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Contribute Your Business Ideas To BigCommerce In 2024 Guide

April 03, 2024
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By Sam Nguyen

CEO Avada Commerce

Unlock the potential of your business ideas by contributing them to BigCommerce, a platform where innovation and commerce intersect. Discover how your unique insights can shape the future of e-commerce solutions, driving growth and fostering community collaboration.

Key takeaways

  • Bigcommerce Ideas helps businesses with online sales by offering customizable online stores, effective inventory management, and easy integration with popular payment methods.
  • By using Bigcommerce ideas, businesses can access a wide range of apps and tools, which allows them to grow and adapt to changes in the market and potential customers’ preferences.

What is “BigCommerce Ideas”? area

What is BigCommerce Ideas area
What is BigCommerce Ideas area

BigCommerce Ideas is a user-driven suggestion box enabling direct feedback on product enhancements, support services, and new features. It’s vital to evolve the platform according to user needs and foster a collaborative space for ideas and improvements. Voting and discussions empower users to shape BigCommerce, enhancing personalization and user experience.

This concise version maintains the essence of the original paragraphs, focusing on the importance and functionality of the BigCommerce Ideas platform while ensuring it’s easy to understand and straightforward.

Status of “BigCommerce Ideas”

Status of BigCommerce Ideas
Status of BigCommerce Ideas

The following idea’s status offers a comprehensive view of how ideas are progressing and handled within the BigCommerce Ideas platform. This ensures transparency and enables efficient communication between users (of a particular online store) and the BigCommerce team.

NewIdeas that have been recently submitted and are awaiting review by the community or BigCommerce team.
Community ReviewIdeas that have garnered enough interest are now being reviewed and discussed by the BigCommerce community.
OpenIdeas that are actively being considered for implementation by BigCommerce.
On Product RoadmapIdeas that have been approved and are scheduled to be implemented in upcoming updates or releases of the BigCommerce platform demonstrate the platform’s responsiveness to user feedback and commitment to continuous improvement.
Limited BetaIdeas are currently undergoing testing in a restricted beta version to ensure their readiness before being made available to all BigCommerce merchants.
Early AccessIdeas are accessible to a limited group of users or partners ahead of time, allowing them to test and provide feedback before wider implementation.
Partially DeliveredIdeas that have undergone partial implementation or have made progress await full completion before being fully realized.
DeliveredIdeas effectively incorporated into the BigCommerce platform, enriching its features and functionality based on user feedback and contributions.
Existing FeatureIdeas that are already integrated as features within the BigCommerce platform, meaning they are fully functional and do not necessitate further development efforts.
App AvailableThese ideas have been developed into standalone applications or integrations that are now accessible and usable within the BigCommerce platform.
Developer SolutionIdeas that developers can implement through customized solutions or integrations offer opportunities to tailor the platform to specific needs and enhance functionality according to unique requirements.
Not Right NowIdeas are acknowledged but might not be feasible for implementation due to technical constraints or the need to prioritize other features that align more closely with the platform’s goals and development roadmap.
Not PlannedThese ideas have been taken into account, but currently aren’t on the agenda for implementation in the near future.
ClosedIdeas that have been looked into and closed without further steps can happen for different reasons. This could be because similar ideas already exist, the suggestion might not be practical, or it might not fit with BigCommerce’s overall vision and plans.

How does the “BigCommerce Ideas” area work?

The “BigCommerce Ideas” section is like a bustling BigCommerce app marketplace of innovation, where users gather to share their thoughts, spark discussions, and drive improvements for the BigCommerce platform. Here’s a closer look at how it all works:

How does the BigCommerce Ideas area work
How does the BigCommerce Ideas area work
  • Exploring Categories: Users navigate through various categories tailored to different aspects of the BigCommerce platform. This helps them check if their brilliant idea has been pitched or discover concepts that align perfectly with their business objectives. 
  • Utilizing the Search Function: Alongside browsing, users harness the power of the search function to scout for specific ideas using relevant keywords or phrases. This nifty tool simplifies sifting through the vast sea of ideas, making it a breeze for users to zero in on suggestions that directly address their needs and pique their interest.
  • Engaging in the Voting System: When users stumble upon an idea that resonates with them or seems like a game-changer, they can throw their support behind it by casting a vote. Each user holds one vote per idea, with every vote boosting the idea’s overall score by 10 points. 
  • Participating in Commenting: Users are actively encouraged to chime in with their thoughts and insights by leaving comments on ideas. These comments can range from sharing how an idea could revolutionize their business to support offerings for improvement, proposed solutions, or relevant metrics. 
  • Posting Ideas: Users are prompted to put forth their brainwaves by presenting thorough analyses and explanations of their ideas. By mapping out their proposed features or enhancements flow, users effectively convey their vision and objectives to the BigCommerce team and the wider community.

Overall, the “BigCommerce Ideas” section serves as a bustling agora where users exchange ideas, share insights, and influence the platform’s evolution. Through browsing, searching, voting, commenting, and posting ideas, users wield considerable influence in better sculpting the platform to suit their needs and preferences.

How to submit information to the “BigCommerce Ideas” area

Sharing ideas in the “BigCommerce Ideas” section is a straightforward process that empowers users to contribute their insights, suggestions, and feedback to the BigCommerce team and the wider community, fostering collaboration and innovation. 

Here’s a three-step guide on participating and making your voice heard:

Step 1: Craft an idea title

Crafting Clear and Descriptive Titles
Crafting Clear and Descriptive Titles

Crafting an engaging title for your idea is the crucial first step when sharing your thoughts in the “BigCommerce Ideas” area. Your title acts as the initial hook, drawing in other users and encouraging them to explore your idea and join the discussion. Here’s a deeper dive into why this step is so essential:

  • Keep it Clear and Concise: Your idea title needs to be brief yet descriptive, providing a quick understanding of your suggestion. Overly long titles may overwhelm users, while vague titles might fail to convey the essence of your idea. Striking a balance between brevity and clarity ensures that your title captures attention effectively.
  • Examples Speak Volumes: The examples illustrate the significant difference between effective and ineffective titles. Compelling titles like “Ability to schedule blog posts for publication” or “Redesigned single page checkout” lay out the proposed improvements clearly and succinctly. 

On the contrary, vague titles such as “Fix it” or “Is this a bug?” leave too much room for interpretation, potentially hindering engagement. Titles with negative tones like “This is unacceptable!” might even discourage users from getting involved altogether.

  • Boosting Discoverability and Interaction: Crafting a catchy and informative title increases the likelihood of other users noticing, reading, and endorsing your idea. Compelling titles capture attention and prompt users to engage by voting, commenting and sharing their perspectives. 

By putting effort into creating an enticing title, you enhance the visibility and impact of your idea within the “BigCommerce Ideas” community, contributing to the continuous improvement of the platform for everyone involved.

Step 2: Pick the appropriate category

Selecting the right category
Selecting the right category

When you submit your idea to the “BigCommerce Ideas” section, picking the right category is essential. This helps other community members easily find your idea and lets the BigCommerce team quickly pass it on to the product team. Proper categorization makes the whole process smoother, making it easier for everyone to understand and prioritize ideas.

By selecting the right category, you ensure your idea gets seen by the right people and gets the attention it deserves. Whether you’re suggesting improvements to product feature requests, enhancements to BigCommerce support services, or new functions altogether, accurately categorizing your idea boosts its visibility and improves its chances of implementation.

Step 3: Write the idea

Crafting impactful ideas
Crafting impactful ideas

Once you’ve stumbled upon that spark of inspiration, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and delve deep into the nitty-gritty within the description section. Here, your task is to craft a rich tapestry of words, providing a comprehensive overview teeming with examples to illustrate the potential impact of your proposal. 

Let’s delve into the key elements you should emphasize:

  • Establish Context: Picture this as setting the stage. Begin by elucidating the current landscape or processes your idea seeks to refine. This contextual backdrop is crucial for others to grasp the problem you aim to address and understand why your idea holds significance.
  • Articulate Its Benefits: For your idea to stand out, clearly explain its benefits for your business or the BigCommerce community. Highlight how it could streamline operations, save time, or improve user experience, making it easier for stakeholders to see its value. 
  • Propose Practical Solutions: Just sharing an idea isn’t enough; you must show how to make it real. This means offering concrete steps, whether adding new features, using existing tools better, or improving what’s already there. Practical tips make your idea doable and convincing.
  • Embrace Simplicity: Strive for clarity and simplicity in your descriptions. Eschew excessive technical jargon that might alienate or confuse readers. Keep your language straightforward so that everyone can grasp the essence of your proposal without getting bogged down in complexities.
  • Encourage Collaboration: Foster an environment conducive to feedback and collaborative input. Engaging with others can enrich your proposal, making it more compelling to the community and the BigCommerce team. 

Remember, diverse perspectives often lead to innovative solutions. Hence, invite others to contribute to the discourse and help refine your idea further.

Final words

“BigCommerce ideas area” empowers its community to shape the platform’s future by allowing users to freely exchange ideas, suggestions, practical case studies, and feedback. This inclusive approach improves the user experience, helps save money for merchants, and fosters stronger connections between BigCommerce and its users.


Feel free to submit any ideas or comments to enhance the BigCommerce platform. Whether it involves proposing new features, suggesting improvements to existing ones, or even enhancements in customer support services, all contributions are encouraged and appreciated.

BigCommerce doesn't offer compensation for implemented ideas. Nevertheless, the community values and respects your contribution to enhancing the platform.

BigCommerce is deeply engaged with our community through the Ideas platform. They listen to what we have to say and take our suggestions seriously, implementing them if they align with their goals. Your input truly matters in shaping the future of BigCommerce.

To see if your ideas have been brought to life, visit the BigCommerce Ideas platform and explore the "Implemented" or "Delivered" sections. Here, you'll find the ideas successfully incorporated into the platform based on community input.

BigCommerce has a dedicated team responsible for this task. They carefully review all suggestions to ensure they adhere to guidelines and maintain a positive atmosphere. This approach encourages everyone to share their thoughts and collaborate within the community freely.

Sam Nguyen is the CEO and founder of Avada Commerce, an e-commerce solution provider headquartered in Singapore. He is an expert on the Shopify e-commerce platform for online stores and retail point-of-sale systems. Sam loves talking about e-commerce and he aims to help over a million online businesses grow and thrive.