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How to Install Signifyd Fraud Protection for BigCommerce

Last updated: March 01, 2024
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BigCommerce is a top website builder for anyone who is going to operate their own online business. Besides the convenience and easy functions when they experience the BigCommerce platform, the security is the advantage of the BigCommerce that they are proud of.

When the user pays for a BigCommerce template to utilize, they have access to BigCommerce integration with some security apps in order to prevent their store from the breach. Thus, in this article, we would like to introduce to you one app - Signifyd Fraud Protection - the world’s largest provider of guaranteed fraud protection. It enables online retailers to provide a friction-free buying experience for their customers.

Moreover, we want to give you the tutorial on How to install Signifyd Fraud Protection for BigCommerce then support you while doing the practice.

What is Signifyd Fraud Protection?

Signifyd is an eCommerce fraud protection platform that has 3 main services for online retailers: revenue protection, abuse prevention, and payment compliance. This app is what the user can trust since Signifyd solves the facing challenges that several growing eCommerce businesses currently undergo:

  • Billions of dollars lost in a chargeback due to some transaction, especially a credit card transaction

  • Customer dissatisfaction from mistaken declines

  • Operational costs because of tedious, manual transaction investigation

What is Signifyd Fraud Protection?

Using Signified, its fraud protection is ensured by a full-service cloud platform that automatically connects with fraud prevention via real-time machine learning. That allows you to elevate sales and open new markets while reducing risk.

For example, when a customer places an order with your online store, Signifyd automates reviewing the order as well as telling you whether to ship it or not. Based on the information that this app provides you, you can make a decision with 100% financial guarantee against fraudulent chargebacks.

Moreover, you can save time and resources supported by Signifyd’s decision. It is easy to configure workflows to automatically update the status of orders approved by Signifyd. The status can change from “Awaiting Shipment” to “Awaiting Fulfillment” or “Declined”, even in return depending on the shoppers’ checkout. You don’t need to do it manually whenever you have order any longer.

What is Signifyd Fraud Protection?

Fortunately, Signifyd offers a 14-day free trial to experience before contemplating to use officially. The standard pricing is $1,500 per month, all approved orders charged at .8% of the total order amount. For further pricing, you can contact BigCommerce support center to learn more about this platform.

What is Signifyd Fraud Protection?

Benefits of installing Signifyd for BigCommerce

As the world’s largest provider of guaranteed fraud protection, Signifyd facilitates entire protection, particularly in terms of orders and delivery process. There are some advantages if you integrate Signifyd with your BigCommerce store.

1. Zero fraud liability

When Signifyd approves an order, they stake their name on it. Every Signifyd transaction makes sure to contribute to your bottom line, so that you can maximize your revenue without the risk. If you receive a fraudulent chargeback, Signifyd will pay you back within 48 hours, including chargeback fees & shipping.

Zero fraud liability

2. Ship more

With Signifyd’s industry-leading approval rates, they accept more domestic and international orders that would allow you to approach larger targeted customers.

3. Automate your back office

As mentioned above, besides skipping the research and waiting for a customer call-back, Signifyd platform automates your back office so that orders are fulfilled at once. Every decision comes with a beautiful report that includes a detailed explanation of the order history.

4. Integrate in minutes

Signifyd sets up with BigCommerce just in minutes. Simply install the app, configure your settings, and you will instantly see orders coming in with full data enrichment.

How to install Signifyd Fraud Protection

Keep in mind that the custom pricing means your business’s revenue is relatively huge enough to afford to pay the monthly fee ($1,500). Make sure that you use the free trial to experience before coming to the final outcome.

Step 1: Go to your store account

Choose the “Apps” section.

Go to your store account

Select “Apps marketplace”, then you can enter the BigCommerce apps installation.

Go to your store account

If you don’t log in your store, you can go to this link which is another way to go.

Step 2: Next, type the keyword “Signifyd”

The found apps relating to this keyword will appear. Now, click on the Signifyd app.

Next, type the keyword “Signifyd”

Read the instructions carefully as well as the pricing you have to pay. If you come to a decision, select “Get this app”. Then you just need to log into your store again and the installation begins. The configuration is done successfully.

Next, type the keyword “Signifyd”

You’ll be directed to the Signifyd home page in-app. Please select Console in the upper right hand corner to view your orders.

Next, type the keyword “Signifyd”

If you have orders in your store, you’ll be able to view them in the case queue on the left-hand side. We will sync up to 50 of your most recent orders, or if you haven’t received as many, your total orders from the last seven days.

Next, type the keyword “Signifyd”

If you do not have orders, you’ll see the integration screen below. The Signifyd console will appear once your first order is placed.

Next, type the keyword “Signifyd”

When you exit the Signifyd console, you can access the app again through BigCommerce’s control panel by simply visiting the Apps section again.

Next, type the keyword “Signifyd”

Common issues of the integration

How to configure BigCommerce auto-fulfillment in the Signifyd app

Setting up auto-fulfillment is a simple one-step process that involves updating your settings in Signifyd. Login to your Signifyd console and navigate to Settings. Select Integrations from the side navigation menu.

How to configure BigCommerce auto-fulfillment in the Signifyd app

  • Toggle on Update Order Status on Approved Guarantees if you’d like Signifyd to update the order status to Awaiting Shipment upon approval for Guarantee.

  • Toggle on Update Order Status on Declined Guarantees if you’d like Signifyd to update the order status to Manual Verification Required upon decline for Guarantee.

Auto-fulfillment set-up is now complete. BigCommerce merchants can automate their order fulfillment based on Signifyd’s guarantee decision. This allows merchants to effectively speed up their order fulfillment process and ship good orders faster.

Within the order notes, you can view a history of all the updates Signifyd has made to an order. In the below scenario, when Signifyd approves an order to guarantee, we can update the order status in BigCommerce to Awaiting Shipment.

How to configure BigCommerce auto-fulfillment in the Signifyd app

Why is Signifyd not capturing payment on my BigCommerce orders?

Suppose you have BigCommerce automated order fulfillment workflows enabled in your Signifyd settings. In that case, there are a few reasons why payment for an order in your BigCommerce store may not have been captured, and the fulfillment status was not updated. It could be that:

  • The order is currently in review and awaiting a decision. You can check the status of the order in the order timeline on the BigCommerce order page, or within the Signifyd console, to confirm.

  • The order was declined for Guarantee, and you have the workflow Cancel Orders on Declined Guarantees toggled to the off position. With that workflow not enabled, whenever an order is declined for Guarantee, Signifyd does not update the fulfillment or payment status, but leaves it as the status that a new order appears as.

  • Your payment settings in BigCommerce are still set to Automatically capture payment for orders. In that case, BigCommerce would be automatically capturing payment for your orders when the order is placed, regardless of Signifyd’s Guarantee decision, and Signifyd would not be capturing payment. To work correctly and smoothly for automated order fulfillment, you must update your payment settings in BigCommerce to Manually capture payment for orders.

Fear of fraud causes merchants to dramatically degrade customers’ buying experience

Fear of fraud causes merchants to dramatically degrade customers' buying experience

Use a new model of fraud management called guaranteed fraud protection. The model combines big data, machine learning, and a financial liability shift to transfer the burden of fraud from the merchant to the fraud protection provider. The guaranteed model’s learning machines are able to sift legitimate orders from fraudulent ones in milliseconds. Retailers can automate their orders with confidence that outgoing orders have been approved. If the model approves an order that later turns out to be fraudulent, the merchant is reimbursed for all the costs created by the fraudulent order.


With a free trial for thorough preparation, we assure you that you may have a great and satisfying experience with the Signifyd app. We hope that our tutorial on How to install Signifyd Fraud Protection for BigCommerce will help you easier install this platform.

We will so appreciate it if you need our help while encountering the problem of the installation. You can contact us or leave a comment in our question box below to receive the support as soon as possible.

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