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20+ Best Pixel Union Themes for BigCommerce

Last updated: March 01, 2024
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If you are selling online, BigCommerce seems to be so familiar that it is regarded as one of the most powerful eCommerce providers in the world. Being suitable for all types of business, professional, BigCommerce is also popular for its list of app integrations and themes.

When it comes to themes, they not only bring about the visual effects which make customers feel pleasant but also tell a story of the brand and business. Therefore, choosing a theme for your store is essential. It needs to match your industry, market, demands, and more. Each business space target different customer groups which have different interests so the right theme will impact the whole process of shopping and purchasing your customers.

Pixel Union provides digital tools and services to help businesses sell more on eCommerce platforms. It also offers themes that are recent, beautiful, and sales-ready for BigCommerce.

In this post, we will quickly review 20+ best Pixel Union themes for BigCommerce. Hope you can choose the suitable one for your online store. Let’s get started!

What is Pixel Union?

What is Pixel Union?

For those who don’t know, Pixel Union is a famous agency for designing themes, apps, eCommerce, digital solutions. It provides design solutions for many eCommerce platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce, or Tumblr. Digital products of Pixel Union have been used by many reliable individuals and organizations worldwide like Tesla, MoMA, the LA Lakers, the BCC, the White House, and so on.

In comparison with other design agencies for BigCommerce, Pixel Union has a sizable selection of themes with only 21 BigCommerce themes. However, most of them are beautiful, noticeable, elegant, and sales-ready, which are all suitable for modern online stores. Pixel Union provides four different presets, which are Chic, Minimal, Pop, and Modern presets. Besides being beautiful, Pixel Union provides basic features for an online store like the drop-down menu, front page slideshow, product comparison table, a dropdown cart, and product quick view.

Why should you use themes from Pixel Union?

Why should you use themes from Pixel Union?

  • A flexible eCommerce solution provider based in Canada
  • A reliable provider which has supported many international businesses
  • The design is beautiful, eye-catching, sales-ready
  • Four different preset styles to choose from
  • The price starts from $195
  • Basic features for online stores

20+ Best Pixel Union themes for BigCommerce

1. Prosper


The first Pixel Union theme for BigCommerce we want to introduce is Prosper, which is designed to scale. This theme is suitable for businesses offering accessories or female items due to the elegant color palette. Moreover, this theme is quick to set up. When using it, you will be provided a wide range of branding and customization options. Besides, it includes 4 styles for you to choose from.

Price: $150 Get Prosper theme

2. Solo


With $150, you can also approach Solo which is a BigCommerce single-product powerhouse. This theme is suitable for businesses that have small catalogs. While it is minimal, the design is professional, which will make your store more modern.

Price: $150 Get Solo theme

3. Foundry


Next, let’s come to Foundry. The layout of this theme is in brown shade and grid-based. Including 4 styles, Foundry is customizable in which you can freely build up your own store. The design of this theme surely matches all demands over products and brands that you want.

Price: $150 Get Foundry theme

4. Soho


This Pixel Union theme for BigCommerce is named Soho. This is suitable for stores having middle or small catalogs. Thanks to the bright and playful color palette, Soho is perfect for those who want customers to engage with their brand more and easily decide to make a purchase.

Price: $150 Get Soho theme

5. Bazaar


Bazaar theme of Pixel Union claims to be instantly iconic. The design of it is striking and unconventional, suitable for fashion brands. Applying the Bazaar theme will surely bring about a frictionless shopping experience for customers.

Price: $150 Get Bazaar theme

6. Hero


Hero is another customizable theme of Pixel Union. At the top of the theme, you can add a big picture matching your brand to wow your visitors. What’s more, the grid layout and white space of the theme make your online store simple but effectively engaging. If you are looking for a theme allowing you to add various pictures of your products, Hero is for you.

Price: $150 Get Hero theme

7. Exhibit


The next theme also costs only $150. Exhibit is for businesses having small catalogs or medium catalogs. The layout of this theme is designed with a brown shade, which makes it dynamic but engaging. It is also well-structured in which you can include not only your products but also your promotion programs.

Price: $150 Get Exhibit theme

8. Runway


If you are selling high-end products, you may like the Runway theme. Thanks to the exceptional style and the bright white color, this BigCommerce theme looks professional and modern. The style is also elegant and understated, which is best suited for beauty products or luxurious clothes.

Price: $150 Get Runway theme

9. Bespoke


When first seeing the Bespoke BigCommerce theme, you will be impressed by the pink pastel color and minimal font, which makes your online store look pleasant. Moreover, this theme is designed for businesses that have customizable products.

Price: $175 Get Bespoke theme

10. Chelsea


Next, let’s come to one of the most stunning online lookbooks on this list which is Chelsea. This is perfect for high-end products or premium lifestyle brands. The font, color, design are all elegant. When they combine with large imagery of the theme, it turns into a high-end boutique theme.

Price: $175 Get Chelsea theme

11. Venture


Venture which is noticeable with an orange color palette will be suitable for high-volume and high-sales stores. Besides the modern design, the theme also provides businesses with the filtering feature and prominent reviews. All this will bring about an enterprise feel. So that, if your online store is fast-growing, take a look at it.

Price: $175 Get Venture theme

12. Geneva


Gevena BigCommerce theme owns oversized carousel areas which are suitable to upload your best seller products, curated boutique collections, or your latest promotion program. The design is striking and contemporary. You can also customize it to match your needs.

Price: $175 Get Geneva theme

13. Arcade


We have introduced many themes with minimal design but this one is sophisticated. However, Arcade is eye-catching and clean. Thanks to the elegant typography as well as the use of white space, you can force customers to focus on the details of your products. What’s more, this theme also helps increase the sales of your business by offering the customer review section and the noticeable call-to-action buttons.

Price: $175 Get Arcade theme

14. Showroom


In case you have so many products to show your customers, no theme is more suitable than Showroom. This theme is easy to set up and shoppable while there are multiple details on this. Based on the grid design, the theme is space-saving which makes sure no pixel is wasted. So that, you can take advantage of adding in as many product images as possible.

Price: $175 Get Showroom theme

15. Flagship


When hearing the name of the theme, you must know which business this theme is suitable for, right? Flagship is optimized for single-product stores, but it is still approachable for those having large inventories. The design is versatile and modern, which attracts your customers’ attention via the first look.

Price: $175 Get Flagship theme

16. Scales


Scales BigCommerce theme is effective in driving sales in which it includes large areas for you to add discount codes or the latest promotions. The theme is striking and powerful, which makes your online store eye-catching and modern.

Price: $175 Get Scales theme

17. Peak


Peak is an ultimate option for high-volume customers. This theme claims to be picture-focused so that it suits those who want to show many of their items.

Price: $195 Get Peak theme

18. Merchant


This BigCommerce theme surely grows with your store. Merchant is bring and bold with four different styles. You will not get bored when choosing from those beautiful presets. What’s more, Merchant brings about the vibe of entrepreneurs with the conversion-focused design.

Price: $195 Get Merchant theme

19. Atelier


This theme will bring about a modern but minimal design. Atelier’s special features are large imagery which is stunning but effective in convincing customers to buy items from your store.

Price: $225 Get Atelier theme

20. Capacity


Being slightly more expensive than others, Capacity will be worth your money, especially when you have large inventories. Images are also well structured with cutting-edge features and a unique modular slideshow. Your items will be displayed beautifully and clearly, which is attractive to customers.

Price: $225 Get Capacity theme

21. Brixton


This is also another BigCommerce theme for businesses with large inventories. Brixton provides a very detailed product page in which customers can find the products they want conveniently and quickly. Thanks to the persistent left-hand navigation and the site-topping search, Brixton claims to bring about the best shopping experience for customers.

Price: $225 Get Brixton theme

22. Mogul


The last BigCommerce theme we want to introduce is Mogul that have everything you need in an online store. When using Mogul, you will be provided a wide area to display product images, a merchandisable homepage, a powerful search, and product reviews. This theme is not only well-designed but also effective in driving sales.

Price: $225 Get Mogul theme


As you see, Pixel Union is a reliable design solution provider which has worked with multiple people and companies worldwide. The design of it is modern and sales-ready, which is suitable for an online store. It has a small collection of 21 themes for BigCommerce stores, but users can choose from four distinct preset styles.

We have introduced 22 Pixel Union themes for BigCommerce for you. Hopefully, you can choose the one that matches your interests and is suitable for your store. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to leave a comment in the section below. Share this post with your friends and visit us for more interesting posts.

Thank you!

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