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How to Integrate Affirm With BigCommerce?

Last updated: June 01, 2024
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More and more users are rapidly migrating to BigCommerce to create their online stores where they can construct, manage, and enhance their sites. BigCommerce, at the contemporary time, is booming, and it is even thriving more with the integration with Affirm. Tons of benefits from this integration are waiting out there to offers both stores’ owners as well as customers.

So, if you wish to expand your business on BigCommerce, you should sell with Affirm. Picking it up at checkout, and you will draw an increasing number of customers. Things are now a piece of cake with the help of Affirm, which undoubtedly turns to not only your advantages but also customers’ as well.

Let’s get started with a step-by-step guide on how to Integrate Affirm with BigCommerce!

What is Affirm?

Popularly known as a flexible payment method, Affirm outstands the others thanks to the policy “Buy now pay later”. This means that customers can split the purchase into monthly payments, thereby boosting your store’s conversion and customer loyalty.

With Affirm, customers can get one more option at their checkout. Thus, this helps to lessen the likelihood of cart abandonment by consumers.

Affirm is a flexible payment method

By preventing you from being involved in unhealthy debt, Affirm financing ensures transparency, simpleness, and quickness. Hence, you can pay for things you want over time and keep the small payments in control. In the beginning, you know you need to pay for how long and how much as the late fees will never be charged. Especially, no hidden fees exist as well.

How to integrate Affirm with BigCommerce?

Step 1: Integration preparation

1. Make sure that your BigCommerce site uses the checkout of Optimized One-Page

Optimized One-Page Checkout functions as a default checkout on BigCommerce. It entails features with the benefit of minimizing friction or facilitating a smooth procedure to checkout; thereby, boosting sale conversions.

This is a requirement for your store if it will be applied with Affirm. So, the first and foremost thing to do is to guarantee you enabled Optimized One-Page Checkout. Then, to check its situation, choose Advanced Settings and go to Checkout. At this step, in case you do not see the setting Checkout Type, it means you are using this kind of checkout. So, implement the next steps.

If your site has not had Optimized One-page Checkout, your task is to enable it. Navigate to section Advanced Settings, then select Checkout before clicking Optimized One-Page Checkout.

Make sure that your BigCommerce site uses the checkout of Optimized One-Page

2. Be sure of the right location and bank account

The integration of Affirm to BigCommerce involves you in having a US-based store, coupled with a bank account.

3. Ensure the currency

Before you keep going with installing Affirm, you should also re-check if your store’s default currency is in USD or not. If not, set it to USD. By navigating to the control panel, choose Store Setup, and select Currencies, you can set a default currency for your BigCommerce store.

Step 2: Integrate Affirm with BigCommerce

Once you have finished all necessary pre-preparation, it is time to enable Affirm to be active on your BigCommerce store.

1. Activities in Store Setup

You pick up Store Setup and navigate to Payments, then you will discover Affirm in the Online Payment Methods list.

2. Enable

Next, choose Set up to enable Affirm to your BigCommerce stores.

choose Set up to enable Affirm to your BigCommerce stores

3. Enter required information

Proceed to the next step by entering needed information from the tab of Affirm Settings. There are several corresponding fields where you will fill in the account of Affirm merchant’s credentials.

As shown in the above image, let us explain a bit about these key areas.

Enter needed information from the tab of Affirm Settings

  • Public Key: This is from the Affirm dashboard of your account

  • Private Key: Like Public Key, this is also from the Affirm dashboard of your account

  • Minimum Order Value:

As its name indicates, the minimum order value is the minimum amount of orders before discounts and taxes. This kind of value ought to be enough before your Affirm shows as one checkout option. In case it is blank, your Affirm will undoubtedly be shown over $50 for every order.

  • Transaction type:

In this part, the transaction could be Authorize Only or Authorize and Capture. Authorize and Capture aims at capturing the Affirm charge. If you choose this, your order could display the status called Awaiting Fulfillment.

In the meantime, Authorize Only focuses on manually capturing the funds. With this transaction type, your order tends to display the status called Awaiting Payment. As soon as you capture your BigCommerce order manually, its charge would be automatically captured in Affirm.

  • Test Mode:

Until you’re willing to make any payments, be sure that test mode is enabled.

Step 3: Install promotional message

If promotional messaging is added to your BigCommerce products, it can benefit your store by giving customers extensive knowledge about Affirm. This is useful in sharpening the value of average orders by providing shoppers an opportunity to see forecasted monthly payments. Installing promotional messages plays a vital role in integrating Affirm with BigCommerce. Therefore, before you test your integration, you are highly advised to complete it. As regards this installment, two below ways can be applied to add your Affirm messaging:

  • Using Stencil: With Stencil, you can achieve the complete setup by adding Affirm scripts, configuring the settings of your Affirm app, enabling the enhanced analytics of Affirm, and configuring promotional messaging.

  • Using Blueprint: With Blueprint, you can also follow steps like Stencil, except for activating the enhanced analytics of Affirm.

What is the benefit of Affirm to BigCommerce?

Regardless of your industry, Affirm has been a pay-over-time solution for your BigCommerce store’s further growth. While other payment methods make customers feel hesitant right at the final step of completing a purchase, Affirm attains most approvals, offers the best experience for customers, along with a dedicated team to support all the time.

1. Provide better experience at checkout for customers

It is a trend that consumers prefer over-time payment to avoid dealing with financial control. So, if your BigCommerce stores go with Affirm, your customers could get transparent payment each month. There exist no hidden fees or late fees. Affirm has performed an excellent job in being customizable for a wonderful online shopping experience.

2. Boost your brand and reduce risk

There is no denying that Affirm has created an increase in sales and conversions. According to statistics, BigCommerce businesses, offering Affirm, have witnessed an increase of 20% in as regards overall conversions; whereas, the average order value has seen an increase of 92%.

Furthermore, your store is likely to reach more new audiences. Affirm owns a wide network of up to twenty-five million US-based customers with more than 70,000 new consumers each week – they can become your future customers.

Affirm boosts your brand and reduces risk

While other platforms are at risk of payment, Affirm, and BigCommerce integration has reduced the possibility of this risk by tailoring solutions to meet the specific requirement of each business.


To sum up, it is an enormous benefit if you integrate Affirm with your BigCommerce stores. Grow your business by understanding more about consumers – this is what this integration offers you. Now, let’s together build a community of strong brands and high-quality products with the help of Affirm. Hope you find this piece of instruction helpful to you and share it with others as well.

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