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How to Set Up Bigcommerce Email Notifications?

Last updated: October 01, 2023
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When a customer places an order, there will be a short message sent to him or her to inform about the order’s details. These messages are called Order notifications. Having order notifications is a must-have step to keep your customers updated and engaged.

In today’s post, we will cover all things you need to know about order notifications or order messages as well as how to enable them, forward customers’ invoices, or text via email.

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What are BigCommerce order notifications?

What are BigCommerce order notifications?

Order notifications are familiar for eCommerce businesses as well as customers shopping online. Here are some notes about BigCommerce order notifications:

  • They are sent via email
  • They are delivered after an order is placed
  • Order notifications will include information of the order and an URL to the store to view the order
  • Helpful in keep customers and merchant updated
  • If the notification is for an order message, it will include customers’ names, order ID, message, and an URL to view the message within the store

You have understood the importance of it. Now it’s high time you should enable email notifications on your BigCommerce store.

How to turn on BigCommerce email notifications?

Step 1: Go to Advanced Settings

Go to Advanced Settings

First, you should log into your account. After that, let’s go to Advanced Settings which is on the left side of the main BigCommerce dashboard.

Step 2: Go to Order Notifications

Go to Order Notifications

Then, go to Order Notifications, click on the Email Message section. You will see a box named Email Message here. Simply check it and Save the changes to enable order notifications.

Step 3: Click on the Email Message tab

After you click on Save, the page will refresh. Then, click on the Email Message tab, which is on the right of the General Settings section.

Step 4: Enter email addresses

Enter email addresses

In the Email Address section, you should enter the email addresses that you want to receive order notifications. In case you want more than one customer to receive the email, you can enter various addresses as long as you separate them with a comma.

Step 5: Save your changes

After entering all email addresses you want, click Save.

You will see the Test Notification Method section below the Email Address field, this link will be used to send a sample order notification to the email address(es) you have entered.

How to forward customers’ order invoices?

Besides order notifications, you can also forward order invoices to one or multiple customers of your business. The invoice mails have order information such as the items ordered and the address to which customers want items to be shipped. To forward these invoices, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Go to Store Setup

Go to Store Setup

Go back to your main dashboard, choose Store Setup on the left hand.

Step 2: Click on Store Settings

Click on Store Settings

On the next screen, click on Store Settings.

Step 3: Choose Miscellaneous

Choose Miscellaneous

When the next screen appears, you can see multiple tabs, look at the very last tab on the right hand and click on it, which is the Miscellaneous tab.

Step 4: Check the Forward Order Invoices box

Check the Forward Order Invoices box

Scroll down until you see the Forward Order Invoices setting, check the box next to it.

Step 5: Enter the email addresses

Enter the email addresses

Now, the Email Address section appears. You can enter the email address or addresses that you want to receive the forwarded invoice emails. Again, if there is more than one address, separate them with a comma.

After that, remember to Save your changes.

How to send a text message via email?

One more functionality you can make with BigCommerce is sending text messages via email.

This process makes use of a special email address. You will have the chance to get notifications on your mobile phone. In order to do this, simply enter your phone number’s email address in the Email Address field.

There are many providers enabling this. Check the following lists with their domains to see whether your cellular company is listed here. If not, inquire with them whether you can send text messages via email.

For instance, if your phone number is 012345678 and your cellular provider is Boost Mobile, your email address accordingly is [email protected].


As you can see, the process of turning on order notifications for your BigCommerce store is easy. Besides that, BigCommerce also allows you to send forwarded invoice emails to customers and send text messages via email.

Hopefully, you can follow the steps that we have introduced. If you still have any problems, don’t hesitate to leave us a comment in the section below. We will reply to you soon.

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