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9 Best Category Showcase Plugins for your WooCommerce Store

Last updated: May 01, 2024
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Many business owners utilize WooCommerce, which is a popular eCommerce platform. Building a WooCommerce website for the purpose of selling goods to customers is one of the most prevalent reasons for doing so. It is crucial that the products are appropriately displayed for the customers.

A variety of plugins are available in the marketplace. However, none of them are up to date or effectively coded. So, if you want to show off your Woocommerce categories, I can recommend a few great plugins. This article will go over 9 Best WooCommerce Category Showcase Plugins that is well-coded and up to current with the latest web technologies. So, let’s see which one is perfect for your WooCommerce store.

Benefits of Category Showcase Plugin for your WooCommerce Store

Appearance is crucial, and it becomes much more critical when it comes to displaying products to visitors. That’s why you’ll need plugins with powerful capabilities that will assist you in turning your sales page into a visually appealing catalog. Each of these plugins has its own set of features that allow you to create a cool index with your goods.

The majority of the plugins listed below will assist you in creating beautiful WooCommerce product tables, adding WooCommerce product shortcodes, creating and managing product categories, and doing other tasks. You may filter your WooCommerce product categories with Category Showcase plugins. They also offer a wide range of customization tools to help you make your slider look better. As a result, customers can effortlessly navigate the products. As a result, you may see an increase in sales. Furthermore, it allows you to implement various changes to each of the list’s items.

9 Best Category Showcase Plugins for your WooCommerce Store

1. Ultimate Product Catalog

Ultimate Product Catalog plugin that is adaptive and meant to present your products in a clean and simple catalog manner. The plugin includes some features that will help you provide a fantastic experience for your customers and visitors. When you integrate the Ultimate Product Catalog with WooCommerce, you’ll be able to construct the ideal eCommerce catalog and store for selling products.

Ultimate Product Catalog

Key features:

  • Allow user to dynamically view and switch 3 product catalog layouts switched with no page reload.

  • Provide a smart filtering and sorting system for categories, sub-categories, pricing, and product name in the product catalog.

  • Allow product catalog to work with filtering for precise results.

  • Set product sale pricing, and toggle sale prices on and off for the full catalog or particular products with ease.

  • Classify your catalog products into categories and sub-categories to make searching and filtering easy.

Use product catalog widgets to show recent products, a product list, or random products from your product directory.

  • Directly export and import products from a spreadsheet for your catalog.

The Ultimate Product Catalog plugin’s premium version comes with several extra features, including the ability to add over 100 products, more product images, SEO-friendly URLs, product tags and custom fields for sorting within your product catalog, custom product pages, a product inquiry cart, multiple layout options, product export, and thus more!

Price (Premium): $50/year

2. Woo Product Showcase

Woo Product Showcase is a free WordPress plugin developed by AF themes that allows you to display several Woo Commerce product widgets and shortcodes in a grid or list view based on the product category you choose. Woo Commerce products are shown in a grid format with product category thumbs and descriptions.

Woo Product Showcase

Major features:

  • Use a grid to display WooCommerce products.

  • Use a list format to display WooCommerce products.

  • Show WooCommerce products in a product grid format with category photos and data.

  • Show WooCommerce products in a grid format with thumbnails and descriptions for each product category.

Price: Free

3. Category Slider for WooCommerce

Category Slider for WooCommerce is one of the finest ways to emphasize certain product categories. If placed strategically or in the proper position, it will almost certainly help you raise your shop’s or site’s conversion rate. WooCommerce Category Slider is a free plugin that is quickly growing and has excellent support.

Category Slider for WooCommerce

Major features:

  • Infinite category sliders with shortcode generation.

  • Completely adjustable in terms of color and style.

  • Provide more than 12 slider controls.

  • Filter the categories you’d like to see.

  • Allows for the creation of unique thumbnails with a variety of customization options.

  • Advanced enqueueing or dequeuing to avoid clashes.

Price: Free

4. WooCommerce Category Showcase

Another plugin that allows you to present categories in a lovely slider block is WooCommerce Category Showcase. It comes with various customization options to help you make your item’s slider seem just how you want it to.

This plugin allows you to create an unlimited number of categories. It also includes a built-in shortcode builder with a simple UI that allows you to alter the categories to suit your needs easily.

WooCommerce Category Showcase

Key Features:

  • Support an unlimited number of categories.

  • Create an unlimited number of shortcodes.

  • Autoplay option for the slider.

  • Provide different slider content types.

  • Include customization possibility

Price: Free

5. WP WooCommerce Category Slider

WP WooCommerce Category Slider plugin developed by PluginEver allows you to display WooCommerce product categories in a slider format. You may highlight products to your customers by filtering with specified categories and highlighting them. Customers will have little trouble navigating the merchandise. Conversion rates and sales rise as a result.

WP WooCommerce Category Slider

Key Features:

  • Classify products into categories and sub-categories.

  • Provide Intuitive Shortcode builder.

  • Support with Font Awesome Icon Library.

  • Set up a Gutenberg block.

  • Allow users to select from a variety of product slider display alternatives.

Price: Free

6. PickPlugins Product Slider for WooCommerce

PickPlugins Product Slider is a wonderful plugin that’s a user-friendly and straightforward carousel slider for WooCommerce products. This plugin allows you to create an endless number of product sliders and show them anywhere using shortcodes. We included a layout builder for your product slider so you can tweak it and add your own CSS via the layout editor. This allows you to create some creative and unique layouts. To create a custom layout and add elements to it, no coding is required. We introduced a slew of new slider controls, including the ability to set slide speed, display or conceal navigations, and show or hide dots.

PickPlugins Product Slider for WooCommerce

Major Features:

  • Add Unlimited Number of Sliders

  • Provide 3 Ready to Use Slider Templates

  • Provide 3 Different Format to Display Product Pricings

  • Custom Pagination Background Color and Text Color

  • Provide 3 different slider navigation positions.

  • Hide Out of Stock Items

Price: Free

7. Product Slider for WooCommerce

Product Slider for WooCommerce is a plugin developed by ShapedPlugin. It is the best product slider plugin for showcasing your WooCommerce products and categories in an organized and professional manner. It assists you in creating a visually appealing product and category carousel for your website, which increases conversion rates and sales.

Product Slider for WooCommerce

Key Features:

  • Provide a carousel of categories with a grid structure.

  • Select certain categories to work with.

  • Allow using multiple category sliders.

  • Hide the number of categories.

  • Create as many shortcodes as you want.

  • Allow users to select from a variety of slider options.

Price: Free

8. WooCommerce Category Slider Pro

The PluginEver WooCommerce Category Slider plugin allows you to display WooCommerce product categories in a slider. You can show your product categories in a stylish, descriptive slider with category details. It has a lot of features that allow you to control the slider and its content.

WooCommerce Category Slider Pro

Key Features:

  • Showcase the categories of Parents and Children.

  • Allow choosing child categories under parents.

  • Provide unlimited Sliders, Grids, and Blocks of any kind.

  • Provide unlimited shortcodes generator.

  • Provide 3 thumbnail shapes and 5 category content positions.


WooCommerce Category Slider Pro is a paid plugin that comes with a number of features:

  • Personal (1 Site) – $39

  • Business (5 Sites) – $99

  • Agency (Unlimited Sites) – $199

  • Personal (1 Site) Lifetime – $139

  • Business (5 Sites) Lifetime – $239

  • Agency (Unlimited) Lifetime – $499

9. YITH WooCommerce Best Sellers

The YITH WooCommerce Best Sellers plugin makes it easy to create a widget, a page, and a slider for your best-selling items. Display 100 top products on the page, or use a shortcode to create a widget/slider with top products that can be displayed on any of your other pages. To highlight that your top products are top sellers, you can add badges to them within their regular categories.

YITH WooCommerce Best Sellers

Major features:

  • Display a sales index for each best-selling product, allowing you to see whether sales are increasing or dropping quickly.

  • Display to administrators the total number of sales for each product throughout the specified time period.

  • Use a custom badge to highlight the best-selling products.

  • Use a personalized icon to draw attention to your best-selling items.

  • Display a list of the top 100 best-selling books using two widgets.

  • Use a slider to display all of the best-selling items.

Price: $69.26/year


There are a variety of Product Showcase Plugins to choose from. From among these, we’ve picked the best one to solve your problem. Every plugin on this list is very responsive and works with a wide range of layouts and designs. These plugins enhance the appearance and elegance of your website. I hope the list above helps you choose the right Category Showcase Plugins for your WooCommerce store.

If you want to discover more about WooCommerce or find other fascinating plugins, you can discover more valuable articles on AVADA.

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