How to Set & Manage Blog Comment in BigCommerce?

Updated: May 01, 2023


Blogging may be a wonderful tool for advertising your items, adding a human touch to your business, and improving your site’s SEO rating.

A default installation of a simple blog is available on the BigCommerce platform. To ensure consistency in the blog’s design, the blog’s theme controls both the overall appearance and feel. Therefore, this article will walk you through “How to set & manage blog comment in BigCommerce store”

Requirements to manage BigCommerce blog comments

By default, the built-in blog is displayed in every new shop. Toggle the Blog Visibility to remove all blog links from your storefront’s header and footer if you’re using a different blogging platform or don’t wish to utilize a blog.

Turning off Blog Visibility does not deactivate the blog. Anyone who has the URL of a blog post may still view it. If you’re switching to a different blog platform or want to stop the built-in blog, you may unpublish or remove blog entries.

How to set blog comment in BigCommerce store

Step 1: Click Action menu to access the Blog Settings

Action menu

Clicking the Action menu, click the Blog Settings to open it. To edit the blog’s navigation title, URL, social settings, and enable readers to submit comments, just enter your desired values in the appropriate text fields.

How to manage blog comment in BigCommerce store

Step 1: Enter Disqus Shortname

Enter Disqus Shortname

The Blueprint WordPress theme allows you to use Disqus for blog comments, however you will have to enable Disqus Comments and set up your Disqus Shortname if you use this theme. To use Disqus with a Stencil theme, check the instructions on using Disqus with Stencil.

Final thought

Blogging is an effective method for increasing visitors to your shop. Websites with blogs have more indexed pages, and blogs are a wonderful method to work in particular keywords that are often searched, give new information for search engines to crawl on a regular basis, and direct connections to your business from other sources. By managing the blog comments well, you also have more information about customer’s opinions. Therefore, we hope that now you all know “How to set & manage blog comment in BigCommerce store”.

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