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Build B2B eCommerce Sites using BigCommerce Platform

Last updated: June 01, 2024
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Any eCommerce website, like every building, needs a solid base. The finest B2B eCommerce platform is critical for developing website features for business operation and administration, safeguarding them from internet threats, and delivering a flawless user experience to visitors. When it comes to specific business models, which are often B2B and B2C, eCommerce systems provide distinct features to meet the demands of each type of organization.

In this article, we will provide you a throughout introduction of BigCommerce B2B eCommerce Platform, from suitable BigCommerce B2B businesses, to the best examples of successful enterprises with the help of BigCommerce.

Introduction to BigCommerce B2B eCommerce Platform


BigCommerce is a major open-source SaaS eCommerce platform designed for mid-market and business companies. It is also well-known for its cheap total cost of ownership and extremely versatile APIs, provides a number of B2B eCommerce capabilities and solutions that are not available in rival software. With the assistance of this platform, enterprises may easily adjust pricing or catalogs for various client segments, including B2B and B2C retailers.

Your team may use BigCommerce to create slick site designs for massive catalogs, with customer and pricing segmentation down to the SKU level. Moreover, BigCommerce, using automated customer and pricing segmentation, punch out, purchase orders and net payment terms, user roles, and connections with key ERP, OMS, and CRM systems, provides a superior B2B eCommerce experience.

Additionally, due to the complexity of the built-in functionality in Bigcommerce, the learning curve is steeper than with other SASS platforms. Nonetheless, this is not a significant barrier for newbies, since Bigcommerce always provides comprehensive documentation and a committed support team.

Which businesses are suitable for BigCommerce B2B eCommerce?

1. B2B2C


Business-to-business-to-consumer (B2B2C) eCommerce eliminates the typical intermediary between B2B and B2C organizations, bringing enterprises directly into contact with the consumer. The wholesaler or producer supplies items to the B2B, which subsequently sells them to the final consumer.

In a B2B2C arrangement, the wholesaler or manufacturer either partners with B2B or sells straight to the customer. These changes occur online with B2B2C eCommerce, frequently via virtual shops, an online website, or even mobile applications.

In many B2B2C eCommerce systems, the customer is aware that the product is being delivered by a company other than the one from whom it was purchased. For instance, a buyer may purchase a product through an affiliate blogger, but the product is branded and shipped directly from the manufacturer.

2. Wholesalers


Wholesalers are businesses frequently purchasing things in bulk at a discounted price and then reselling them at retail. Generally, merchandise is acquired directly from manufacturers or wholesalers. Wholesale is a very common type of B2B. Additionally, wholesale may be defined as the sale of items to other firms.

Wholesale B2B models are prevalent in a wide variety of industries, including retail, food service, construction, and healthcare. Everything is digital in wholesale eCommerce when using a B2B eCommerce platform. The software streamlines the wholesaler’s product presentation and delivers a frictionless purchase experience.

3. Manufacturers


On a broad scale, manufacturers generate completed things by combining components and raw materials with physical labor and equipment. The final items are sold to other manufacturers or distributors in a B2B business. Manufacturers, like wholesalers, are going online. B2B shoppers want a comparable purchasing experience to B2C shoppers, and these firms are taking notice.

The automotive business is an excellent example of manufacturers operating in a B2B environment. Individual automobile components, such as a fuel pump and an engine, are manufactured by the manufacturer. The producer then sells these components to an automobile firm, which assembles the automobile from the components and sells it to the consumer.

4. Distributors


A distributor is someone who works closely with producers to increase the awareness of the products they produce. In an eCommerce approach, the sale’s logistics are handled online, frequently via an eCommerce platform.

Numerous manufacturers collaborate with distributors, and becoming digital expands the possibilities for development. As with other B2B models, distributors strive to reduce the time between sale and delivery and to provide a customer experience that exceeds client expectations.

Advantages of BigCommerce B2B eCommerce Platform

Advantages of BigCommerce B2B eCommerce Platform

There are several benefits to adopting BigCommerce B2B eCommerce platform, all of which are critical to a company’s success. Here are some of the reasons why BigCommerce B2B eCommerce platform is the solution for your business:

1. Reaching new clients

A public-facing catalog page on a B2B eCommerce site is a great strategy to reach new B2B clients. Your future customers will not only prefer, but also demand, to purchase online. B2B buyers have become accustomed to making purchases online and have come to anticipate it. Purchasing anything online is quick and easy, making repeat purchases a breeze.

2. Improving supplier and customer management

The notion of B2B eCommerce allows suppliers and customers to be better managed. When you go digital, you may use company management software. BigCommerce B2B eCommerce platform will offer you information about your consumers’ shopping habits. In addition, you’ll be able to utilize this data to provide your consumers with better, more tailored purchasing experiences. In essence, the idea is a win-win situation for both sides.

3. Increase sales from existing consumers

BigCommerce B2B eCommerce platform not only helps you to reach new clients, but it also makes it simple to set up an automatic cross-sell and up-sell suggestion program. This goes hand in hand with providing a customized experience to customers. You’ll be able to assist customers in finding the things they’re looking for without their having to ask – just as a real-life salesperson would.

4. Improved data analytics

BigCommerce B2B eCommerce platform gives the ideal system for a complete analytics campaign to be launched. It also enables in-depth analysis of sales efficiency. B2Bs may make better business decisions with the help of analytics. You may create a variety of reports to help you understand how your business is doing.

Analytics will assist you in determining what is and is not working for your company. You may figure out what your customers want on your site and make efforts to increase site engagement as a result. Overall, this feature will be critical to your organization’s success.

Examples of B2B eCommerce Sites using BigCommerce

1. Flexfire LEDs

Flexfire LEDs

Flexfire LEDs were first introduced in 2010, and they now generate over $5 million in yearly revenue. Homeowners (ordinary customers) and companies make up half of their client base (B2B).

Their primary source of traffic has always been organic traffic. Even among the industry’s most renowned brands, Flexfire’s instructional material continues to create brand trust and traffic. Flexfire LEDs generated 80% of its income from B2B. Despite this, the B2C market accounts for 20% of our income.

2. ResMed


ResMed is a global leader in the connected health industry, with over 9 million cloud-connected devices for daily remote patient monitoring that aids in the treatment and management of sleep apnea.

The BigCommerce platform was used by ResMed to begin its B2B business, and the store was up and running in three months. ResMed took advantage of BigCommerce’s out-of-the-box functionality, including order and credit limit connection with Sage 300, and data transfer of product catalog and distributor accounts. BigCommerce’s customization capabilities allowed them to build up extremely intricate tax laws for their items in India.

3. Assurant’s MyWit

Assurant’s MyWit

Assurant utilized BigCommerce to establish a B2C eCommerce website, saw tremendous growth, and subsequently utilized the same site to sell B2B and B2C. The site is now segregated for Assurant staff, wholesalers, and normal retail clients using customer groups.

Employee perks at major companies include first access to business bargains and discounts on items or corporate-required expenditures such as uniforms and equipment. Once customers check-in, you may create customized site experiences for groups or individuals.

4. Atlanta Light Bulbs

Atlanta Light Bulbs

In 1999, Atlanta Light Bulbs began selling on the internet. Early adoption of eCommerce offered the business advantage for over two decades, but the eCommerce tides began to shift 3 or 4 years ago, and more consumers were going online.

Atlanta Light Bulbs began using the BigCommerce platform at that time. The group wants to concentrate on what they do best, which is selling lights. As a result, they launched their site straight out of the box, swiftly altered it to make it their own, and started selling products almost immediately. Doug Root, CEO of Atlanta Light Bulbs, stated that the adoption of BigCommerce applications resulted in a 25% increase in sales.

5. Berlin Packaging

Berlin Packaging

Berlin Packaging has been a family-run business since its founding in 1938. They now service practically every industry that requires containers, as well as B2B orders from a wide range of companies.

Berlin Packaging decided to transfer information from their ERP into their BigCommerce site, allowing consumers to see their credit limits, balances, and past-due sums. Customers like having that information. When a potential new customer is ready to communicate, Berlin Packaging uses chat to generate fast conversions. Customers may also reach out to them via digital methods through their Contact Us website.

Berlin Packaging has noticed a significant boost in year-over-year conversions since moving to BigCommerce, up to a 27 percent increase. They’ve witnessed an increase in orders as well as demand income.

6. Toolsaver


In 1965, Noel Kegg launched his own hardware, hand tool, and consumables store, and he developed his client base by approaching them one by one.

To cater to those customers, Toolstop developed a wholesale division, which grew at a higher rate than the B2C site. To accommodate its increasing B2B clientele, the company launched a new brand, Toolsaver.B2B orders were completed over the phone or by email at the time, which was an extremely laborious and time-consuming procedure.

The little team had heard of another company that had tried BigCommerce and had had success with it, so they decided to give it a shot and began exporting Toolstop items to it. They have a website that could easily start transacting in a couple of days. Toolsaver has grown from nothing to almost $300,000 every month in the last year. The crew monitors metrics on a regular basis and is delighted to see how far they’ve progressed.


B2B Ecommerce solutions are critical for any organization that wants to conduct wholesale business online. We hope that this post has aided you in investigating BigCommerce B2B eCommerce Platform, and figuring out this platform is suitable for your businesses.

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