5 Steps to Filter your Files by Size on Shopify

In managing your online store’s uploaded files, you can make your files searching and rearranging process easier just by filtering them. By filtering your files by size, you will be able to shorten your searching domain and it will make it quicker for you to choose what you want to work with. In Shopify, we provide you a function that can filter your files by size, which is really effective in files managing.

Below are some steps for you to master How to filter your files by size on Desktop, iPhone, or Android.

How to filter your files by size

Step 1: Get into Files

From your admin account, get into the Files page to filter your files by size on Desktop. You can enter the page by chosing the Settings option on the managing column, then click on Files when it pops up.

Filter files

Step 2: Filter files

In your Files page, upon entering, you will see a Search bar in the middle of your page and a button named Filter files placed on the left side of it. Click on that Filter files button for more options.

Filter files1

Step 3: Select MB

After clicking the Filter files button, you will see a drop down menu shows up. In that first drop down, select MB to choose to filter your files by that size.

Filter files2

Step 4: Choose value

The MB choice leads to another drop down in which you will choose either greater than or less than based on how you want to filter your files. When you are done chosing it, you will have to enter the value of the size of your filter.

Filter files3

Step 5: Add filter

Upon finishing to adjust your filter parameter, click on the Add filter button. The filter will be saved and it will show you all the files that match the filter.

Filter files4

To filter your files by size on iPhone (Click here)

  • Step 1: Enter Settings

If you want to filter your files by size on your iPhone, firstly enter Store from your logged in Shopify app and go to Settings in the Store page for more options.

  • Step 2: Tap Files

In the Settings page, look down to find the Store settings section and tap on the Files option right under it. You will be directed to the next steps.

  • Step 3: Tap Filter files

Upon entering the Files page, find and tap the Filter files button so that a drop down menu will show up.

  • Step 4: Choose MB

When the Filter files shows you its drop down menu, tap to choose MB in the first drop down menu to choose the size of your filter.

  • Step 5: Enter value

After choosing MB in the first drop down menu, you will see another drop down menu pops up. Tap and select greater than or less than and enter the value that you want for your filter. The filtered files will be at your chosen value.

  • Step 6: Add your filter

By tapping Add filter, your chosen filter will be saved and all the files that you need will show up in your page.

To filter your files by size on Android (Click here)

  • Step 1: Go to Settings

In the Shopify app from your Android device, log into your store owner account and go to the Settings page by entering the Store page and find the Settings option.

Filter files5

  • Step 2: Choose Files

The Settings page contains every of your settings options including your files settings. Scroll down to find the section named Store settings and tap Files right under the section to enter your files settings page.

Filter files6

  • Step 3: Choose Filter files

In your chosen Files page, you will see a Search bar in the middle of your screen. Right next to it is a Filter files button. You need to tap on the button to see the options given to you to filter your files.

Filter files7

  • Step 4: Tap MB

Select MB in the first drop down menu that shows up so that the size of your filter will be set at the MB size.

Filter files8

  • Step 5: Select value

After done chosing your first drop down, you will see the second and the third filter fields show up. By selecting greater than or less than from those fields and select your wanted value by typing it into the last field, your filter will be set up.

Filter files9

  • Step 6: Done

Tap Add filter to finish your action. The filter matched files will be displayed in your screen.

Filter files10


In today’s tutorial, I showed you How to filter your files by size on Shopify. I hope you will find these information helpful and will successfully filter your files to manage them better. If you want more tips like this, check out our posts on online sales channels.

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