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12+ Best mobile apps for Shopify store

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By Sam Nguyen

CEO Avada Commerce

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Shopify delivers an impressive forum for online marketing for customers without any intermediaries. The physical constraints are simply removed. Then why would your store need a Shopify mobile app?

More than half of the traffic comes from smartphone users when it comes to website traffic. There are a few issues with this. Websites, particularly big electronic commerce stores, may also have loads of data that takes time to load. That’s when a Shopify mobile app comes in handy. This will help you get a smartphone app that makes shopping simpler or even easier access to functionalities in your store.

Why your Shopify store needs a mobile app

A mobile app provides businesses the best platform to provide consumers with customized information. It becomes much easier to convert prospective consumers by offering a seamless shopping experience with tailored content. Customers often find shopping applications that are more accessible than the internet. The mobile app for Shopify Store has significant benefits. Investing in custom mobile app development for your Shopify Store can further amplify the significant benefits, allowing you to create a unique and tailored experience for users. Tailoring the app’s features and interface to align with your brand and customer preferences enhances engagement and sets your business apart in the competitive mobile landscape.

Both mobile apps and mobile websites have their own special benefits, but mobile apps tend to be the distinctive preference of shoppers when it comes to online shopping. Research has found that people favor “indigenous” applications to the internet. This is because the native eCommerce applications are easier and more accessible.

Personalization of online retail is crucial to attracting customers, and mobile apps offer the best shopping experience. Since we understand that firms, small or large, would go for a specialist eCommerce app, here are some key explanations why you need a mobile app for your shop.

Increases sales and conversion

A Shopify app will be your best option to improve your store’s sales in different ways. For instance, a simple and smooth check-out process simplifies the time to shop for your customers. They don’t think long and hard and they don’t wait to complete the purchase once they have found what they are searching for. By issuing Unlimited Push Notifications to inform the customers of their remaining orders, you will reduce the number of carts abandoned.

You can evaluate the driving forces of traffic inside your eCommerce store with advanced analytics. You can boost the customers’ functionality and eliminate them as distractions in the checkout process. Finally, you can use the Shopify mobile app to run sales announcements and festive coupon deals.

Improves brand image

The branding of a company/product is about emphasizing the best things that consumers want. The distribution of the unique features of your product that are present on the market from no other product. Successful engagement through the right communication networks forms the basis of branding with the target group.

A mobile application is the brand’s natural outgrowth. You are also investing in increased customer loyalty and favorable feedback while investing in mobile app growth.

Also, your company logo is always shown on consumer mobiles with your Shopify app. Your brand gets absolute and enduring exposure without any further investment. In addition, you should not only supply your store’s distinctive merchandise but also stress the ideals and beliefs of your brand.

Enhances customer retention

Customer retention is the secret to success for your online business, as shopping becomes more customized and user-focused. A mobile Shopify app helps the consumer base tremendously. Your mobile Shopify app will still be in front of your customers. Whenever your customers open their phones to find a new deal, they are alerted by your Shopify mobile app.

Push notifications will be sent to inform consumers of any orders that they have left behind. This makes the consumers feel more appreciated and important.

Websites are not enough

You have a splendid website for your store Shopify. It is fantastic. But even then, the pace of traffic and change in your online shop is very poor. The quest and ordering style of people has evolved over the years. Today, due to advanced mobile technologies more than 70 percent of people use their smartphones to browse online.

It is also a painful process to view websites and compare web-based items. The data you are looking for is not shown prominently. Similarly, consumers view their website Shopify on their phones. As a result, the conversion rate is poor and bad.

Mobile applications, on the other hand, deliver customized shopping. Both specifics and comparisons about the product can be handled easily. In addition, a smartphone app in the shape of a mobile application Shopify enables users to select from their connections.

Some key features needed for a Shopify mobile app

For a mobile app builder Shopify, several features are required. You want to see products advertised, purchases made, and analysis provided. Apps should give visitors on your web a smoother experience.

Push notification

The push notification marketing route is one feature that you certainly would like to include. This is when messages sent to the customer’s mobile device from the application remind the brand. This may include new items, promotions, and future discounts. For existing customers, this is a perfect method to advertise.

Easy coding

While many people claim that a smartphone app manufacturer needs many technological qualifications, many of the devices need no experience or skills. You will then conveniently create your brand’s great mobile app. You will then get it to clients who want an app.

Drag-and-drop editor

The overarching goal of your design is to simplify and easily communicate with the customer. Each item in front of the consumer should take part in the action that he needs. An ideal design should be clear, easy to use and optimized to call for action. To implement this design, an optimal drag-and-drop editor would offer a great help in displaying your products without any distortions.

Although many people claim that a mobile app builder requires a great deal of technological knowledge, many applications don’t actually need any of those.

Top 12+ Best mobile app builders for your Shopify store

Mobile App Builder by Plobal Apps

Plobal Apps
Plobal Apps

Plobal Apps guarantees an increase in revenue and conversion, helping to create a native mobile product. The programming standard is outstanding and many brands are trusting the software.

There are several features that allow you to get the brand out. For example, you can give your application automatic push alerts. In addition, the integration of Apple Pay enables consumers to buy a product easily and smoothly to boost their customer experiences. You can also automatically sell in a variety of currencies.

There are many other user-personalized features to improve the shopping experience. The product suggestion section is AI-driven, which will help you increase orders and your profits. Layouts and banners can also be optimized to boost commitments and conversions. The developers also have a lot of assistance including 24/7 customer service, a screen demo, and a free tool to improve your organic mobile app installations.

Highlight features

  • Unlimited product and category volume
  • Simple drag and drop builder with zero codings
  • 1000+ powerful mobile commerce features such as push notifications
  • In-app barcode scanner
  • Product recommendations available
  • 24/7 support and success team to scale your revenues


A 7-day free trial is available for all plans.

Power plan - $299/month

  • Native Android and iOS Apps
  • Flexible Design Layouts
  • Unlimited Push Notifications
  • Basic Analytics

Premium plan - $799/month

  • Apple Pay
  • FB & Google Ads SDKs
  • Scheduled Push Notifications
  • Geo-fenced Push Notifications
  • Abandoned Cart Campaigns
  • Advanced App Analytics

Enterprise plan - $1299/month

  • Dedicated Support Teams
  • AI Product Recommendations
  • A/B Test Push Notifications ‘- Plus Certified App’ Integrations
  • Segment-Based Campaigns

Mobile App Builder by JCurve

JCurve Mobile App Builder

JCurve provides a perfect mobile app builder for your Shopify store. It’s easy to access and lets you reach users who choose to use a friendly interface rather than a complicated website or device. The JCurve app is really simple to use, using a Lego-Block Type Builder for building the iOS and Android versions.

When you have completed the app, Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger will provide unrivaled customer service. These live chat systems allow you to live and thus boost orders to customers. You can improve your sales and engagement with the public via pushing notifications and scheduling. Scheduling also helps you set up marketing plans and then encourage the software to function during other activities.

To take advantage of the application, in more than 100 countries, you can launch your iPhone or Android. You can now see how people engage with predictive analytics with your mobile app. This will tell you what products are common and what sectors need more attention. It will also inform you how effective push notifications are.

Highlight features

  • Easy Lego-block style mobile app builder
  • Unlimited & scheduled marketing campaigns
  • Order tracking feature
  • Support in 10 languages
  • Advanced analytics report details
  • Seamless customer support via major social media
  • Smart App Banner
  • Cart reminder


All plans include a 14-day free trial for initial testing.

Starter Plan - $39.99/month

  • Pick Android or iOS(iPhone) App
  • Max 15 UI Design Block
  • Unlimited Push Marketing
  • Mobile Customer Analytics
  • No Mandatory Annual Commitment

Growth Plan - $69.99/month

  • Included STARTER Features
  • Android & iOS App Launch
  • Unlimited Image Animated Push Marketing
  • Unlimited Scheduled Push Marketing

Power Plan - $99/month

  • Included all Growth Features
  • Abandoned Cart Reminder
  • Wishlist
  • Integration popular app (review, intercom, Google/Facebook analytics)

Apptuse - Ecommerce mobile app

Apptuse Mobile App Builder

Apptuse is one of the easiest app constructors to use. When you set up your mobile app, no extra programming is needed, but your current site and your payment portal will work. And there’s no problem, no coding is required for those new to the coding.

The app aims to work on any platform and system, making it a versatile app builder that everyone who needs to keep their store up and running can use. And you can quickly bring consumers to the items they want with efficient sorting and search features.

The regular push alerts option as well as social media options including content sharing on social media networks are offered to grow your business.

Highlight features

  • A scalable platform from 10 to 1000 orders per day
  • Easy-to-use app with no advanced programming required
  • User-based campaigns
  • Tag filtering
  • Advanced multi-testing
  • Multiple layers of protection for ultimate security
  • Hassle-free app publishing
  • Advanced analytics
  • Support in various languages


Beginner Plan - $49/month

  • iPhone, iPad & Android app
  • Custom Branding
  • Custom Content
  • Real-Time Updates
  • Up to 5000 Products in Store
  • Manual Inventory Sync
  • Auto Sync Every 24 Hours
  • Automatic App Updates
  • 100 notifications per month
  • 1 App rebuild per month

Professional Plan - $99/month

  • All features from the Beginner Plan included
  • 15000 + Products in Store
  • Auto Sync Every 12 Hours
  • 500 push notifications per month
  • 3 app rebuild requests per month

MageNative Mobile App

MageNative Mobile App Builder

If you want a mobile app for Android and iOS users, MageNative is a fantastic choice. The app ensures high-performance apps that deliver exactly what customers want: a quick shopping experience.

Not only an outstanding shopping experience, but there are also a lot of solutions available that will help you navigate your store on your mobile App. Real-time synchronization ensures that your applications don’t have any out-of-stock products that can deceive customers.

The app also provides various payment solutions including Andriod Pay, Apply Pay, and credit card payment options. So you can almost instantly be able to make transactions. Customers will add items to their preferred list, scan and filter products, and more as they use your well-designed mobile app.

Highlight features

  • Unlimited built-in push notifications features
  • Easy drag and drop feature with few codings needed
  • Smart interface
  • Robust customer-personalized features: wishlist, RTL, search, filter, etc.
  • RTL
  • Advanced app analytics


All plans include a 30-day free trial for initial testing.

Basic Plan - $29/month

  • Either Android or iOS Native app
  • Real-Time Auto Store Sync
  • Push Notification
  • 3 Free Themes
  • 5 Blocks with 10 repetitions

Growth Plan - $49/month

  • Native Android + IOS App
  • Scheduled Push Notifications
  • Multi-Language & Multi-currency
  • 6 Free Themes
  • 7 Blocks with 15 repetitions

Enterprise Plan - $69/month

  • AI Product Recommendations
  • Customer Success Expert
  • 24x7 Support
  • 9 Free Themes
  • Unlimited Blocks with 20 repetitions

Mobile App Builder - Vajro

Vajro Mobile App Builder

Mobile App Builder - Vajro App is a world-class instant native to the smartphone app you can automatically update. You can use an intuitive developer to build your mobile app so that you can create something in minutes. There are over 20 themes and a building block that allows you to introduce the brand to the application.

To help return consumers to their app, you can generate an infinite amount of push notifications. You can use animated pictures and videos for your Push Notifications to make them stand-out and entertaining more than your rivals do. You can also help to restore abandoned carts through customer updates. You can also engage inactive users with awesome campaigns.

The Vajro Mobile Application has different marketing functions to boost sales in your use. For example, there are strong links, integration of social media advertising, live video promotions, and product recommendations.

Highlight features

  • Easy setup with no coding knowledge required
  • 20 pre-built themes available
  • Push notifications containing images, gifs, and more
  • Abandoned carts notifications
  • Seamless and secure checkout
  • Useful analytics and scaling
  • 24/7 support
  • Integration with AVADA Size Chart


Vajro offers 3 different pricing plans with a generous 60-day free trial available for all plans. Recurring charges, including monthly or usage-based charges, are billed every 30 days.

Startup Plan - $99/month

  • Native iOS and Android App
  • Native Checkout
  • Customer analytics
  • Product Review Integrations

Growth Plan - $199/month

  • Startup Plan Features
  • Live Video Sale
  • Unlimited Push Notifications
  • Google, Facebook Ad Integration
  • Apple pay integration

Power Premium Plan - $399/month

  • Growth Plan Features
  • Multi-currency & language
  • Automated Push Notification
  • Advanced analytics
  • Premium integrations

Tapcart Mobile App

Tapcart Mobile App Builder

Tapcart Mobile App is a Tapcart Inc. app to allow consumer service rates to be increased easily by online store owners. This app allows you to give your consumers unlimited push notifications to keep them current with the exclusive deals and promotions of your shop. It is possible to build a sign through an intuitive platform with lots of features that will easily complement your brand. In order to catch consumer attention, increase customer commitment, and inspire consumers, you should view your items, collected products, and new material in a splendid way.

With this tool, the customers can verify Apply Pay and Google Pay in just a few seconds. The consumer may also plan all the critical information for a smoother, more seamless experience which reduces the volume of abandoned carts.

Highlight features

  • Intuitive design
  • Integration with other Shopify apps
  • Effective push notifications for re-engagement
  • Feature new products, collections, and in-app content
  • One-page checkout within seconds with Apply Pay
  • Matching with the site’s branding


Tapcart offers 3 different pricing options with a 7-day free trial applied for all plans. Note that external charges billed by the external provider may apply, but they won’t be included in your invoice. Recurring charges, including monthly or usage-based charges, are billed every 30 days.

Tapcart Core Plan - $99/month

  • iPhone & Android app
  • Design with up to 6 blocks
  • Unlimited push notifications
  • Real-time app updates

Tapcart Plus Plan - $199/month

  • Design with up to 15 blocks
  • Premium & scheduled push
  • Up to 3 standard integrations
  • Implementation specialist

Tapcart Enterprise - $999/month

  • Design with unlimited blocks
  • Unlimited & premium integrations
  • Dedicated app manager

EasyMobile - Mobile App

EasyMobile Mobile App Builder

EasyMobile – NexusMedia’s mobile app is one of the powerful applications you can use to create your store’s mobile app. You can get more orders from consumers by using their intelligent features. With this app, you can send customized messages, make ads more customer-relevant and worthwhile. As a result, acquisition costs will be substantially lower.

Instant push notifications are the first button deemed a successful means of attracting customers’ attention. They will appear to make consumers interested in the items at the right moment. Thanks to this, they’d like to browse for the products. This app will particularly simplify the mobile checkout. Your customers can skip the frustration and complete the check-out with only one button. Customers can also use Apple Pay to order goods on their cell phones within seconds and create a loyal, high-cost customer base.

Highlight features

  • Offline access to your store
  • Intuitive design for iOS and Android
  • Comprehensive product page layout
  • Well-designed product catalog
  • Easy check-out via the shopping cart
  • Simple tap check-out via Apple Pay
  • Native Shopify Mobile DSK
  • Personalized messages for customers


EasyMobile offers 1 monthly pricing plan for $20 per month with a 30-day free trial available for initial testing. You can also consider adding the Apple Pay submission service for $100 (one-time payment) as well.

Shopney - Mobile App Builder

Shopney Mobile App Builder

Shopney delivers the best mobile shopping app options for the Shopify and Shopify Plus brands to thrive in the eCommerce mobile-centered environment. Shoney’s iOS and hire Android developer mobile apps help Shopify retailers at all levels speed up their development and fulfillment with our top-of-the-line mobile shopping experience. Shopney offers you an innovative mobile platform and a smooth mobile shopping experience. You can quickly build your app within minutes.

You can select the right style for your brand by sector and inventory size with Shopney. You can also turn your consumers in real-time with live in-app chat. Shopney provides several other features, including limitless, rich push notifications, abandoned cart notifications, and back-up notifications, to use for your company. Build your mobile app with Shopney to increase mobile strength.

Highlight features

  • Native iOS and Android mobile apps
  • Various theme options
  • Easy Drag&Drop Design
  • In-App chat
  • Easy setup & synchronization
  • Support for all payment gateways
  • Order tracking
  • Rich push and abandoned carts notifications
  • Multi-Language Localization


Shopney offers 3 different pricing plans as below.

Silver Plan - $99/month

  • Native iOS & Android Application
  • 15 Language Localization
  • Unlimited Rich Push Notifications
  • Back In Stock Notifications
  • In-App Chat

Gold Plan - $199/month

  • Scheduled Push Notification
  • Abandoned Cart Notification
  • More Design and Layout Options
  • Deep Linking
  • Exclusive service & support

Platinum Plan - $499/month

  • Unlimited Design Elements
  • Platinum Integrations
  • Customizable Fonts
  • Multi-Currency Support
  • Dedicated Success Manager

AppNotch - Easy Web to App

AppNotch Mobile App Builder

AppNotch Shopify application is an efficient method for turning stores into an Android app. Shop owners can use push alerts, sharing options, etc. in very short and simple steps. Shop owners may introduce the more common Facebook social media in their shops without coding.

App users can also adjust the groups and planned updates. The push notification is sent to any customer who comes to the shops once, which efficiently improves sales. This app can be updated on any shop owner’s Google Play Store to only require a Google Developer account.

Highlight features

  • Powerful and effective push notifications
  • Robust communication
  • Integrations with big social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
  • Modifiable features and categories
  • Website synchronization
  • Google Analytics Report available
  • Support on Android


AppNotch offers a monthly plan for $25 per month. You can pay an extra $99 (one-time payment) fee for publishing if you want.

MobiApp - Mobile App Builder

MobiApp Mobile App Builder

MobiApp enables you to create the app to your own personal theme with several choices. A variety of formats and styles allow you to create a fantastic application that encourages users to return. And you can update your app with product sync, so you can quickly update the app with products or new products, without losing sales or frustrating consumers.

Like in several applications, the users who have downloaded the software will be eligible to get unrestricted push notices. You will therefore market to customers who use the app at an early point. You should also give app users a special code to get a dial to improve sales with the program.

Highlight features

  • Hassle-free installation with no coding required
  • Attractive UI Design
  • Shopify Admin Dashboard to help manage customers and orders easily
  • Multiple pre-defined and custom templates/layouts
  • Comprehensive customer-personalized features: sorting and search, filter, wishlist, etc.
  • Google Analytics
  • Area Serviceability Checker


MobiApp offers 1 pricing plan of $39.99 per month, with a 15-day free trial available for initial testing.

Drobile - Mobile App Designer

Drobile Mobile App Builder

The easy-to-use Drobile Mobile App Designer can take your branding and marketing to a whole new level. The ready design has everything done for you, from the log-in steps to the final checkout process.

If you wish to make adjustments, they can be done in seconds. Therefore, regardless of what modifications you have, the app can be maintained and appropriate. You can also add more cool features to your mobile app. This provides push notifications for consumers who have a new product/sale back to the app.

You may also offer a perfect system to reward consumers. This can foster customary return and loyalty. Custom analytics are available to see how the mobile app functions. There are also several payment gateways.

Highlight features

  • Customizable products and collections within seconds (no codings required)
  • Unlimited push notifications
  • Integrated reward programs
  • Support in multiple languages and currencies
  • Unlimited payment gateways integrated
  • Custom analytics to see the app’s performance


Pro Plan - $80/month

  • Get your app designed
  • BOTH iPhone & Android Apps
  • UNLIMITED Push Notifications
  • App Analytics
  • Google & Apple Pay

Plus Plan - $150/month

  • All PRO features included
  • Early Access to New Features
  • Integrated Rewards Program
  • Multi-Language
  • Multi-Currency

Premium plan - $500/month

  • All PLUS Features +
  • Automated Push Notifications
  • Premium Integrations
  • Advanced Analytics
  • AI Product Recommendations

PWAfy ‑ Mobile App

PWAfy Mobile App Builder

PWAfy - Mobile App helps you to build an interface to download and use users on your mobile devices, one of the most inexpensive on the list. It has all the functionality you would expect of a mobile app developer at a heavy price. There are, though, such limitations.

For example, analytics are more relevant than other solutions on the market, though there are push notifications. Moreover, without the user needing to download the application, the software works. Although users may enjoy it for the first time, retaining customers is difficult.

Highlight features

  • Custom Splash screen
  • High compatibility with other applications
  • Easy to use and configurable
  • Offline browsing available
  • Push notifications
  • Low cost
  • Quick access to newcomers


PWAfy ‑ Mobile App costs $9 per month with a 7-day free trial available for initial testing. Recurring charges including monthly and user-based fees are required to be paid every 30 days.

Final verdict

The top mobile app developer for Shopify is a tough choice as so many wonderful options are currently open in the market. The only thing you should know is that you would need an app if you don’t even have an app. More consumers make buying options and complete purchases using mobile apps. So as an online merchant, please make sure you have one of the best mobile app developers for your Shopify store, as stated above.

Sam Nguyen is the CEO and founder of Avada Commerce, an e-commerce solution provider headquartered in Singapore. He is an expert on the Shopify e-commerce platform for online stores and retail point-of-sale systems. Sam loves talking about e-commerce and he aims to help over a million online businesses grow and thrive.