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How to Edit an Instagram Post? (on Computer and Mobile)


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Everybody knows that Instagram is the perfect place on the Internet to share beautiful photos, memorable moments, and interesting videos. It’s the most popular photo-sharing platform in the world.

And everyone can find it easy to use this social media platform. Almost all people know how to create an Instagram post, just tap on the plus icon at the bottom of the screen. How about editing an Instagram post?

Follow the article below How to Edit an Instagram Post (on Computer and Mobile) to figure it out!

Why shouldn’t you edit an Instagram post?

When you make a post on Instagram, the algorithm rates your content by the amount of engagement it has in a specific time. If you post an image and it receives 1,000 likes in the first hour, Instagram will push your image to many more users.

The image will appear first in people’s feeds, the explore page and might show first in hashtags and location results.

However, if you edit your Instagram posts, the algorithm will rest your engagement ranking. Then you need to start all over again. All the people that Instagram was going to boost it to, now they won’t.

Although your post can be brilliant, this can completely decrease your engagement ranking on Instagram.

Bear in mind that you double-check your caption, tags, location and hashtags before tapping on the share button.

In case you have made a big mistake, remove the whole post and upload again the next day for the best results.

How to edit an Instagram post?

Edit an Instagram post on the app

Step 1. Open Instagram app on your device and go to your profile

Step 2. Choose the post you want to edit

Step 3. Tap the three dots in the top right corner of the post and choose Edit

Step 4. Then you can edit the caption, tag people (by choosing the icon in the bottom left corner of the image or video, change the alt text (by choosing the bottom right Aa icon), and also create a location marker (by choosing Add Location at the top of the post).

Step 5. Choose the checkmark in the top right corner of the app to complete the process of editing.

Edit an Instagram post on computer

Step 1. Go to Instagram.com and log in with your account

Step 2. Right click the page and choose Inspect, then the page will change into something like the screenshot below

Step 3. Press Ctrl + Shift + M in order to toggle the device toolbar

Step 4. Refresh the page (Ctrl + R), then you’ll have all the features of the iOS web app, which include edit and upload.

Tips to edit and post photos on Instagram

Ensure enough lighting

If you would like to post a perfect image on your Instagram, you would need to ensure that your image is well lit. Always keep in mind that lighting is the key to the perfect image. No matter what type of photography, no matter how much editing and many filters you add, poor light can destroy your photo.

If you can, choose natural light over artificial one. If you are outdoors, it’s ideal for you to take pictures in early morning or late afternoon. During these times of the day, the natural light can really brighten your photos, making them more brilliant.

Use strong shape, color, and lines

Simply edits are just not enough to have a gorgeous picture on Instagram. Even if you’re not good at taking photos or are an expert in editing, you can utilize third-party apps and tools to add the most beautiful effects on your photos.

These tools can improve the look, quality, and the whole impact of a photo. There are several apps available for you such as Mendr, Adobe Photoshop Express and so on. Besides, you also can search for the right tools to see what works best for you and what satisfies your demands.

Thanks to photo editing apps, you can be connected to qualified professionals who can handle all the editing for you. The specialists can improve color and lighting, change the background of your image, and delete photobombers.

Use grid reference

As the grid feature is turned on, it can help you to perfect all the elements of the photo and improve the composition of your photos.

It’s important to observe the overlapping elements on your camera or your screen and search for the precise midpoint of the photo. Take the picture as soon as you see the centre of it. No matter what type of photography, the grid feature can improve the overall impact of the photo.

Use your eyes before your lens

A lot of professional photographers have claimed that eyes are just similar to your camera lens. They also need to be trained. However, many people just hold the camera and take a picture, instead of using their eyes.

Instead of taking hundreds of photos to have one perfect shot, you can try to look around and frame the picture with your eyes. It’s essential for you to take time and observe what is in front of you. That brings you fresh and more interesting ideas of the composition to get that breathtaking photo.

Concentrate on minor edits

Over-editing can make your picture less appealing. When you edit the basic things, the picture can be really enhanced a lot.

The basic editing refers to changes and adjustments with the contrast, shadow, warm and highlights. Sometimes you want to edit the brightness or increase saturation at the edge of your pictures. Keep in mind to do these minor and basic edits.

Add effects or filters

If you’re not good at editing, effects and filters can save you. You can improve and increase the quality of your picture by applying numerous effects and filters to it.

You also can add several creative filters to attract your viewers. Gradient filters can help to brighten foregrounds and darken skies. If you wish to get your pictures a retro and vintage look, try vignette filters.

You can experiment with various effects and filters until you get the results you want. However, you shouldn’t apply filters with their full intensity.

Always go for quality, not quantity

Concentrating on quality is much better than concentrating on quantity. Uploading a number of bad photos won’t help you win the game. Instead, pay attention to the quality of the photo, for which you have to care about the composition.

As mentioned earlier, remember to set good lighting for your photos. Poorly lit and badly composed pictures will not attract any of your audience.

Practice and practice

Practice makes perfect. Be ready to capture a new, interesting and appealing scene or location. In order to receive the most perfect pictures, you can try taking pictures of the same object from different angles.


That’s all the instructions we can bring to you on How to Edit an Instagram Post. No matter what device you use (a computer or a mobile phone), editing is so easy and simple. You can leave any questions you have in the comment box. We’ll reply to you as soon as possible. Thank you for reading!

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