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13 Reasons Why Email Marketing is Important!

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By Sam Nguyen

CEO Avada Commerce

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Almost every brand employs digital marketing strategies in today’s competitive marketplace. About 56% of the world’s population has internet access, and almost everyone has an active email address.

As a result, the value of email marketing (and digital marketing in general) is greater than ever. If you’re a new digital marketer, you may be wondering Why email marketing has been so important for the growth of businesses in this new age. So, in this article, I will share with you the reasons behind the importance of email marketing.

What Is Email Marketing?

What Is Email Marketing?
What Is Email Marketing?

Aside from order confirmations and direct answers to customer queries, any email sent by a company can be considered email marketing. Email marketing is a part of internet marketing, including online marketing by websites, social media, blogs, and other channels.

Email marketing can include emails with business notifications, sales promotions, and exclusive offers for subscribers. Marketing emails can be an effective tool to deliver a general message on behalf of the business, such as in the aftermath of a natural disaster or a company scandal.

Email marketing, at its finest, helps companies to keep their consumers updated and tailor their marketing messages to their target audience. On the flip side, this type of marketing can annoy consumers away if done improperly with persistently irritating spam emails.

How Email Marketing Works?

How Email Marketing Works?
How Email Marketing Works?

An email marketing campaign is simple to set up and monitor, making it accessible for even small businesses.

You may, for example, include a newsletter sign-up option on your website and send emails to a growing list of audiences as people sign up.

Customers may also be guided to the newsletter through your social media profiles. The two most significant benefits of email marketing are its low cost and ease of use.

Email marketing is a low-cost approach to promote the business and its goods or services instead of other marketing methods. A daily newsletter is a quick and easy way to send out information about your business, upcoming events, and special offers.

Email tools also make it possible to send out automated promotional emails to consumers who haven’t made a purchase in a while. Email marketing enables you to reach particular groups of consumers or even individuals. Offering exclusive birthday discounts on products or services to particular consumers is one way to do this.

For example, a restaurant might send an email to customers on their birthdays offering them 50% off an entree. This type of personalization helps a company develop and maintain a relationship with its customers, which can lead to boosted sales and customer loyalty.

13 Reasons Why Email Marketing is Important for businesses?

13 Reasons Why Email Marketing is Important for businesses?
13 Reasons Why Email Marketing is Important for businesses?

Everyone uses email

Radicati predicts that by 2022, 4.25 billion email users will have 1.86 email accounts on average.

As of 2019, 4.33 billion people worldwide have internet access, with 3.93 billion using emails. People, especially young people, frequently have two or more active email addresses.

Many people use one email for personal matters (such as social media and bills), another for mailing lists and brand promotions, and a third for work or company. Since an email address is necessary to do many things online, such as sign up for Facebook or online banking, almost anyone with internet access has one.

You own your media and contact lists

You don’t own your customer list or even the content you share on social media such as Facebook. Usually, the social media site controls both the content and the follower list. Consider this: if social media disappeared tomorrow, how many followers and clients would you lose?

That is why marketers should grow an email list. This is your contact list, and you can connect with it regardless of your email provider. Furthermore, you can own the content that you make and submit. Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to hit your target audience.

Furthermore, it has the potential to acquire leads and boost revenue. Since this is still the place where people want to get details, let’s say email marketing isn’t dead.

Email marketing can cover the entire buying funnel

Email, in addition to reaching customers via their inboxes, can communicate with them at any point of the purchasing funnel. Your company can use email to educate, cultivate, and convince customers whether they are in the brand awareness, consideration, or purchase stages.

Email also plays a constructive role in nurturing customers. Assume someone downloads an ebook (in return for their email address) about various roofing materials and their benefits, drawbacks, and costs. You can predict additional user queries, complaints, or needs based on the download.

You can direct readers from one stage of the funnel to the next using follow-up emails. Your email content on how to use your product, for example, will give someone the courage to make a purchase — and hopefully, you will be the one who gets the order.

Other digital marketing tactics, such as pay-per-click (PPC) ads, can’t provide this advantage. They instead cover just one stage in the buying journey.

Choose the right marketing tactic for you
Choose the right marketing tactic for you

Email marketing increases leads

In the same way that email marketing can help you increase sales, it can also help you increase leads. In reality, email marketing is used in the inbound approach to acquire leads and boost conversions.

Let’s say your customer downloaded a lead magnet from your website. Then they begin getting drip emails and eventually decide to book a demo and learn more. You just converted a cold lead into a warm lead, increasing the marketing team’s number of eligible leads for the sales team.

Email marketing strategies can help to qualify leads better, preventing the sales team from wasting time on uninterested leads.

Furthermore, if your organization uses lead scoring, you can monitor whether those leads open or engage with your emails.

Scoring for emails can help your business
Scoring for emails can help your business

Email marketing makes campaigns cost-effective

Although conventional campaigns such as direct mail or print may be expensive, email marketing campaigns are typically much more affordable.

You won’t have to pay for photoshoots, venue fees, printers, shipping, or placement, for example. You only need a copywriter and a graphic designer (if you aren’t using stock images). This can also be accomplished by a single member of your team.

Furthermore, email campaigns are quick to create. If necessary, you can create an email in one day, which is much less expensive than the time it takes to create a direct or print campaign. Since time and resources are often constraints for marketers, email marketing strategies can be more effective while still generating sales and leads.

Email marketing brings traffic to your website

When you make amazing content, how do you get it to your target audience? You most likely sent them an email. With email marketing campaigns, you can drive traffic to your website while also improving your SEO.

You’ll also keep your audience involved in your brand and website. When designing an email that links to your content, note that each email should include a call to action (CTA) so that readers can click through to your website.

Email marketing gives you a platform for self-promotion

It can be awkward to self-promote in areas where prospects haven’t necessarily opted to receive updates about your business. However, one of the most successful ways to acquire customers is by self-promotion. Nobody will buy from you if you can’t promote yourself and sell your benefits.

You’ll always have an opportunity to promote yourself with email marketing campaigns, particularly because customers have subscribed to hear from you. You can send emails announcing new product releases, features, and benefits, as well as new content. Since consumers want to hear from you, self-promotion is neither unwanted nor disruptive.

Make your brand be known with email marketing
Make your brand be known with email marketing

Email marketing boosts sales

Although email marketing is obviously an excellent marketing tool, it can also help you increase your sales. In reality, 59 percent of marketers claim email is their most lucrative medium, and marketers who used segmented campaigns see a 760 percent increase in sales.

Email marketing strategies can highlight products and services, encourage consumers to come back and buy after abandoning their carts, or give promotional offers to your customers.

Furthermore, 59 percent of those surveyed say marketing emails affect their buying decisions.

Your email marketing campaigns can easily add messages to inspire a purchase to an audience that has opted-in to your messages and notifications, making them more likely to buy from you.

You can also use email marketing to automate a portion of your sales process, which can save you time and raise your productivity. For example, you can automate sales drip campaigns and send automated messages to prospects using AVADA Email Marketing- a great free email marketing tool for startups and small businesses.

Turn your Email Marketing into Simplicity with AVADA Email Marketing
Turn your Email Marketing into Simplicity with AVADA Email Marketing

Email marketing allows for personalized content

You can personalize your email campaigns and create targeted content with email marketing.

Personalization can be as simple as using the name of a contact in the text. In reality, emails with the recipient’s name in the subject line have a higher clickthrough rate than those that do not.

On the other hand, you can create customized content based on audience segmentation in order to deliver the right emails to the right customers. For example, you may want to send one email marketing campaign to returning customers and another to first-time customers.

One of the key advantages of email marketing is that the content can be highly tailored to the needs of your target audience. To improve interaction, your emails can include variations such as different images or subject lines.

You can also create segmented lists based on geography or customer behavior. To have an effective email marketing campaign, you need to send the right email to the right people at the right time. This is where segmentation and personalization can come in handy.

Email marketing helps you collect feedback

Maintaining a pulse on the consumer experience is crucial if you want consumers to connect, engage, and buy from your brand in the future. Email marketing will assist you in accomplishing this. For example, you can use email campaigns to send customer satisfaction surveys and acquire feedback from customers.

In fact, this is one of the most effective methods for calculating your Net Promoter Score (NPS). This score will help you determine the percentage of consumers who are brand ambassadors and those who are brand detractors. You may use this knowledge to develop strategies to enhance the customer experience.

Email marketing helps you communicate with your audience.

As a marketer, you should always aim to maintain interaction with your target audience. When your customer thinks they can connect with you, they are more likely to become loyal to your brand.

Consider this: people value good emails. Consider the last time you got a marketing email from a company you adore: was it upsetting, or did you enjoy reading the latest news?

If you like the company, you probably enjoyed the experience and it kept you in contact with one of your favorite brands. Email marketing helps you keep your audience engaged throughout the year, whether it’s a slow or busy season.

Email marketing can give you many benefits
Email marketing can give you many benefits

Email marketing allows you to send timely campaigns

Traditional marketing campaigns, while having a time and venue, will take months to prepare and coordinate. Even then, you probably don’t know if your campaign assets would be heard by the right people at the right time.

Email marketing, on the other hand, allows you to build an entire campaign on short notice because it does not require as much planning. You can also ensure that your audience opens the email at the appropriate time. By segmenting your audience, for example, you can ensure that you submit content at the appropriate time.

Email marketing allows you to reach the right people at the right time

One of the company’s primary objectives is to offer value to the audience to keep them coming back. Email marketing is an excellent way to build loyal customers because you can provide them value even if they do not make a purchase.

Furthermore, when clients or prospects opted-in, you can use email marketing to provide additional tools to people who are interested in what you have to say. More people will pay attention if you consistently provide value to your audience, and your ROI will increase.

Final words

It’s no doubt that email marketing is one of the greatest tools invented for marketers to stay connected with customers. Therefore I hope this article has helped you understand why email marketing is so important for businesses these days. Please feel free to leave comments below for a further discussion on this topic!

Sam Nguyen is the CEO and founder of Avada Commerce, an e-commerce solution provider headquartered in Singapore. He is an expert on the Shopify e-commerce platform for online stores and retail point-of-sale systems. Sam loves talking about e-commerce and he aims to help over a million online businesses grow and thrive.