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How to become a BigCommerce partner?

Last updated: December 01, 2023
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BigCommerce provides an eCommerce platform for online store owners and possibilities for developers, designers, and marketing agencies to partner with them. BigCommerce needs the help of these experts to increase their customer experience throughout their selling processes.

For this reason, many companies have wanted to become a member of the BigCommerce partners community. However, what are the steps and requirements will they have to do to achieve this goal? And are there any specific benefits they will receive through this action?

These difficult questions will respectively be answered in this article.

What are BigCommerce partners?


BigCommerce is considered one of the most powerful eCommerce platforms that helps online business owners build their online stores and sell their products to more customers. Its multiple features range from customizing store websites, themes, and a plethora of marketing tools.

Besides all of that, BigCommerce works as your assistance in the eCommerce industry. It not only help, but also provides store owners with advice from BigCommerce experts. These people are called BigCommerce Partners. They are willing to help you design websites, develop, solve problems, and improve your customer experience while using BigCommerce.

BigCommerce partner program

Once you are officially registered as BigCommerce partners, you will be receiving their training programs before actually working. The Partner program organized by BigCommerce allows retailers to evaluate their skills, sales enablement, and a referral scheme to reach more consumers and create better shopping experiences.

Becoming BigCommerce partners means you will also have the opportunity to approach the fastest-growing online companies and the best solutions to available problems.

How many types of BigCommerce partners are there?

In general, BigCommerce offers two specific types of partnership programs for companies.

1. Agency Partners

Agency Partner Program
Agency Partner Program

With this type of partnership, you can improve their marketing, interface use, including UI/UX, conversion rate, SEO, and sponsored ads, thanks to the help of BigCommerce.

BigCommerce Agency programs mainly aim at companies, organizations, or services that support their consumers by building websites for the eCommerce industry and helping them solve issues.

It will be better if you take a look at businesses’ feedback and connect with agencies from the BigCommerce agency directory before registering for the Agency partners program.

2. Technology Partners

Technology Partner Program
Technology Partner Program

BigCommerce Technology partnership program is designed for business organizations that tend to develop applications or integrations offered in the BigCommerce App Marketplace.

Business organizations can easily find numerous applications to extend their revenues and tailor customer experiences or even connect their stores with essential business softwares with this type of BigCommerce partners. With technology partners, you can integrate all leading innovative technologies into your online store.

Just like Agency partners, there are also reviews that may give you a deeper understanding of this type of BigCommerce partnership program.

How to become BigCommerce Partners?

Before applying the form to become BigCommerce partners, you need to comprehend the requirements fully. These are the four critical points you will have to cover:

  • A site that displays your business or solutions for applications
  • Have the intention to sell your apps publicly
  • Have the ability to help your consumers under any circumstances
  • Qualifications for your expertise in the industry

If your company has covered all the requirements and BigCommerce noticed that you would be a potential partner, you will receive a digits code as your Partner ID via your email. Don’t forget to check for your email notifications constantly.

These steps will explain how to partner with BigCommerce:

1. Entering the BigCommerce Partner Portal

BigCommerce Partner Portal
BigCommerce Partner Portal

2. Click “Apply Today” button

Apply Today
Apply Today

3. Fill in the email address of your company

4. Choose the suitable type of partner program

There are two types of partnership programs for you to choose between. The criterias and uses were discussed above. Please check it out before making your final decision.

Types of Partner Program
Types of Partner Program

5. Finish register as a member

Here, you will be required to fill out a form with a list of information related to your company and expertise.

6. Then, click on “Complete registration”

7. Check Partner ID

If your company has covered all the requirements and BigCommerce noticed that you will be a potential partner of them, then you will receive a code of digits as your Partner ID via your email. Don’t forget to constantly check for your email notifications.

The Partner ID is vital information which you will need in order to upload your applications onto the BigCommerce App Marketplace platform. If the code has not been sent to your email address, please contact [email protected] for further instructions.

What are the perks of being BigCommerce Partners?

If you are brand new to being BigCommerce Partners and wondering whether you can handle the workload or not. Don’t worry too much because once you are officially considered as a partner, BigCommerce will provide you with these following privileges:

1. Training programs

Training programs
Training programs

Besides the BigCommerce partner program mentioned above, BigCommerce built an activation route for accelerating your process. Their courses are both a prerequisite and an advantageous point for retailers, it is necessary to attend these programs so that you can improve your awareness of BigCommerce as well as best eCommerce practices and transforming sales approaches.

If you want to broaden even more your knowledge about BigCommerce partners, online resources are available 24/7. In the support center developed by BigCommerce, you will be able to answer questions and break through obstacles related to becoming a partner of this eCommerce platform.

2. Support

A devoted sales manager is provided to check out your progress

Get personal guidance from your dedicated channel account manager with BigCommerce or company queries. You can collaborate alongside the account manager to develop annual business and campaign strategies backed by quarterly reports.

Whenever you need, BigCommerce are willing to help

All BigCommerce partners earn the same amount of priority service that BigCommerce retailers get. Moreover, they will also have connections with the BigCommerce Partner Portal to receive further support.

Run mock tests before official launch your work in real life

Using the sandbox setting that is not transactive to the stage and run trial version of your website until it is presented online and to BigCommerce merchants.

Developing software to do your best

BigCommerce supports their partners to build stunning, interactive and efficient shopping fronts with Stencil. Additionally, a developer platform is built for BigCommerce partner portal with an engineering blog, changelog, API status, and unique support features.

3. Assisstance in distribution and promotion

Available tools and content to advertise your services

BigCommerce offers its partners the best support in building their system and the marketing tools and content for promoting purposes. BigCommerce partners will get a blueprint for news releases, affiliate signatures, and links to the flagship collateral for marketing BigCommerce and your services, including ebooks, infographics, and e-mails.

A collaborator sector - Partner Marketplace which sheds a light on your organization

Partner Marketplace created solely by BigCommerce is a public, merchant-focusing, faceted search engine. This is where you can update the description about your services, competence, specialty and contact details, so BigCommerce users can find out about your services, and interact with you proactively.

Final thoughts

Many BigCommerce partners have stated that partnering up with BigCommerce has the same meaning as being capable of spending more time adding value for their clients instead of focusing on solving technical problems. Being BigCommerce partners will be an unforgettable experience with supporting programs, services, or dedication to agencies and developers.

If your business is also looking for the opportunity to become BigCommerce partners, we hope that this article will answer all of your questions.

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