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How to integrate BigCommerce with ShipperHQ?

Last updated: December 01, 2023
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To test and see your ShipperHQ rate calculations in the checkout, you’ll need to ensure ShipperHQ is connected and enabled for your eCommerce store.

This document lays out How to integrate BigCommerce with ShipperHQ for testing rates on this platform.

What is ShipperHQ?

ShipperHQ will exceed your expectations! ShipperHQ makes it simple to customize the shipping rates and methods you offer online to your clients.

Whether you want to reduce cart abandonment, minimize shipping costs, or offer international shipping (or all of the above), ShipperHQ allows you to customize your checkout to meet your individual company needs.

ShipperHQ’s powerful shipping management solutions for eCommerce provide you the flexibility to set up free shipping, modify rates by product, conduct promotions, and much more, with over a decade of expertise serving tens of thousands of retailers worldwide.

What is ShipperHQ

Benefits of integrating BigCommerce with ShipperHQ

Deliver on expectations: Whether you want to reduce cart abandonment, minimize shipping costs, or offer international shipping (or all of the above), ShipperHQ gives you the flexibility to customize your shipping and checkout experience to your specific company needs.

Increase your shipment profit margins: To avoid under and overcharging, manage shipping from different origins, determine dimensional shipping costs, and automate true dimensional packing.

Provide a variety of delivery options: Show real-time shipping quotes for 40+ carriers and methods, including LTL freight, same-day delivery, and cross-border possibilities, or create your own rates.

Increase the number of visitors who become purchasers: Estimated delivery dates, duty and tax computations, in-store pickup, and more can all be added to your checkout.

Make your shipping alternatives more efficient: Manage all of your carriers in one place, offer unique delivery options, and show real-time shipping rates at checkout.

How to integrate BigCommerce with ShipperHQ

Step 1: Logging into the BigCommerce store you would like to connect to ShipperHQ

Logging into the BigCommerce store you would like to connect to ShipperHQ

Step 2: Installing the ShipperHQ app

You can download the ShipperHQ app from our App Marketplace or through your control panel. The ShipperHQ app will not be active or have any immediate effect on the checkout flow of your BigCommerce store when you install it. This allows you to set up your shipping preferences.

To install ShipperHQ, go to Store Setup › Shipping › Advanced Shipping Rules click Install ShipperHQ.

You may turn on ShipperHQ from your BigCommerce Control Panel under the Shipping Manager after you’ve configured all of your settings. Instead of the options you’ve defined in BigCommerce, ShipperHQ will determine what options are displayed to your shoppers during the checkout phase.

Installing the ShipperHQ app

Step 3: Turning on ShipperHQ

You can switch on ShipperHQ once you’ve finished establishing all of your shipping settings in ShipperHQ and uploaded the proper shipping characteristics to your product catalog, so it can start managing which shipping options your customers see throughout the checkout flow.

Navigate to Store Setup › Shipping. You willl find a toggle to enable Advanced shipping rules under the Checkout Shipping Options section. ShipperHQ will begin powering your checkout shipping options as soon as you enable it.

All of your prior settings for Default shipping rules will be kept when you enable ShipperHQ, but they will have no effect on your checkout shipping options. When you return to the Default shipping rules, all of your prior changes will be applied immediately, and ShipperHQ will have no affect on your checkout shipping options. This allows you to switch back and forth between the two systems as needed while testing to ensure everything is in working order.

Turning on ShipperHQ

Common issues of ShipperHQ

Enabled Sandbox

When trying to configure your site, you could get an error. The most common explanation for this is that SandBox Mode is turned on. As a result, unless otherwise advised, ensure it is set to ‘No.’ Keep in mind that you must set sandbox to no even if you’re in a sandbox shop and not live. Just FYI, there are no drawbacks or cons to this.

The API and Authentication Code from the same website

Make that the API Key and Authentication Code were entered correctly. The Authentication Code you enter in your extension’s settings must have been obtained from the same source as the API Key

Nothing happens after generating Authentication Code in ShipperHQ

If nothing happens after clicking “Generate New Authentication Code” this is likely a new website. Select the drop-down arrow to the right of the “Save” button and click “Save and Edit” in this instance. When the file has been properly saved, click the Generate button once more. The authentication code should then appear.

Common issues of ShipperHQ


When you install the ShipperHQ app in BigCommerce, it is already connected to your store. To connect, you won’t need to enter any API Keys or Authentication Codes; all you have to do is enable it when you’re ready to test.

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