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5 Steps to Add Comments to Timeline on Shopify

Last updated: July 01, 2024
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As an ideal e-commerce platform, Shopify provides each user with a Timeline to do the internal affairs. For example, you are able to take a view of histories in Order’s Timeline and leave comments. In this post, I’ll take you through how to add comments to Timeline. Thanks to this, you can still know about the order’s information or its problems without remembering all of them. Moreover, your staffs can aware of the comments you’ve left so that you don’t have to tell them directly.

Below is the transparent guide for you to take steps.

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Step 1: Select Orders, Customers or Products

Make sure to access the admin page by signing in your Shopify account. Afterward, decide which parts you prefer to add comments such as Orders, Customers or Products. Look at the left of the screen and choose one of them.

Furthermore, the following keystrokes I’ve prepared may help you save the time:

  • To choose Orders: press the G and O on the keyboard at once.

How to add comments to Timeline

  • To choose Customers: press the G and C on the keyboard at once.

How to add comments to Timeline

  • To choose Products: press the G and P on the keyboard at once.

How to add comments to Timeline

Step 2: Choose the section to add comment

In this step, you have three options to do:

  • If you’ve chosen Orders, you can add the comments to your orders and draft orders. To leave the comment to a specific order, tap on the name of the order. Or else, press on Drafts to select the draft orders to add comments.

How to add comments to Timeline

  • If you’ve chosen Customers, choose the customer you expected by tapping on the name.

How to add comments to Timeline

  • If you’ve selected Products, make sure to go to Transfers to view all the transfers you had. Then, choose one of them to add a comment.

How to add comments to Timeline

Step 3: Tap on the Leave a comment textbox

Scroll down to the bottom of the page to find the Timeline section. There is a textbox called Leave a comment. Tap on it to continue.

How to add comments to Timeline

Step 4: Type the comment

In this step, work with your own mind to enter the satisfied comment. Link to staffs, orders, customers or products if you want.

How to add comments to Timeline

Step 5: Select Post

Press on Post to add the comments successfully.

How to add comments to Timeline


After reading this, hope you will know how to add comments to Timeline in an effective way. I’ve prepared the attached photos to show you more clearly. If you want to make the Timeline creative, you may prefer to visit the post about how to use emojis on Timeline.

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