful to highlight the next behavior of the user. It’s all about leading the customer to your website and supplying them with a clearer understanding of the next steps to be taken after registration.

Sign-up confirmation email
Sign-up confirmation email

Confirm user cancelations

Basically, a cancellation confirmation letter is that you tell your ‘Former’ client that he’s accepted his cancellation request or it’s been good. Failure to confirm cancellation can hold the clients in the dilemma of not being sure whether or not they will be paid again. Here is a cancellation notice from Hulu to make you understand better. It is recommended that you should include some factors that may be a call-to-action button like the example given.

Confirm user cancelations
Confirm user cancelations

Booking confirmation emails

Reservation confirmation

The email confirms the reservation and has all the details required to handle your reservation, along with a helpful connection.

Reservation confirmation
Reservation confirmation

A flight confirmation

Imagine scheduling a ticket and not getting the specifics of your ticket? What a horror story, you’d probably miss the moment you ride. It’s critical to provide a flight confirmation email to provide your customers with

  • Information about their booked flights
  • Receipt in depth, etc. The booking approval email from American Airlines cross-sells the goods of a partner to their clients. Traveling passengers require places to stay or a vehicle to pick them up. For that, ties to renting a hotel room, car rental, insurance, etc. are also included.
flight confirmation
flight confirmation

Venue booking email

For those who operate a venue where NGOs or corporations can host meetings or team buildings, venue booking confirmation emails work well. Making sure you validate the booking of a location by providing:

  • Information on bookings
  • Address of location
  • In the event that participants could have special requests, contact
  • Connection for handling a reservation
Venue booking email
Venue booking email

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In conclusion, it is necessary to know what is the most suitable confirmation email template for your business. It is about caring for your customers, making them feel comfortable and generating a loyal relationship between you and them. We hope that this article adequately provides you with the definition, the types, and 10 confirmation email templates.

Sam Nguyen is the CEO and founder of Avada Commerce, an e-commerce solution provider headquartered in Singapore. He is an expert on the Shopify e-commerce platform for online stores and retail point-of-sale systems. Sam loves talking about e-commerce and he aims to help over a million online businesses grow and thrive.