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How to setup Newsletter for BigCommerce?

Last updated: June 01, 2024
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No matter how long you have worked in the eCommerce industry, you may have heard of the term “Newsletter Marketing” at least once in your life span. What is this, and how is this so important in running a successful business, especially online platforms.

This is what this article will be revolving around today. We will go from the definition, how it works, and most importantly, How to set a Newsletter for your BigCommerce store. Keep reading to find out more!

What is a BigCommerce newsletter?

BigCommerce newsletter is a method of marketing that involves sending informative and product-centered materials to an email list of current and prospective consumers alike. Most online companies nowadays are fond of using this strategy in order to maintain their identity in the marketplace and remind customers about goods and services that they believe would be of benefit to them.

Factors to make an attractive BigCommerce newsletter

An attractive newsletter

It is more of a challenge for online merchants to create a attractive newsletter for customers to open them instead of getting rid of it. Therefore, we have synthesized information to make a list of factors that need to be included in your BigCommerce newsletter settings.

Despite the fact that each organization distributes content according to its consumers’ preferences. The theory behind any newsletter is to possess key ingredients that must be present for it to be successful:

  • Outstanding headlines: among thousands of emails received everyday, the most important way to encourage your customers to be aware of your newsletter is a creative subject line. Once it successfully piques their interests, they would want to open it immediately.
  • Organized format: whether your newsletter subscribers become confused about what you are trying to inform them about, they are more likely to turn off and disengage.
  • Digital customer experience: most people use more than one solely device to keep track of emails or shopping news. A company can make sure that their BigCommerce newsletter settings are tailored for as many devices as possible for better outcomes.
  • Motivational: the newsletter’s primary objective should be for the consumers to perform an action towards the brand.
  • Coupons or rewards: this could be a great way to attract customers. At the end of the day, who wouldn’t fall in love with privileges, right?
  • Appropriate agenda: your BigCommerce newsletter settings should be targeted to suitable groups of consumers and regularly released to keep people interested.
  • Terms and Conditions: when a customer signs up for a newsletter, it is their right to know what content you are providing and what they are getting out of it. Additionally, retailers must also ensure their privacy by offering a connection to the Privacy Policy paper.
  • Unsubscribe button: the aim of conveyors is to keep their customers happy at all costs, even though it also means letting them go.

If all of the mentioned elements have been covered in your BigCommerce newsletter, it is time to apply the content and start sending them off to potential customers!

How to set Newsletter for BigCommerce

BigCommerce newsletter is considered one of the most effective ways to communicate to keep in touch and build connections with your customers. Knowing this, BigCommerce has enabled setting a newsletter as their tool. For this reason, you do not have to spend time asking or looking for someone else to do it.

Following us steps by steps, then you can quickly set up a BigCommerce newsletter for your online store within only a few minutes. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Step 1: Go to Email Marketing page

First of all, go to your BigCommerce control panel and find “Marketing” section on the left side of your screen:

BigCommerce Marketing page

Here, click on “Email Marketing”:

BigCommerce Email Marketing page

If you are finished, it is time to move on to the next step.

Step 2: Select suitable checkboxes

You can see on the screen, there are three checkboxes available for you to check or not. Before coming to any final decision, let us introduce the function of three of them, respectively:

BigCommerce newsletter settings

  • Allow Newsletter Subscriptions?: this indicates whether or not consumers are allowed to subscribe to your newsletter. The sign-up box will not be seen until it is not tested.
  • Tick Newsletter Checkbox?: if you agree on this one, there will be a box at checkout asking the permission of your customers to subscribe to the brand’s newsletter. More specifically, the system will ask “Do you want to subscribe to our newsletter”. Customers give their opinions by clicking on the checkbox or not.
  • Show Newsletter Summary?: You can use this to include the newsletter’s up-front details, such as the frequency and what it’s about.

Before coming to the next step, due to the policies of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), if your online business is located in the EU or simply just targeted to the EU citizens, it is advisable to turn off the “Tick Newsletter Checkbox” in your BigCommerce newsletter settings. Because it may cause you to be criticized as non-compliance with the rules.

If you have made up your mind with all the options, please check on the checkboxes that are most suitable for your BigCommerce newsletter settings!

Step 3: Save your work!

Last but not least, the most vital as well as easiest step. Do not forget to “Save” your changes, or else you will have to start over from the very beginning.

Save when you're done

Exporting your list of BigCommerce newsletter

Your customers’ data is exported into a CSV file that can be included with any advertisement system of your choice. In this way, you can easily be updated with the list of your subscribers within one file.

To find this CSV file, all you have to do is choose the “Export Only” tab in the Marketing > Email Marketing page.

Exporting newsletter subscribers list

You will be able to select between two alternatives - Download or Delete all subscribers. Click on Download, then BigCommerce will start the process of exporting your BigCommerce newsletter subscriber list.

Final thoughts

To sum up, BigCommerce newsletter settings can help you not only provide information about the brand but also to maintain better customer relationships. Consequently, there is a higher chance that you may gain significant growth in the total profits.

We hope this article has cleared your mind on How to set a Newsletter for your BigCommerce store and any other questions you may have related to this topic.

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