How to Draw on an Image on Shopify

Chien Nguyen
Chien Nguyen November 19, 2018


The option to draw on the image will be helpful if you are planning to add a highlight part to the image. This is another option from the Files setting page for you to use in order to edit the image, other than croping, enhancing, resizing image, etc.

The writing below is an instruction on the topic how to draw on an image on Shopify. I hope you will read this writing carefully to apply it to your store.

How to draw on an image

Step 1: Go to Draw

After you get to the Files page, click an image that you want to adjust its color. A new box will appear on your screen, click Edit to see the image editor dialog. From the dialog, click Draw.

Go to Draw

Step 2: Select the brush size and color

You can choose the brush size suitable for your drawing from the Brush size section and choose its color by clicking on the Color Picker.

Select the brush size and color

If you draw something unintentional and want to delete it, choose Eraser and erase the unwanted drawing.

Step 3: Draw on the image

Click the left mouse and drag it to the image to draw as you want.

Step 4: Apply the drawing

After finished drawing, click Apply to apply the adjusted color.

Step 5: Saving

Finally, click Save to apply the changes to your image.


To sum up, this is my detailed instructional writing on the topic how to draw on an image on Shopify. I hope this writing would be helpful for you while managing your store on Shopify. Adjust image colors on Shopify is another writing like this one on a similar topic.

Chien Nguyen
Chien Nguyen
Shopify Expert. My name is Chien, I am a Shopify expert and also a customer supporter with over 4 years of experience. I had done no less than 400 custom work projects in Shopify like building a store from scratch, adding custom features, installing apps, optimizing speed and SEO, etc

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