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How to Create Wholesale Order Form for BigCommerce?

Last updated: June 01, 2024
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Having an online order form is a new trend that is both convenient for eCommerce business and professional for eCommerce businesses in the technology era. Especially, when the customer is a wholesaler needing a huge amount of product quantity, creating a wholesale order form in BigCommerce is much more necessary than ever.

For example, the customer simply wants to order with different variants of the product. Instead of adding the product one by one as usual and returning the product page to select, then select the options, repeat the process until you choose all the products you want to buy - now the bulk order form can resolve it easily and quickly.

With the wholesale order form for BigCommerce, it enables the shoppers to purchase multiple product variants simultaneously. In this post, we are going to cover the topic of building a wholesale order form guidance.

If you are interested in providing a bulk order form, check out the tutorial that we will give you below!

What is the wholesale order form?

Before coming to the main spotlight of this post, we should go through the definition and the noticeable features of the wholesale order form.

As for the introduction, the wholesale order form in BigCommerce add-ons is to aid the shoppers in easily adding a large amount of products to the cart at a time. Typically, it is used by wholesalers, distributors, and manufacturers in need of ordering a large number of products.

Ideally, it contains one page and consists of all the information related to the particular order. Now they can order online, which is easier to see and track the details of the order.

To be much more detailed, we suggest it is not hard to imagine after bringing out the typical form of the wholesale order for you to view firstly.

What is the wholesale order form?

What the wholesale order form contains

In each product order information, there are some entities you have to fill out to get the customers informed:

  • Item number

  • Product name

  • Wholesale price (each)

  • Quantity

  • Available variants (size, color, fragrance, flavor, etc.)

This plugin for the bulk order really paves a new road for the retailer, not needing a printed invoice anymore. It is especially useful for the wholesalers who always have to order a huge quantity of the goods.

What the wholesale order form contains

To be much more detailed, the online order form allows the customer to enter the numerical quantity below the product details. Then, you just select the “Add to cart” button to send the products to the shopping cart. The wholesaler can also add different quantities of multiple products by clicking on the “Add all to cart” button, which is at the top of the product list after completing the purchase.

The benefits of wholesale order form

The benefits of wholesale order form

Having implemented the bulk order functionality enhances a better service for your clients, which tracks and maximizes the checkout process. Furthermore, it helps you much better retain and treat your B2B customers who frequently order large quantities of products from your site. There are some benefits if you install the bulk order form app from BigCommerce platform:

  • Allows Users to Order by Inputting Product Codes

  • Find and Purchase Products without having to Browse Your Store

  • Allows Users to Quickly Make Large Purchases from the same page

  • Easily Reorder Products Purchased in the Past

  • Customers can see more products on one page

  • Customers can add multiple products to cart at once

All of these advantages are the sharp swords that let you incentivize customers to buy more from your store, as a result, increase sales.

How to create wholesale order form for BigCommerce

Unfortunately, in the BigCommerce account setting, there is no adding account for the wholesale customers. Thus, we recommend that it is better and easier to create a wholesale order form for the BigCommerce store by integrating with another platform that is specialized in designing the bulk order in the storefront of the website. In this tutorial, we will come to the second option that is how to install a wholesale suite plugin for your store.

Step 1: Select Wholesale Suite Plugins to use

First and foremost, obviously, you have to go to the BigCommerce marketplace from the “Apps” section to purchase.

Select Wholesale Suite Plugins to use

Select Wholesale Suite Plugins to use

Step 2: Choose “Get this app” to install

Choose “Get this app” to install

Step 3: Set up the discounts and pricing

You need to set the discounts as well as the pricing for specific wholesale customers. It is the first basis you should implement after installing the plugin.

Set up the discounts and pricing

Step 4: Display products in a BigCommerce wholesale order form

We would like to give you a wholesale demo form in BigCommerce of how the products are displayed to the customers.

Display products in a BigCommerce wholesale order form

The common issues of the wholesale order form

The checkout does not work

You need to contact the delivery company to check if there is something wrong with the amount of shipping products. Moreover, it is necessary to find out the reason why the delivery cannot ship the order properly (too many products at a time, the geographical location of the customers, and unexpected problems). Then, you must contact your wholesale customer to inform them as soon as possible, together coming to the solution afterward.

Shortage of the product quantity

You had better announce to them your issue and negotiate with them if the order may be distributed later. Indeed, you always check the amount of the products, assuring your goods being ready at any time to the wholesaler.

The delivery fee is very high

You should choose the secure delivery company to negotiate with them about the fee, tax depending on the products’ location, weight, and condition. Make sure that it is the most affordable for your current budget.

The binding of the wholesale form is incorrect

When the customers complain about this error, you have to immediately recheck the order in your store account. If it is a misunderstanding, you should ask them to cancel the previous order and add the products to the cart again or order more products until the quantity is accomplished. Maybe the reason comes from the lack of the product quantity required; you need to view it as well.

Final words

This functionality - wholesale order form is for any eCommerce store that promotes easy re-ordering of their products with the wholesaler. It is such a great chance for B2B stores to reach a wider targeted customer - the wholesaler. You may sell an exponential number of products to other businesses who frequently order, helping you return back a significant increase of the revenue in a short time. In the long term, your business can develop in a way that you cannot imagine how flourish it will be in the future.

In short, creating a wholesale order form for BigCommerce will be a cherished opportunity for you to increase revenue quickly. With our tutorial on a few easy steps for installation, you should have one of yours. It is literally a wise decision for you in an attempt to develop your eCommerce business rapidly.

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