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How to Optimize BigCommerce Shopping Cart?

Last updated: December 01, 2023
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BigCommerce Shopping Cart is an extremely useful tool to boost your online business. While seeking strategies to boost enterprise profit, many merchants unintentionally ignore the shopping checkout process and forget to make it optimal.

So with BigCommerce user-friendly tools, take into account these tips that guide you through each step to create a proactive Shopping Cart for your professional online store!

What is a Shopping Cart?

A checkout process software that provides a huge convenience to users:

Shopping Cart is an essential software for choosing items, adjusting order attributes such as size, color, quantity, and “save for later” option.

Shopping Cart allows users to continue shopping or make a payment if required

For sellers, this checkout process provides the storage information of products, which helps: To collect important data for promoting the customers To remarketing them and encourage those “add-to-cart” buyers to finish their purchase.

Why Optimizing Your BigCommerce Shopping Carts is Important?

BigCommerce is a leading market e-commerce platform, providing online stores with extreme scalability. Assisting large and rapidly expanding companies in breaking into the big leagues! Offering one-click setup, mobile payments, and support for various currencies, with Payment option: PayPal, Stripe, Square, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, Adyen.

Payment options with guarantee checkout

So with BigCommerce Carts, you effectively have everything you need right at your fingertips, and for no extra cost.

How to optimize BigCommerce Shopping Cart?

For some who are new to this concept of Shopping Cart. Here are 6 techniques you need to know to create the perfect Shopping Cart on BigCommerce:

Step 1: Build Live Chat for Active Interaction

According to some market research, adding a live chat feature to your website improves conversion rates and sales.

That’s because live chat gives customers an instant way to get product details (along with other things like shipping options and fees) before they make a purchase.

Offering immediate online support through live chat on the checkout page

Buyers are more secure in the company and are more likely to trust when people are working behind the platform. As a result, providing support via phone, chat, or email directly on the checkout page would not only keep them informed about their product, but iitit would also foster customer-eCommerce brand trust.

Step 2: Make Effective BigCommerce Shopping Cart Page Design

Make your BigCommerce Cart clear, aesthetic and convenient

The checkout page should be:

  • Clear and provide essential data on the same page to avoid long scrolling or redirecting to other pages.
  • Plain and communicate the data in simple terms to avoid confusion.
  • Fast and ensure minimal time for reviewing the order before proceeding to a checkout to discourage cart abandonment.

You can create a shopping cart page that will quickly lead customers to checkout if you follow these three steps and consider the necessary page components.

They can quickly check the items in the cart before finalizing the transaction without being interrupted by any unwanted elements.They can quickly check the items in the cart before finalizing the transaction without being interrupted by any unwanted elements.

Step 3: Ensure A Detailed Order Brief and Give Cross-Selling Opportunity

Many online purchasers show a preference for checking the product information before closing the deal. So, to satisfy their needs, we should provide complete details of the item, such as image, specification, quantity, shipping fee, etc.

Clients may take a brief glance at all of the necessary data on the checkout page and complete the order, giving rise to a decline in the number of abandoned carts, which are often triggered by confusing data.

Recommendation for Frequently Bought Together Products

You should also include complementary items inside the shopping carts, which may possibly boost sales. Even though these optional products are not intended to increase conversions, they do increase the average amount consumers spend in the shop, resulting in higher revenue.

Step 4: Increase Good Feedback and Strengthen your Brand

The more reviews you get, the clearer picture you’ll get of what’s working and what isn’t for your business. If you repeatedly receive the same complaints, problems, or mistakes, this might be a good idea to make any changes. Customers will give you feedback on your products and services, letting you know what needs to be changed and what is working.

Receiving Good Feedback is Conducive to Your Brand

Use both negative and positive comments to update your products and services. If customers enjoy your website’s seamless checkout process, use it as a reminder to continue that process in the future. If they consistently complain about your lack of detailed product descriptions, fix that issue to have more information.

Step 5: Make Sure Shipping and Return Policy is Detailed and Comprehensive

One of the most serious problems faced by most eCommerce companies is the high rate of customers dumping their shopping carts. The number of rejected carts continues to rise over time, owing primarily to poor cart page optimization.

The most likely reason for cart abandonment is the hidden cost of shipping. As a result, transparency in delivery and return policies is critical to increasing conversion rates and consumer loyalty.

You can make a variety of delivery choices with BigCommerce. Thanks to BigCommerce’s third-party integrations, you can get real-time delivery prices, deliver free shipping to your clients, and print shipping labels.

Detailed Shipping and Return Policy are Really Necessary

BigCommerce does have its own all-in-one system for next-generation shipping tools. Easily download the latest BigCommerce Shipping free software and enjoy the benefits of exclusive discounts (up to 80% off!) on USPS, DHL, and FedEx shipments.

Satisfying your clients with shipment monitoring, in-store pickup, and next-day delivery, and simplify your shipping operations for yourself.

BigCommerce offers you multiple merits, and the most contributing factor of which is the ability to handle all of your shipments from a single location. Shipping can be difficult, but BigCommerce aims to provide you with powerful resources that are easy to use.

Step 6: Diversify Payment Options as well as Assuring Elements

During competitive times, having a wide selection of payment methods is extremely beneficial. Accepting a wide range of payment methods allows you to reach out to as many customers as possible, resulting in increased site traffic. Consumers who have discovered a payment method they can trust would be willing to shop again and again.

Furthermore, new research has shown that the lack of a security seal is the culprit of rising abandoned carts. Similarly, adding reassuring features to the website allows sellers to create a trustworthy business image while also gaining customer loyalty.

Common Payment Methods for BigCommerce Shopping Cart


To run a successful business, it is imperative to apply wonderful tools on BigCommerce for your Shopping Cart. This is one of the best ways to reduce abandonment and significantly enhance conversion rates.

Now boost your online business sales by setting up your own Cart on BigCommerce!

Sam Nguyen is the CEO and founder of Avada Commerce, an e-commerce solution provider headquartered in Singapore. Sam aims to support more than a million online businesses to grow and develop.

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