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Inspiring International Women's Day Marketing Ideas For Your Shopify Store

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By Sam Nguyen

CEO Avada Commerce

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With nearly four billion females on the earth, International Women’s Day is an excellent occasion for E-commerce businesses to appreciate their existing female customers. Every year on March 8th, this day is celebrated. Hence, if you want to build up your online businesses in the months ahead, this might be the peak purchasing day you have been awaiting.

As an E-commerce merchant, you can undoubtedly shape the debate both via your advertising techniques and through your business strategy. Including International Women’s Day in your messaging indicates you’re already on the right track!

Here are some fantastic International Women’s Day marketing ideas to get you started on improving your conversion rates. Ensure that your consumers are valued on this day with special promotions and incentives! Websites that adopt these methods will enhance their sales volumes and create an excellent brand reputation.

Without further ado, let’s dive in!

International Women's Day marketing ideas

Plan ahead of time and start early

As the year advances, new opportunities arise, and purchasing habits shift to coincide with significant celebrations and festivities. One of them is International Women’s Day. If this is a big occasion for your brand, don’t pass up the opportunity to make your consumers feel unique and appreciated. Consumers may begin researching and determining what to shop for as early as a month in advance.

As International Women’s Day gained prominence, businesses throughout the world took a major step forward by synchronizing their marketing timeline to commemorate women globally. Yet, because this occasion occurs twenty-two days after Valentine’s Day, firms frequently struggle to generate enthusiasm with their advertising campaigns. Consider prolonging the Women’s Day promotion for a week or even a month. This allows Shopify stores to develop a unique and effective marketing campaign.

International Women's Day marketing ideas

Shoppers may check other brands if they are doing different holiday marketing. To maintain engagement, collect emails as promptly as possible, and then they can be incorporated into email campaigns that provide data on offers and discounts.

Even though your Shopify store is not geared toward women, you can utilize Women’s Day as an opportunity to increase your online visibility. Backing a cause that encourages diversity and tries to break down traditional barriers for women in business, governance, as well as other spheres of life conveys an encouraging message. Putting a spotlight on women all around the world may also help generate traffic, improve sales, and cultivate a whole wider community of raving fans for developing E-commerce brands.

Develop a spirit of equality and gratitude

International Women’s Day is dedicated to altering the prejudices and misconceptions that women have all been bearing throughout the years. As an E-commerce business, this might be your opportunity to create a respectable brand reputation that promotes equality for women and cuts through all preconceptions.

This is an excellent method to identify your company with the initiative and the occasion. International Women’s Day is much more about equal rights for women. You could post only a few blog posts about inspiring women - you may have individuals who already have inspired you - because we prefer to make commercial choices based on emotional experience.

International Women's Day marketing ideas

The first starting point is with your homepage. Your site should evoke pleasant thoughts appropriate for Women’s Day. Integrating an inspirational story about female empowerment, women ‘s liberties, and gender justice into your offering will find a home in your clients’ hearts and transform it into revenues. It will eventually lead to increased interaction and conversion rates.

Producing an International Women’s Day newsletter is another great way to remind your customers that you value women’s rights as well as gender equity. Show your loyal consumers that you cherish and respect them. Our decisions are influenced by our emotions and how things are delivered to us. They will appreciate how much you respect their rights.

Create enthusiasm through email marketing campaigns

Email marketing, being the most effective marketing medium, will have the most influence on the success of your International Women’s Day campaign. Not only does it have a minimal cost of implementation, but it also happens to be one of the finest approaches to categorize your contact list customers and personalize your messages. A well-executed email marketing strategy can assist your Shopify store in gaining new consumers and increasing sales.

Online stores should have a well-planned email marketing campaign targeting their current customers in the run-up to Women’s Day. Send out newsletters highlighting how significant International Women’s Day is to your brand. The email can feature information about upcoming International Women’s Day deals and events. Remember that campaign personalization is essential for effectively communicating your message.

International Women's Day marketing ideas

Better conversion rates will result from making greater use of segmentation data and producing a sharper email message. Make a wow impression if you prefer your offer to stick out in the inboxes of your customers. It doesn’t need to be a big deal. It could be something special.

The best time for sending email messages to customers is in the last few days of February as well as at the beginning of March. Because it is close to the main holiday, the ability to lure clients to shop will be great. Everyone wishes they had more chances to create the most considerate presents for their lovely part of the planet. Let’s begin with basic and powerful subject lines for this International Women’s Day email. Then, you can use Avada Email Marketing for amazing features to customize the look and feel of the email template!

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International Women’s Day marketing ideas to increase revenue at your Shopify store

The goal of participating in the Women’s Day promotion is to increase revenue at your Shopify business. You could be in a highly competitive marketplace that requires creative tactics to stand out from the crowd. The following are several International Women’s Day marketing ideas to help you offer your customers motivation to purchase with you.

Create unique gifts and offers

What distinguishes International Women’s Day from other celebrations and what is anticipated is that they will be celebrated by the entire world as well as get personally meaningful wishes and presents. Ladies enjoy receiving gifts, so consider including little gifts for every order placed by women on March 8. Marketers with the correct know-how can make excellent use of this traditional tactic.

The worth of the gifts is not critical, but it is crucial that they make perfect sense. You need to spend some time learning about your potential consumers so that you have a clear knowledge of their personalities. What are they concerned about? What can thrill and satisfy them? Only by fully understanding your customers will your promotion be able to touch their hearts.

International Women's Day marketing ideas

If you are unsure how you’ll stand out in an ocean of promotions on this occasion, begin by defining either a primary or a low-sale item or service that you’d like to increase sales on. Then, as a giveaway, offer a low-cost, low-value good or service in order to stimulate purchase. They can be selected from your usual product line, or if you launch fresh special items for this celebration, you have another way of increasing the relevancy of your Shopify store to the celebration. You not only offer an incentive for purchasing, but you also strive to increase brand recognition.

You don’t have to make significant price cuts; merely determine which items you want to showcase for your Women’s Day marketing. Here are a few gift suggestions: Provide cosmetics, for example, in exchange for a complimentary cosmetic bag. This type of deal is appealing to customers since it is a something-for-nothing strategy. Include a complimentary printed shopping bag with every order as another way to get your brand out everywhere. Ensure that the offerings you include in your marketing strategy are directly related to Women’s Day.

While gifting is the principal cause purchasers shop during the International Women’s Day promotion, it is also a smart idea to advertise a reward card program. Gift cards allow the receiver to purchase what they desire instead of receiving something superfluous.

Emphasize delivery information with free shipping offers

Many consumers may wish to acquire items to give as gifts on a special day. As a result, delivery and shipping instructions must be included on the webpage, product pages, and payment gateway.

If you can provide free shipping, you ought to do so, but keep in mind that many customers will buy more than the free shipping limit.

International Women's Day marketing ideas

All online stores and customers now have free shipping as a default option. While you can always try various methods of advertising free shipping, it is preferable to offer more than simply free delivery for your International Women’s Day promotion. Let customers select from a variety of delivery dates. To make it easier for customers, you can also provide curbside collection and in-store pick-up.

Create the ultimate Women’s Day product bundles

Bundled offers are an excellent approach to engage buyers with great deals on International Women’s Day. Whatever marketplace your Shopify store targets, you’ll find logical matches, if not more, that you may combine for unique Women’s Day bundle discounts. Let customers customize or create their own bundles. Customers can then give these combinations as presents during International Women’s Day campaigns.

If you have recently introduced a new item or service, you may give it away for free for a limited time so that women can check it out. Note that free sampling works best when your brand is confident in the superiority of the good or service being offered since it leaves a lasting impact on your customers. The thought is more important than the gift. Cherish women on their special day.

International Women's Day marketing ideas

Pop-up promotion, when used wisely, may also increase conversions, prevent cart abandonment, and enhance your onsite consumer experience. Pop-ups can serve practically any marketing purpose, and it’s critical to have them functioning properly before the traffic begins. As a result, you can benefit from pop-up marketing for your International Women’s Day marketing strategy as well.

Offering special offers to ladies is another excellent International Women’s Day marketing idea for your Ecommerce store. Even though it has been employed for a long period and is utilized by many businesses, it continues to be effective in encouraging consumers to make a purchasing decision. But make sure you cap your offer quickly and maintain the supply on hand.

This is an effective strategy for increasing customer loyalty. Popular varieties include cash discounts, percentage discounts, free delivery, value-added offers, and member-exclusive prizes. To enhance sales, you can cut the gross margin of the items. Balance your original investment expenditures with the business cost of maintenance so that on International Women’s Day, you can offer 10%, 20%, or 30% off your store’s merchandise.

International Women's Day marketing ideas

Allow product photos to include urgency labels as well. Providing time-sensitive vouchers is an excellent marketing strategy for attracting new clients to your eCommerce store. By offering personalized coupons, you will provide your customers with an incentive to purchase from your site.

Scarcity sales promotion is a practice through which Shopify merchants raise the worth of an item by limiting its supply. Customers realize that if they fail to acquire a product at a specific time, it will be gone. Consider using live messages and discount durations on product photos during International Women’s Day advertising.

Make these discounts widely known in advance so that clients are aware of them and prepared to take advantage of them. These reductions will bring in new clients, especially if your items are appealing to them.

Create a landing page for International Women’s Day that includes a customized widget and product recommendations

E-commerce retailers must understand that the landing page of their webpage serves as the showcase part of a physical store. This page will either entice the visitor to enter your store and investigate your items, or it will entice the visitor to leave your store. As a result, a website’s landing page must be current, interesting, and appealing.

Shopify shop owners should take every opportunity to ensure their female consumers feel special on International Women’s Day. Retailers can also add a personalized touch to these discounts to make them even more appealing. At this point, websites can include customized widgets and item suggestions on the landing pages to educate customers about the Women’s Day product alternatives.

International Women's Day marketing ideas

Customers may be seeking presents as well as methods to promote causes with their transactions, and your Shopify store may point customers in the correct direction with customized specific suggestions. Consider employing a customized recommendation engine to help produce personalized recommendations to provide an exceptional consumer journey for female customers.

Create landing pages that discuss partnerships and the community if you’re going big for International Women’s Day. Partner forces with businesses and communities that will profit from rising sales and exposure. Provide a forum for women-empowered or woman-owned enterprises to promote their items or collaborate on a new product line. You can also allow customers to contribute to certain charities.

Increase engagement by hosting an International Women’s Day contest

You can benefit on International Women’s Day no matter what you offer or who your target market is by providing praise and a prize for great women in your consumers’ life. This is especially useful when you intend to extend the campaign to media platforms and publish the results.

International Women's Day marketing ideas

Among the most exciting methods to boost your online profile and promote client engagement is through social media. Take advantage of the freely available photographs to produce content and swiftly and easily distribute your social campaigns. Sharing great stories is one method to pique your followers’ attention. Allowing your consumers to vote on the winners will increase interest and engagement even more.

To continue the dialogue, share their words on your Instagram and Facebook feeds, and send an email message to your subscribers inviting them to participate on social networking sites as well.

Also, don’t forget to optimize your content for SEO as it will help your Shopify store get a higher rank in the search engine and turn leads into conversions.

Personalize the content for your website and social media pages

To achieve a successful campaign, two things must be prioritized: understanding your customers and knowing which individuals are most likely to purchase in order to set up appropriate International Women’s Day marketing ideas. The second factor is inventiveness when developing advertising content, which must distinguish the product from other opponents in the industry.

International Women's Day marketing ideas

When customers come in, the very first impression that grabs them is the store’s appearance. A stunning interface featuring eye-catching features will make a positive impression on customers, maintain visitors in the store longer, and enhance the buy rate. On International Women’s Day, you can decorate your shop with festive effects such as flowers, balloons, hearts, and so on. With the Shopify app store decorator, you can effortlessly add apps to your store without changing the theme.

Women now account for a sizable portion of a brand’s consumer base. As a result, social media promoting ideas for Women’s Day is a hot March search phrase. Instead of particular occasion posts, brands are frequently misled into Women’s Day social media advertising ideas. Long-distance advertising campaigns with audience engagement are prevalent, with an emphasis on boosting user-generated material. In such circumstances, the content is something they discuss with other ladies they know. These principles are centered on independence, knowledge, and a feeling of making a difference.

Wrap up

International Women’s Day is a hidden moneymaker as well as a meaningful occasion for E-commerce brands to make an appearance and do good. You may capture buyers’ hearts and enhance your income stream in advance of the high-season rush with a bit of inventiveness and a charitable spirit.

Your brand’s International Women’s Day campaign might be the next to inspire others as well if you use the appropriate plan and approach. Take inspiration from the aforementioned International Women’s Day marketing ideas and plan the enhancement of your Shopify store in advance of International Women’s Day.

International Women's Day marketing ideas

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Sam Nguyen is the CEO and founder of Avada Commerce, an e-commerce solution provider headquartered in Singapore. He is an expert on the Shopify e-commerce platform for online stores and retail point-of-sale systems. Sam loves talking about e-commerce and he aims to help over a million online businesses grow and thrive.