3 Steps to Upload a File on the Files Page

Shopify provides you a lot of function including the files uploading function. If you want to upload a picture to your store, or a file so as to advertise your products more effectively, and to make it easier for your customers to reach your products and their information, the files uploading feature will surely help you a lot.

Below are some steps for you to How to upload a file on the Files page on Desktop, iPhone, and Android

How to upload a file on the Files page

Step 1: Go to Files

Log into your Shopify admin’s account. Find and click to choose the Settings option on the bottom left of your page. When directed to the Settings page, click to go to Files.

Upload file

Step 2: Click on Upload Files

In the Files page, click on the Upload Files button on your right to upload your files.

Upload file1

Step 3: Choose Files

Choose the files from your device to upload and click Open when you finish.

To upload a file on the Files page on iPhone

Step 1: Enter Settings

From your admin account logged in Shopify app, tap on Store and enter Settings afterwards.

Step 2: Tap Files

Tap the Files button under the Store settings section to be directed into more settings about your files.

Step 3: Upload Files

In your chosen Files page, tap on Upload Files to start your files uploading session.

Step 4: Files selecting

Select files that you want to upload from your device. You can choose one or multiple files to upload based on how much you want to. Tap Open and wait until the files are fully uploaded.

To upload a file on the Files page on Android

Step 1: Tap Settings

Log into your Shopify app from your Android device. Enter the app and go to Store by tapping on the button on the bottom right of your screen. Tap Settings to go to the next steps.

Upload file2

Step 2: Enter Files

In the Settings page, under the Store settings section, scroll to find and tap to choose the Files line to manage your files.

Upload file3

Step 3: Files upload

Tap on the blue Upload files button right under the Files page header. By tapping on that button, you confirm that you are ready to start uploading files.

Upload files4

Step 4: Pick Files

Pick one or more files from your Android device that you want to upload. When you finish chosing your file, remember to tap Open to make the files uploading session start.


On today’s tutorial, I introduced you How to upload a file on the Files page on Shopify. Just by following these above simple and easy steps, you can easily upload your wanted files to make your store looks more appearing. I hope you will find this tutorial helpful and will use the feature effectively.

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