How to Duplicate Themes in 3 Quick Steps

Hanh Dao
Hanh Dao September 22, 2018


Whenever you want to make changes to your themes, you’d better copy them first in case you have trouble in editing it and have to start again. It’s high time for you to know how to duplicate themes on Shopify. Also, thanks to this post, it helps you make much easier to customize a theme. Please follow the guides below.

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How to duplicate themes on Shopify

Step 1: Go to Online Store

First of all, you log in your Shopify account. Take a step to click on Online Store in the Sale Channels section to keep going on.

how to duplicate themes

Step 2: Tap Actions

After selecting Online Store, it automatically goes to Themes section. In this step, take an overview of Themes field. Tap the Actions button with a Down arrow symbol.

how to duplicate themes

Step 3: Duplicate Theme{#step-3}

In this step, choose Duplicate option to make a copy of the theme you’ve chosen.

how to duplicate themes

A notification is shown to inform that you’ve done. There is a note for you if it is not working. Maybe you should check how many themes you have. If you have twenty that’s the maximum number for themes. So, you should delete one if you prefer to create a duplicate theme.

how to duplicate themes

The created successful theme will be on the Themes page. It has a name which is Copy Of with the name of the initial theme. You can click on that name to start to make changes to the themes.

To duplicate themes on Iphone (Click here)

  • Step 1: Go to Store After logging in you Shopify account in the app, you go to Store by tapping it.

    how to duplicate themes
  • Step 2: Click Online Store Scrolling down to see more clearly, then click on Online Store which is in Sales channels field to keep going.

    how to duplicate themes
  • Step 3: Select Manage themes There is the Online Store dialog coming. Under your themes, you will see an option called Manage themes. Make sure to select it to do any actions involved in themes.

    how to duplicate themes
  • Step 4: Click Actions As you can see, there is a button with the Down arrow symbol as Actions. Click on it to do any actions to your themes.

    how to duplicate themes
  • Step 5: Tap Duplicate A small menu will come out. Tap on the option called Duplicate to make a copy of the theme you want.

    how to duplicate themes

    A notification about you’ve created a duplicated one will come about a few seconds.

    how to duplicate themes

To duplicate themes on Android (Click here)

  • Step 1: Go to Store You will go to the Store from your Shopify admin by clicking on it. For more clearly, it’s in the bottom of the screen.

  • Step 2: Select Online Store In the Sales channels, select Online Store which is the first section.

  • Step 3: Tap Manage themes Tap Manage themes to do anything about themes.

  • Step 4: Click Duplicate If you want to copy the initial theme, make sure that you choose Actions. Then, tap Duplicate to complete our work.


Above is a detailed guide about how to duplicate themes on Shopify not only for desktop but also for smartphone. I’m sure that they are so simple to do and I hope you will easily make any suitable changes to your themes on your Shopify store. Last but not least, if you enjoy this post, be sure to check out our Shopify tutorials for tons of other helpful information.


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