Show Dynamic Checkout Buttons on a Featured Product Section

Updated: September 21, 2023


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A dynamic checkout button is a tool helping the customers to cut the order time and go directly to the checkout. After activating, based on theme settings and the device uses that it will appear next to or below the Add to cart button. For the unbranded button, if you click on Buy now, it will move straightly to the checkout page. Meanwhile, if you press on the branded button, it will allow you to pay the order by using the third-party checkout method, for example, PayPal or Apple Pay. In the previous writing, I have shown one way to enable this tool that I will discuss how to show dynamic checkout buttons on a featured product section on Shopify for next.

Step 1: Open Themes section from Shopify Admin

Go to the Online store from the admin page of Shopify. Next, choose Themes

show dynamic checkout buttons 1

Step 2: Click Customize

Click on Customize under the theme you want to use. You can select your current theme to edit, like the picture below:

show dynamic checkout buttons 2

Step 3: Add Section

In the Section, press Add section with the plus icon or press on the existing featured product.

show dynamic checkout buttons 3

Step 4: Add Featured Product

Under Product, select Featured product. After that, you will see the Add button next to the Featured product then click on it.

show dynamic checkout buttons 4

Step 5: Show the Dynamic Checkout Button

In the settings list, tick on Show the dynamic checkout button

show dynamic checkout buttons 5

Step 6: Save changes

Choose Save in the top bar to finish

show dynamic checkout buttons 6

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To show dynamic checkout buttons on a featured product section on iPhone (Click here)

  • Step 1: Get access to the app and tap Store

  • Step 2: Head to Online store in the Sales channels

  • Step 3: Select Manage themes

  • Step 4: Pick a theme and choose Customize

  • Step 5: There are two ways to add a new featured product section. The first one is to tap on a current featured product and the other is to click on the Add section in the Sections settings.

  • Step 6: Select Featured product and Add respectively

  • Step 7: Check the option Show the dynamic checkout button

  • Step 8: Go back to the setting page of the theme then select Save to end the action

To show dynamic checkout buttons on a featured product section on Android (Click here)

  • Step 1: After opening the app, go to Store

  • Step 2: Select Online store in the Sales channels section

  • Step 3: Choose Manage themes

  • Step 4: Take a theme to edit and press on Customize. You can make the adjustment for your current theme or the new one in the More themes part.

  • Step 5: Add a new featured product by choosing Add section which has a + symbol right before the text. Moreover, you need to scroll down because it stays near the end of the Sections settings list.

  • Step 6: Find Featured product under Product then press Add at the end of the page.

    show dynamic checkout buttons 6
  • Step 7: Enable the Show dynamic checkout button option

    show dynamic checkout buttons 7
  • Step 8: On the top bar of the page, tap < Featured product to back to the main setting screen of a theme. To record all changes, tap Save


In short, all the above is the process to show dynamic checkout buttons on a featured product on Shopify. Hope that it can support your shop management and make your store more attractive to consumers.

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