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14 Best Crowdfunding Plugins for WooCommerce Stores

Last updated: May 01, 2024
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Crowdfunding is a method of raising funds from the public to support a project, a business, or a product.

To reach a broad audience, this is usually done online via a website or social media. However, with plugins, you can do it straight from your online store.

If you are looking for great plugins to perform any type of crowdfunding on WooCommerce, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the 14 best crowdfunding plugins for WooCommerce stores that you can use to start raising money from your website.

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Advantages of Crowdfunding in WooCommerce Stores

Crowdfunding has numerous advantages in WooCommerce stores:

  • There’s no need to fill out an application, and you won’t have to wait long to get your money.
  • It allows you to communicate with individuals who aren’t in your network.
  • It’s enjoyable to create and share.
  • You don’t have to suffer the anxiety of asking for financial assistance.

14 Best Crowdfunding Plugins for WooCommerce Stores

Here are our 14 top crowdfunding plugins for WooCommerce stores.

1. WP Crowdfunding

WP Crowdfunding

WP Crowdfunding is a WooCommerce-based plugin that allows store owners to use the WordPress content management system to establish a crowdfunding site. It’s incredibly user-friendly and straightforward to use.

It has over 4,000 active installs and a 4.5-star rating, and it is constantly updated.


This free version includes the majority of the fundamental WP Crowdfunding features. However, if you desire more advanced features, the premium version is available.

  • User registration, submission form, start and finish dates for the project
  • Funding objectives and pricing choices
  • Options for project updates
  • Add photos and videos
  • A reward system based on delivery dates
  • (Premium) Distribute all funds using PayPal Adaptive, Stripe Connect, Skrill, Authorize.net, etc.
  • (Premium) Native centralized wallet system
  • (Premium) Reports on analysis
  • (Premium) Notifications by email
  • (Premium) Creating reports
  • (Premium) Sharing on social media


There are free and pro versions of this plugin. The Pro version starts from $149 per year.

2. IgnitionDeck Crowdfunding & Commerce

IgnitionDeck Crowdfunding & Commerce

Hundreds of businesses are using the WordPress plugin IgnitionDeck to run their own crowdfunding platforms.

IgnitionDeck also comes with the free WordPress Fivehundred Crowdfunding Theme and the famous 500 Classic child theme, making creating your own crowdfunding site a breeze.


  • Crowdfunding displays available as post template, widget, or embed code
  • Fundraising goal, end date, open/closed campaigns
  • Video embed, multiple crowdfunding levels
  • Custom project taxonomies for categorical data
  • Manual order entry and updates
  • PayPal Standard in all available currencies


There are free and premium versions of this plugin. The premium version starts at $149.

3. WP Attractive Donations

WP Attractive Donations

The WP Attractive Donations System plugin allows you to quickly and easily create beautiful and appealing donation panels on your WordPress website.

Each donation can have its own amount steps, messages, colors, and images using PayPal or Stripe payments.


  • Manage as many donations panels as you want
  • Donations widgets
  • Each donation panel can make payment using Paypal or Stripe
  • Freely manage amount steps and use your own images
  • Colors, font, texts, and currency symbols are fully customizable
  • Automatically colorize all your pictures with the chosen color
  • Shortcode & Visual Composer integration
  • Import/Export system


The regular and extended licenses cost you $29 and $125 respectively.

4. Galaxy Funder

Galaxy Funder

Galaxy Funder is a premium WordPress plugin that allows you to build a crowdfunding system for your site. The design is basic, yet it has all of the functionality you’ll want.

It’s a feature-rich Keep What You Raise Crowdfunding system built on top of WooCommerce. You can use Galaxy Funder to create your own Crowdfunding site or to add Crowdfunding Campaigns to your current WooCommerce store.


  • Complete and Powerful Crowdfunding System
  • Perk/Reward Rule Feature
  • Fundraising / Product Purchase
  • Front End Campaign Submission for Members
  • Back End Campaign Creation for Moderators
  • Mailing Options for Campaign Submission, Approval, Rejection, Deletion, and Completion
  • Campaign End Method – Target Date, Target Goal and Campaign Never Ends


The regular and extended licenses are charged at $49 and $490 respectively.

5. Crowdfunding for WooCommerce

Crowdfunding for WooCommerce

WooCommerce Crowdfunding is a free plugin. It was created by the Algoritmika Ltd team, which has over 30 plugins in the WordPress repository, the majority of which are related to WooCommerce.

This free plugin provides the necessary features to turn a standard WooCommerce store into a full-fledged crowdfunding platform.


  • Edit pledge amounts, start and end dates, and button labels
  • Edit pledge amounts, start and end dates, and button labels
  • A form allows users to add campaigns to the system.
  • Edit information such as goals, time left, amount of funding.
  • CSS-styled progress bars for campaign status

Pricing: Free

6. Charitable – Donation Plugin

Charitable – Donation Plugin

Charitable is a robust donation plugin for WordPress that never charges transaction fees.

Whether you need a donation form for your regular ongoing donations, you’re raising money for a timely need, or you’re collecting donations for a particular fundraising goal, Charitable allows you to build fundraising campaigns in minutes.


  • Unlimited fundraising campaigns
  • Customizable donation forms
  • Easy PayPal donations
  • Collect donations via cheque, bank transfer, or any other offline method.
  • Direct donation management
  • Recurring donations
  • Peer to peer fundraising

Pricing: Free

7. Give


GiveWP is the best-rated, most downloaded, and best supported WordPress donation plugin. GiveWP is a robust donation platform geared for online giving that was built from the ground up for all of your fundraising needs.

GiveWP is a free WordPress plugin with a lot of powerful features to meet your demands.


  • Full-featured reporting
  • Powerful Donation Forms
  • Complete Donor Management
  • Integrate with a wide variety of third-party gateways and services
  • Accept credit card donations: Stripe, PayPal, offline donations


This is the free version of this plugin. But you can also purchase the premium versions for more advanced features, which start from $249 per year.

8. WP Fundraising Donation and Crowdfunding Platform

WP Fundraising Donation and Crowdfunding Platform

WP Fundraising Donation and Crowdfunding Platform plugin features a single donation and crowdfunding solution. This plugin allows business owners to use WordPress to construct a crowdfunding and single donation site.


  • Frontend User Registration and Login
  • Frontend Campaign Submit Form
  • Start and End date
  • Setting featured image
  • Show/Hide Backer Table
  • Campaign End Methods: Target Goal; Target Date; Target Goal and Date; Campaign Never End
  • Create Unlimited Rewards

Pricing: Free

9. Whydonate – FREE Donate button – Crowdfunding – Fundraising

Whydonate – FREE Donate button – Crowdfunding – Fundraising

You can take donations directly on your WordPress website using the Whydonate plugin. You can also put the Whydonate button on any page of your website and start raising money right away. This plugin is simple to set up and customize, and it doesn’t require any coding experience.


  • Host a crowdfunding campaign
  • Peer to peer fundraisers
  • Dashboard
  • Create new fundraisers
  • Completely customizable
  • Multiple payment options
  • Interact with donors



10. YITH Donations for WooCommerce

YITH Donations for WooCommerce

YITH contributions for WooCommerce allows you to accept donations on your website to seek financial support from your customers or to fund a non-profit program, organization, or product.

With just a few simple clicks, you can associate a donation to a product or allow your visitors to make donations to your site, thanks to the plugin’s stability and comprehensive capabilities.


  • Minimum and maximum amount for each donation
  • Donation form on the cart page
  • Set specific payment methods for orders with one or more donations
  • Change the style of the form button
  • Add the donation form to more products of the shop
  • Make donation mandatory on one or more products of the shop
  • WooCommerce Summary widget showing the total amount of donations received


There are free and premium versions of this plugin. The premium version costs you €79,99 per year.

11. PayPal Donation

PayPal Donation

You can accept PayPal donations on your website using the plugin Accept Donations with PayPal . A PayPal Donation button can be placed anywhere on your website where you wish to raise funds.

The simplicity of this PayPal donation plugin is what makes it so successful. You only need to install the plugin, and consumers from all over the globe will be able to donate to you via PayPal in a matter of minutes.


  • View donations made
  • Button Manager
  • Page / Post Button shortcode Inserter
  • Donation Widget
  • PayPal testing with Sandbox mode
  • Each button can have its own language, currency, image, and its own PayPal account


This plugin is free but you can also purchase the premium version of it at the minimum cost of $39.99.

12. Woo Donations

Woo Donations

Woo Donations allows you to accept donations in WooCommerce with an amount defined by the end user, allowing consumers to give any amount they choose.

A donation can be shown as a product; if the end-user wants to modify their donation amount, they can do so by re-entering it on the cart or checkout page.


  • Set up a specific product as a donation from a list of product
  • Set up location to display donation form with options cart and checkout page
  • Set up donation button color and text
  • Set donation form on cart and checkout page
  • Manually have the option to set Description field donation form
  • Manually enable/ disable the option to display donation form on cart and checkout


This is the free version of this plugin, you can also check out the pro version, which costs $19 for lifetime use.

13. Donorbox


Donorbox is a WordPress crowdfunding management plugin that is both robust and safe. It includes everything you’ll need to include a Donorbox donation form on your website.


  • Fully customizable donation forms
  • Easy fundraising with multiple currencies supported via Stripe, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and ACH payments.
  • Monthly recurring donations
  • Donation management from the dashboard
  • Export donation details as a CSV file
  • Fully PCI compliant

Pricing: Free

14. InFunding


InFunding is a WordPress plugin that allows you to build a philanthropic program and collect funds via Paypal or bank transfer. You can quickly establish and manage any charity programs, donors, and donations with this plugin.


  • Create and manage charity campaigns
  • Manage donations and donors
  • Manage volunteer
  • Offer easy-to-use shortcodes
  • Support responsive and customizable template



Final Words

The 14 top crowdfunding plugins highlighted in this post can all greatly assist you in collecting donations on your WooCommerce stores. The finest WooCommerce donation plugin for your online fundraiser, on the other hand, will depend on your requirements.

We hope you found this article useful and if you have any questions, please reach out to us via the comment section below.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post, and we’ll see you soon.

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