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How to setup tier pricing for BigCommerce store?

Last updated: February 01, 2024
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Merchants typically provide quantity discounts on specific items, often known as bulk pricing, to entice buyers to buy more and in larger numbers. Bulk pricing incorporates a cheaper price for a large quantity of things. For wholesalers and merchants that offer commodities that are normally acquired in big numbers, this is especially advantageous.

In Bulk Pricing Rules, you may set individual product prices and categories of items with Bulk Pricing, while in Automatic Promotions, you may assign a bulk price to all product categories (including multiple categories). This article will walk you through “How to setup tier pricing for BigCommerce store”

Why you need to setup tier pricing for BigCommerce Store

To Bulk Pricing for All Products in One or More Categories. Use an Automatic Promotion to provide bulk prices across an entire product category.

This is handy if you want to apply the same bulk pricing rule incentive to many, related items in one or more categories. Discount rules also provide more complex capabilities. You can do the following:

  • restrict the bulk discount to a certain client group
  • select the discount’s start and end dates
  • restrict the amount of times the discount may be utilized manually at any moment activate/deactivate the discount

How to setup tier pricing for BigCommerce store

Step 1: Create Automatic Promotion

Step 1

Navigate to Marketing Promotions and choose + New automated promotion.

Step 2: Select Category discount

Step 2

Give the promotion a name, and then pick Category discount from the Choose a Promotion Type drop-down menu.

Step 3: Apply a tiered promotion

Select Apply a tiered discount to applicable products based on the quantity of items ordered within one or more categories.

Step 4: Select the category

Step 4

Choose the categories to which you wish the discount to apply.

Step 5: Specify

Step 5

Enter the Minimum quantity and Discount amount. To add a new line, click the + button, and to delete a line, click the X button.

Step 6: Save changes

Step 6

Change your other discount options, such as Customer Groups, Duration, and Activation. When you’re finished, save your modifications.

See Creating Automatic Promotions for additional information on applying rules and parameters to an Automatic Promotion.

Final thought

Bulk pricing entails selling a specific item or a set of goods at a discounted price as a result of the quantity of products requested. The authors state that this guide is especially beneficial to wholesalers and merchants that offer commodities that are often purchased in big numbers. So we hope you now know “How to setup tier pricing for BigCommerce store”.

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