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BigCommerce Monthly Cost: All Costs and Hidden Fees

Last updated: March 01, 2024
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In this article, we’ll look at how much “BigCommerce monthly cost”, explain each plan in-depth, and uncover any hidden fees you should be aware of.

BigCommerce has three monthly pricing options ranging from $39 to $399, as well as a custom-priced Enterprise plan. BigCommerce offers a 15-day free trial, allowing you to test it completely risk-free.

Standard Plan $39 per month

Ideal for startup businesses

  • Ideal for startup businesses.
  • Suitable for shops with a gross income of up to $50,000.

If you’re just starting off, the Standard plan will provide you with all you need and more.

The Standard plan is the most affordable, yet it still includes a plethora of features.

It includes an unlimited number of items, storage, bandwidth, and staff accounts, as well as no transaction costs, as with other BigCommerce subscriptions.

Furthermore, it allows you to sell across different sales platforms, such as eBay, Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Other features include product ratings and reviews, the creation of discount and gift cards, and real-time shipping rates.

Customers cancel purchases due to unexpected additional charges, therefore being able to give discounts and real-time shipping quotations is helpful to your store’s conversion rates!

This plan may accommodate up to $50,000 in online sales income per year, making it ideal for new enterprises wishing to expand.

Plus Plan $105 per month

  • The most popular pricing plan at BigCommerce
  • Includes abandoned cart recovery as well as various extra tools.
  • Best for expanding shops
  • Suitable for shops with an annual turnover of up to $180k

The Plus package includes everything in the Standard plan as well as some additional features to help you enhance customer conversions. These are some examples:

  • Customer groups - By forming customer groups, you may provide loyalty programs to regular buyers.
  • Abandoned cart saver – employ automated emails to re-engage clients who abandoned their carts during the checkout process.
  • Persistent cart - saves consumers’ shopping carts to their account, allowing them to continue shopping even if they move devices.
  • Stored credit cards — enable your clients to check out quicker by securely storing their card information.

This strategy is intended for eCommerce organizations that want to enhance their customer experience and increase their revenues. The actual star of the show is the abandoned cart saver - it has even been shown that sending abandoned cart emails may win back 15% of consumers!

Pro Plan $399 per month

Large enterprises with large budgets

The Pro plan, which costs $399 a month and includes a plethora of features, is intended for large enterprises with large budgets.

This plan includes everything from the Standard and Plus plans, plus many more features aimed at bringing your company to the next level.

You get access to:

  • Google customer reviews– a platform for gathering consumer input and seeing product evaluations.
  • Product filtering - assist consumers in swiftly locating the items they need by applying filters such as size, color, or brand.
  • Custom SSL — If you have previously purchased an SSL certificate elsewhere, you may transfer it to your BigCommerce shop.

These are helpful elements for growing an existing online shop and improving the consumer experience.

Enterprise Plan Custom

  • API support, express routing, priority support, and strategic account management are further service and support capabilities.
  • Suitable for organizations making more than $400k per year.

The Enterprise package allows you to take advantage of all BigCommerce has to offer for the biggest eCommerce stores:

  • Custom product filters — In faceted search, employ custom product fields as filters to assist consumers narrow down their possibilities.
  • Price lists - show various prices to various consumer groups, such as wholesale or retail pricing.
  • API calls are infinite — you may send an endless amount of queries to your server.


What if i have more than one store on BigCommerce

Stores that have higher-than-average sales volumes be assigned plans that are geared toward their specific sales volume.

Can I cancel my plan without paying any exit fee

True. We asked BigCommerce, and you won’t be charged again if you cancel at least five days before your payment date - unless you have a contract with BigCommerce that indicates otherwise. However, this is only probable if you have an Enterprise plan.

Final thought

Hopefully, you now feel like an expert on “BigCommerce monthly cost” – and know which plan is ideal for you.

It’s usually a good idea to sample before you purchase, so we strongly suggest taking advantage of BigCommerce’s 15-day free trial. If you’ve already taken advantage of the trial period, get your ideal plan to get started for real!

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