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Klaviyo Review 2021: Features, Pricing, and More!

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By Sam Nguyen

CEO Avada Commerce

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Email is by no means a magic spell. In order for it to succeed, you need the right tactics in your range. It would also require the right tools for email marketing. The trouble is that there is a long list of email marketing platforms out there, which makes it difficult to choose one.

But you are concerned not only in sending loads of e-mail because you are a smart marketer. The actual thing is a good return on income and sales for you. This makes it a particular challenge to pick an effective instrument for advanced and behavioral marketing strategies. The study would detail all the advantages and disadvantages of Klaviyo, whether it is useful or not for the automation of e-commerce marketing.

What is Klaviyo?

Klaviyo is a versatile email app for e-commerce marketers focused on the cloud. An easy-to-use solution allowing e-commerce businessmen to personalize, aim, refine or track their marketing strategies for Facebook, e-mails, and Instagram. The platform reduces overreliance on customary instruments, including tables, which makes it easy to segment effectively.

Although Klaviyo began as a basic tool for e-commerce shops, it now has features such as push and SMS notifications. The fact that Klaviyo subscription plans are dependent on the number of active accounts, not how many subscribers you have, distinguishes this.

Getting Started with Klaviyo

Registering with Klaviyo is very simple. They have a free program so you can instantly register and explore the platform. When you register you have to answer a few questions, like which category matches your company best, and you can add your logo and brand. You can see the dashboard section once you arrive.

The “Objectives” segment gives you an optional set of tasks with integrated video guides to help you with every move.

The left navigation zone is straightforward and user-friendly. The platform’s layout is practical – it is not so flashy or eye-calling, but it reveals everything that is necessary. Email campaigns are simple to create. You can press ‘campaigns’ to begin with then “create campaigns”.

You can avoid sending a campaign to someone who already got an email from you within the last 16 hours using the “smart sending” option. This means that you can prevent the same person from being accidentally bombarded with many emails.

You can also select “UTM Tracking” - The Urchin Monitoring method, which uses snippets of codes in your brand URLs, is also used to watch how clients end up on your website. It will help you to understand better how well your emails operate and where your clients come from.

You can make a text-only e-mail, create your own e-mail using HTML or use their e-mail creator drag-and-drop. The templates are beautiful, eye-catching, and can be scanned and saved by you.

It is really simple to use the drag and drop editor. Emails are from blocks that you can drag and drop where you like them. You can clear it up and substitute it with another block form if there is anything in a design that you do not want or need, and you can customize each block. The block includes texts, images, layouts, headers, link bars, social links, tables, spacers, and drop shadows.

You can play with the theme in the ‘Types’ section by modifying fonts and colors. The application is pretty intuitive. You can move from laptop to tablet view at any point in order to see how it feels. By sending them to yourself, you can also verify your email.

Klaviyo gives you a checklist after you’ve done it. Then you can either submit it or arrange it for later delivery. You may either submit or arrange for e-mails to be sent at once for several hours if you wish.

Klaviyo Main Features

Easy of use

It only needs the dashboard and the user will discern the key parts for which you will function as a customer continuously, and while the user is tracking these bits, at the same time the user will perfect any aspect of the email campaign. And those who are totally useless by technology can find it simple to get the software up and running in only seconds after setup and this platform is extremely simple and easy to use.

Emails and flow automation, as well as the ability to consider the reports produced, is the only tool that demands such skills, but this depends more on the communications expertise and practice, rather than being too complex an automation mechanism.

Email design

The Klaviyo email designer is helpful, the configuration wizard enables you to set brand colors and fonts that instantly apply to all workflows and generate new templates. Klaviyo is also fitted with a range of customized formats that can be conveniently modified for the customer. Klaviyo has also an HTML uploader or generator for the more experienced users for designs requiring more production capacity. Klaviyo uses an incredibly efficient email designer and editor framework.


The Template Editor of Klaviyo is brilliant and easy to use, even as a complete novice. The user gets a range of email and newsletter templates and can be installed automatically or, if the user chooses, can create and customize a personalized prototype of 50 and more pre-designed instances. Klaviyo provides a wide range of templates so that anyone can find some kind of template, from advertising emails to school, holiday emails, birthday emails, etc.

The templates presented can be obsolete and poorly designed on many conventional email marketing sites, but Klaviyos templates are competent and new and require little change. If you want to make changes that are not a problem, because all the models supplied are personalizable and the drag and drop functionality makes the whole process very easy.


To send different emails, according to the individual needs and the actions of your clients, you can segment Klaviyo in your contact list. These lists will periodically update to prevent you from using lists manually.

If you register with Klaviyo, you will immediately be encouraged to draw up lists from contacts you imported. For your queues, you will find the following titles: committed, uninterested, and new subscribers.

To segment your list, you can find information from your Shopify account or whatever CRM you use in the order of how your target engages with your brand. By sending emails focused on activities or merging, and by excluding segments for a broader targeting region, users can focus upon individual incidents and reach better results using the interaction website.


You can create and run your perfect consumer journey from A to Z with Klaviyo. You can choose and start with a template that is easy to use from the vast range of email workflows. This applies from discarded cart records to birthday wishes, letters of appreciation, and monitoring orders. You can change the template, set a new template from scratch and simply click on these options to add the whole new project. You can also create frames of several paths based on user behavior.

Klaviyo’s A/B testing capabilities allow traders to track various subject lines, resources, and times to improve performance and increase commitment. Klavyo uses behavioral data, user data, and integrated data to customize emails based on customer satisfaction, life cycle process, and customer retention.

As soon as the user’s email campaigns are operational, the user will begin sending customized emails to those that meet the predefined criteria, such as a set of welcome messages, a set of thank you emails, a set of abandoned cart emails, or even a note for new products in stock. Email automation can make or break a business; by defining various requirements and behavior, the user can then plan and build flows, as well as create new rules for any scenario involving subscribers.

Audience data management

Klaviyo’s native integrations allow you to collect infinite data on your e-Commerce platform without hidden costs. Klaviyo makes it easier to integrate directly with a framework other than the Klaviyo Integration List while you are using a customized platform.

Any eCommerce CRM contact monitors the centrality of customer data and helps advertisers to see and enjoy a contact’s behavior. Using these market data and Klaviyo’s predictive research to develop a tailor-made experience for prospects, leaders, and customers. In addition, Klaviyo built the information science features in order to speed up the growth of eCommerce companies.

Analytics and reporting

With just a few taps, Klaviyo provides you a rundown of a few indicators that offer an insight into how your emails work. Over and above the rates and clicks available, sellers can use Klaviyo’s eCommerce tracking and analysis equipment to assess steps. You will see how much revenue you have raised for your camps, how much you have compared the outcomes of recent and past events, and more. Details may be shown as a line graph or as regular maps.

Even in real-time, Klaviyo reveals what customers do. This means you can see which campaigns are being bought and which customers are the most important - as they are as people press on the email. Klaviyo also offers A/B checking capabilities. This allows you to choose and compare campaigns based on a certain metric and see which campaigns work better.

The campaign analysis from Klaviyo allows the consumer to test, assess and, where appropriate, make changes or modifications. Klaviyo reports the customer and makes them visible on the main dashboard automatically. Not to mention that the consumer will customize the reports and pick the information they want to see that would significantly benefit from the progress review.

SMS Marketing service

While Klaviyo’s emphasis initially was on email marketing, Klaviyo SMS is now available to help companies reach various consumer groups and personalize e-commerce purchases.

In some profitable situations, Klaviyo SMS may be used to have welcome, cart abandonment, campaigns, promotions, tips. Klaviyo takes customer approval very seriously, so you can always be aware of when and how a customer is logging into the customer profile that is created after installation. The first 50 messages are free to set up Klaviyo SMS. Companies will pay when they go to monitor their SMS revenues from there.

Customer support

Klaviyo provides various customer support types. First of all, they have telephone service and a contact number is given, but rather than support it is intended for sale. You have live online chat during standard working hours, so it depends on how many contacts this service is open to you.

They have email assistance, depending on the number of contacts, with answers within 24 hours. In the support, you can also find a FAQ segment covering all areas of the site. There’s also a Klaviyo website with a big great support network and a 3 times weekly email marketing blog.

Klaviyo Pricing

Klaviyo’s price depends on whether the email, SMS, or any of its services are used. The costs can be adjusted completely and depend on the number of contacts you have to keep in touch with. No annual contracts or unannounced fees need to be considered because you will calculate the costs by going to the portal and by choosing the number of your contacts.

Up to 250 contacts are available in Klaviyo’s email facilities. You can send a maximum of 250 email contacts. After you cross this threshold, you may refresh. Through this free account, you can import and synchronize your records, personalize addresses, templates, and enjoy several other functions.

Please take an example of a subscription for 10,000 contacts, Klaviyo costs you 150 dollars. Nevertheless, you will earn several other enticing benefits, including:

  • Monthly unlimited email
  • SMS messages
  • Segment-based reports
  • Phone push notifications
  • Intelligent Sending Time

You can find that the Klaviyo price increases easily as you hit the free account subscriber mark. For an idea of the Klaviyo price at different subscriber amounts, you can use the fast comparison table below, computed by SmartrMail.

Subscribers Klaviyo Price (USD/month)
300 $20
1,500 $45
3,000 $100
15,000 $350
30,000 $500
150,000 $1,700

You must contact Klaviyo’s sales staff for pricing on email lists of more than 150,000 subscribers. Currently, it’s more pricey than other leading email applications such as Mailchimp. The positive news is that you only pay to active users as Klaviyo’s prices rise very rapidly, while your email list expands. You’re not paid to users who unsubscribe from your email marketing promotions, compared to most email marketing systems.

Klaviyo Technical Details

Devices supported Language support Deployment Customer support
English Cloud Hosted
Open API
Live support

Klaviyo Integrations

Klaviyo is an open API framework that can be connected conveniently to various business systems and applications. Some of the major integrations are:

  • Shopify Plus
  • Magento
  • WOO Commerce
  • BIG Commerce
  • Shopify
  • Spree commerce
  • Volusion
  • Opencart
  • AwsMarketplace
  • Aftership
  • Celery
  • Stickystreet
  • Facebook
  • Eventbrite
  • Segment
  • Recurly
  • Stripe
  • Chargebee
  • Lightspeed
  • KickoffLabs
  • Salesforce
  • Janrain
  • ZOHO
  • Salesforce Desk
  • Olark
  • Help Scout

Klaviyo integration with Shopify

With the help of Klaviyo Shopify integration, billions of transactions are made every year. Smoothly integrate with no fuss, Klaviyo, and Shopify!

You will obtain thousands of data points to which you would be able to use after only a few clicks to:

  • Build strongly oriented campaigns
  • Provide memorable experiences
  • Increase revenue
  • Create better relationships with partners and customers

Some Common Klaviyo Alternatives

AVADA Marketing

Avada Email Marketing is an ideal, more convenient way for businesses to transform and develop long-term client connections for a wide range of email marketing applications. The email marketing of Avada is designed to optimize discarded carts and to remind tourists to purchase them quickly.

AVADA Email marketing with its user-friendly and intuitive interface is simple to use, even for non-technical individuals. The application offers well-fit and ready-to-run email models so that those with the lowest design capabilities will profit. Furthermore, your contacts can be controlled easily with automatic data from your store.


MailChimp is a very user-friendly e-mail marketing tool, with a graphic editor and simple guides for those who might need help learning the features. There is very little transparency in the price of MailChimp because you pay monthly on the basis of whatever service you choose, so you must take into account how many subscribers you have so the cost varies significantly based on the number. E-mails from MailChimp are very easy to plan and customize. They use Instagram Ads against the regular automation tools of Facebook and Google Ads.

MailChimp’s automation is good, but the processing and visualization should be clearer. For eg, automation workflows in the fields of campaigns are not part of the dashboard, Mailchimp can be quite unpleasant to navigate with the tutorials.


Omnisend provides multi-channel marketing integration, an internationally recognized Klaviyo alternative for e-commerce shops. Users will merge email, SMS, Facebook Messenger, Push Updates, and Google Advertising into a single marketing workflow to simplify the whole spectra of the market.

This platform allows e-merchants to target new buyers on the same channel as they use to market through different platforms. The platform is the best possible solution. You will see more parallels than variations when you consider Omnisend a direct Klaviyo substitute. Both have in-depth touch segmentation and fully automated marketing. Only the capabilities of the email template creator are subtly different. The biggest price difference is SMS, with Omnisend SMS costing 50% more than Klaviyo.

Active Campaign

Active Campaign is an excellent starting point if you are searching for an alternative Klaviyo with a similar variety of functionality and platforms. Active Campaign has the true functions of marketing automation such as web monitoring, competitive campaign splitting, and event tracking which go way beyond a simple program for email marketing.

The marketing automation offered by Active Campaign enables e-marketers to manage their online shop and take charge of easy activities, save time and effort as well as ensure e-marketers are at the moment the nearest potential buyers to sellers. Just like in Klaviyo, Active Campaign provides email and SMS, but it does not really include multi-channel marketing, as SMS and email cannot be combined in a single channel campaign to supplement the networks. The pricing model of Active Campaign takes into account two main factors: the number of available contacts and functionality.


SendinBlue SendinBlue is a great replacement for Klaviyo. Each of them provides a similar degree of technical convenience and user interface, with an emphasis on email marketing. But you find some significant variations if you look further into the functionality of each program.

There is less difference between the two for automation capabilities. Both provide personalized marketing workflows pre-constructed and complete email automation. Both of these allow users, but neither the fallback rationale explanation of the article mentioned earlier, to use SMS in their workflows. Similarities cover the selection and segmentation of contacts. While neither method can be classified as CRM, both can create profoundly individually tailored marketing communications through the corresponding e-commerce resources and mid-workflow splits.

Klaviyo and SendinBlue have a big difference in their prices. Klaviyo calculates the cost of contacts, while SendinBlue is based on the number of emails received. As discussed earlier, the price plans of Klaviyo and SendinBlue are therefore somewhat difficult to equate fully.

Final words

In general, Klaviyo is a very efficient and comprehensive email marketing tool, with a wide variety of useful and strong features. The flow library of Klaviyo is a great platform for everyone to access a range of pre-developed templates, all of which can be adapted to maximize marketing activity if the consumer wishes to do so and consistently provide top-class customer support. Klaviyo is ideal for people using e-Commerce tools that can take advantage of its great functions, such as prompted emailing, workflow, and transaction monitoring.

Sam Nguyen is the CEO and founder of Avada Commerce, an e-commerce solution provider headquartered in Singapore. He is an expert on the Shopify e-commerce platform for online stores and retail point-of-sale systems. Sam loves talking about e-commerce and he aims to help over a million online businesses grow and thrive.