How to Fix a Pending Payment on WooCommerce

Updated: July 26, 2021


Managing an order status is a necessity for any retailer selling their products or services. Especially as an eCommerce store owner, you have to know all kinds of order statuses to monitor the order all the time. Because of that reason, changing those statuses is what we would like to show you in this article.

It is probably hard to manage a pending payment order when a new order has arrived. We think that this post will be much more useful if teaching you How to fix a pending payment on WooCommerce.

Without further ado, let’s dig into it now!

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What is a pending payment on WooCommerce?

Basically, orders are created when a customer comes to the checkout process, and their orders are visible to users like admin as well as shop manager roles solely. Every order is given a unique Order ID to track the delivery conveniently.

A default WooCommerce will only auto-complete paid orders for products that are both Virtual and Downloadable. It actually means that the shop needs to fulfill or ship any orders that don’t meet these statuses. However, some stores want to complete other types of orders automatically.

With managing your order status, you can select to complete automatically :

  • No orders, disregarding the ordered products

  • All paid orders, disregarding the ordered products

  • Paid orders for Virtual products, without asking for these products being marked Downloadable

Whenever an auto-complete order is paid, a Pending payment will skip the Processing step and enter directly to Completed status. This streamlines order administration for orders that don’t need to have any further action between the Processing and Completed order steps.

How to fix a pending payment on WooCommerce

Step 1: Go to WooCommerce orders section

For the first process, you need to manage the statuses of the orders that need filling. You head to WooCommerce > Orders like the image below:

Step 1: Go to WooCommerce > Orders

On the Orders section, you can view all the products which are respective with their payment process, which we gave you in the overview above.

Step 1: Go to WooCommerce > Orders

In each row of every product that we have shown you displays several details. Some are by default while others can be added, including:

  • Order number and customer name

  • Date of purchase

  • Order status

  • Billing address

  • Shipping address

  • Purchase total

  • Actions.

Step 2: Choose pending payment section

Here are the details of the product which you want to modify the information that we introduced in step 1.

Step 2: Choose pending payment section

To the Order status bar menu, you can choose one of the statuses that meet the product condition at that time. Apparently, in this article, we just focus on the Pending payment, so let’s fix that status as a typical example in case you want to edit other product’s statuses.

Step 2: Choose pending payment section

After that, select the Save Order option to save your changes.

Step 2: Choose pending payment section

Remember that it is actually a manual process that requires you to fix the pending payment in each order. That leads to a waste of time since you have to manage other stuff relating to your business as an owner.

Don’t worry because we have another selection for you as long as you install the plugin, which helps you fix the order statuses automatically.

Now let’s move to the last part of this tutorial!

Step 3: Auto change the pending payment status using plugin

Our example for the plugin integration is a Paypal payment method. We will represent the way that a pending payment becomes completed automatically.

Firstly, you need to enable the Virtual or Downloadable option in the Product data to display the products.

Step 3: Auto change the pending payment status using plugin

Now, just select the “PayPal” payment option and confirm your PayPal order. After confirming the order, the status of the Orders section will be changed automatically.

Step 3: Auto change the pending payment status using plugin

If the status has not been modified at once, please refresh your website again and it will work well.

Step 3: Auto change the pending payment status using plugin

That’s it! We highly recommend you install the payment plugin for a better experience with only a few steps to manage the order status.

Common problems

Most of the problem for the retailers is that the Payment Pending cannot be updated automatically. It does not complete until you do it manually.

Common problems

Are you using a gateway payment that automatically pays for the order? You need to check your payment plugin first, make sure that the payment was approved and see if there is something like “order changed automatically to…” in the plugin information.

On the other hand, check if there is any bug on your website, you should get support from WooCommerce developers to have a one-to-one discussion.

Are your orders to Auto-Complete setting set to “Virtual & Downloadable Orders”? If you have not settled down yet, please check the product data section and tick both Virtual and Downloadable (not only one option).

One sign that helps you know this situation is that payment methods that are not received immediately will be put into the “On Hold” status. It proves that customers cannot access your virtual or downloadable products until you confirm that paid order because customers take access only when the order is completed.

So please check out one more time with our above advice to find out where your matter comes from.

Final thought

After all, you are much more knowledgeable about How to fix a pending payment on WooCommerce. If you wonder how other statuses need editing, you can actually change it as you change the Pending Payment status in your products.

How about the problem of error order completion? There are some points that you may get the suggestions from, not only from us but from other users who encounter the same issue as yours. It is beneficial for you to need help from many different resources. Furthermore, in case you either do not have any knowledge relating to the website settings or are afraid of changing anything in your store, leading to a bigger problem, we are here for you.

You can contact us through the information below or leave a comment in a chat box to take our advice directly.

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