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How to integrate BigCommerce with Etsy?

Last updated: June 01, 2024
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Etsy is an online retailer for creative crafts specializing in selling handmade or antique pieces and one-of-a-kind factory-made products. Established in 2005 and based in Brooklyn, New York City, Etsy is focused on individual encounters.

Overall, 1.9 million sellers on Etsy believe it is a decent source of revenue. Etsy vendors are located in 83 nations. Etsy is now well-known for inspiring female entrepreneurs. The number of female Etsy sellers is 86%. This article will show you How to integrate BigCommerce with Etsy to gain more profit.

Benefits of BigCommerce Etsy integration

BigCommerce is a hosted platform that will help you to build your eCommerce shop easily. It would not trouble you with technological difficulties such as server problems or others. You made a wise choice in choosing BigCommerce; now make another intelligent choice in selecting your marketing site.

Most eCommerce companies go a step further and list their goods on common marketplaces to view and sell to the visitors on those sites. Google Shopping, Amazon, eBay, and Etsy are some of the more common marketplaces. If you have already set up your product integration with famous merchants other than Etsy, you can start working on BigCommerce Etsy integration right away!

And if you are not selling on other merchants, integrate BigCommerce with Etsy is a smart decision since Etsy provides you with unique advantages, including:

  • The Etsy platform was created to increase the sales amount of handmade goods vendors.
  • It is free to register on the Etsy website, and each product listing costs just $0.2 and is active for up to 4 months until you uninstall them yourself.
  • Etsy is often visited by shoppers from the United States and neighboring countries, although the consumers there are more mature when it comes to eCommerce shopping.
  • The number of active buyers registered in 2017 was 33.4 million, allowing you to focus on other areas of your market.
  • ExportFeed has successfully launched BigCommerce Etsy Integration, allowing you to build product listings on the Etsy website directly from your BigCommerce shop.

How to integrate BigCommerce with Etsy

You can manually list a few items on the Etsy marketplace, but selling bulk products from the BigCommerce site is a different tale. To ensure your sales development, you will need to build your product feed as Etsy requires and possibly make some optimizations. You will accomplish your goal by using the ExportFeed App on your BigCommerce website.

Step 1: Download ExportFeed from the BigCommerce App Store.

Download ExportFeed from the BigCommerce App Store

You can search for ExportFeed on the store or access this link to install.

Step 2: Allow our cloud platform to collect the necessary data from your shop.

Allow our cloud platform to collect the necessary data from your shop

There will be an announcement to inform you, and you need to confirm and allow the app.

Step 3: When you’re ready to begin the procedure, they’ll even give you an update.

When you're ready to begin the procedure, they'll even give you an update

The Etsy sync will be available through the app.

Step 4: Check to see if your shipping information and Etsy setup are still intact in the ExportFeed cloud.

Step 5: Now, build a stock feed with an easy-to-use interface and upload your bulk goods to Etsy.

Note: If you are playing with the title, definition, and tags on your Etsy product listings, you can select whether or not to sync these attributes.

Features on Bigcommerce Etsy integration

  • Profiling - The software allows you to build product profiles based on segment and shipping models. The BigCommerce attributes can be mapped to the Etsy attributes inside the category templates. Etsy advises attribute mapping for easier product listing and increased popularity on Etsy.com.
  • Seamless Product Listing - Upload a large number of items with a single click of the mouse and make adjustments to the product description if required.
  • Efficient Order Management - Sync orders from Etsy with the app and conveniently fulfill them from your BigCommerce shop using the app. You may also switch off this feature if you choose to handle orders directly from Etsy. The software allows you to fulfill orders without having to go via BigCommerce. This serves to save you time and effort.
  • Simple Price Customization - Change the price of a product on Etsy using the app if required to stay up with the demand.
  • Consistent Etsy Feeds - Get updates about your marketplace to keep up to date and offer in a hassle-free manner.
  • Threshold Inventory Management - Use the software to set a minimum quantity for the goods to prevent overselling.
  • Order Cancellation - Prevent order formation on your marketplace as well as on your BigCommerce store if there is inadequate inventory.
  • Efficient Currency Converter - You can set the currency of your goods based on the area you’re selling in and the business situation in that nation.
  • Are you using POD to avoid stock-outs? Don’t be concerned! POD is entirely compliant with Etsy Marketplace Integration. To stop stockouts, the software sends 999 inventory for your items by chance. Without question, you may modify the settings to fit your needs.
  • Shipping Charges by Country - You can build Shipping Templates for each region in which you offer your goods. The models enable you to specify the primary and secondary costs and the minimum and maximum time for order fulfillment.

How to improve SEO when integrating BigCommerce with Etsy?

How to improve SEO when integrating BigCommerce with Etsy?

You can use some SEO tricks on Esty such as:

  • Keep the title under 140 characters.
  • Your product summary may not be more than 5000 characters long. To rank higher, the definition should provide the most frequently searched queries.
  • High-resolution product photographs can be included on Etsy.
  • You have the option of uploading up to ten files (should be at least 1500 pixels wide, but the height can vary).
  • Keep your fulfillment time as short as possible.
  • Shipping costs can be kept as minimal as possible.
  • Include keywords in the meta title of the product.
  • Upload no more than 70 variations.

Final thought

Etsy Marketplace is the Marketplace of this age that sells innovative goods, according to statistics. It means that a new product meets the intended audience, allowing retailers to obtain a higher conversion rate. Following the steps mentioned above to know How to integrate BigCommerce with Etsy, one may develop his or her company on Etsy.

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